Please join us for ArtSeed’s Year-End Exhibition Reception, Summer Intensive Celebration, and Artwork Pick Up!

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3-5 PM, Saturday, July 23, 2016


Thoreau Center for Sustainability in the Presidio

1007 General Kennedy Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94129
Easy parking and accessible
by MUNI lines 28, 30, 43, 41, and 45 / PRESIDIGO SHUTTLE

Or come see the exhibition Monday-Friday 9AM – 5PM or by appointment.

Check out photos from ArtSeed’s Year-End Exhibition and Opening Reception on Flickr!

Photos by Trey Houston


Bas Relief Frieze by Chloe M at Presidio Early Education School


Continuous Red
by Su-Chen Hung installed in the Thoreau Center for Sustainability


Jacket made from duct tape and maps of China and Daly City hung on a bamboo hanger from Thailand by Bryant Lui


Styrofoam prints by students at Tule Elk Park Early Education School

ArtSeed would like to welcome four new interns to the team:
Carrie Li, Gabby Molina, Sally Phi, and Briana Tran

To be completely honest I wouldn’t call myself an “Artist.” So that’s why I was debating if this job really is for me. Throughout my two weeks here at ArtSeed I noticed that drawing is a way to express something just like dancing is another way. In light of this, I learned that ArtSeed isn’t just about art but it is also about community. I first heard of ArtSeed from a friend. Showing my friend the Student Work Experience Program list of jobs I could choose from, he was literally in awe when he saw ArtSeed there. He ended up convincing me to choose that worksite. My friend’s name is Juan David Restrepo. He attended ArtSeed’s Apprenticeship program at Burnett Child Development Center in 2009. That was also where he was involved in ArtSeed’s Fine Arts Summer Intensive. ArtSeed opportunities were free which was amazing for him as his family is low income. Although, drawing wasn’t his strongest suit, he really did enjoy it and was impressed by the variety of people he met. The fact that seven years later, when someone mentions it, he still remembers the founder’s name, Josefa Vaughan, is truly remarkable to me. Additionally, in 2015-2016 his brother Kristopher was recently in ArtSeed’s program at Tule Elk Park’s Early Education School. Kristopher’s artwork done there was also shown in ArtSeed’s Thoreau Center’s 2016 exhibition. I’m really glad I was able to join ArtSeed. I continue to learn more about it as my experience here is a chain of learning every day. Thank you and best of luck!
-Carrie Li, SWEP Intern 7/5/16

I was placed as an intern at ArtSeed through a program called Spotlight on the Arts, because I expressed an interest in experiencing art through a different lens other than direct, hands-on creation. I was curious to participate in the arts behind the scenes, seeing what it was like to work and plan in a different setting than I was used to. At ArtSeed, I had my first experience with setting up a gallery and attending an opening reception. It was exciting to work with others to set up the artwork and make sure the opening was smooth. The atmosphere of working in that environment was a unique experience for me that I never would have experienced had I not been an ArtSeed intern. Through ArtSeed, I also received my first experience with office work, which is an important skill that I need to be prepared for the working world. Being able to develop work skills that also integrate art is something valuable and unique that I believe any youth passionate about art needs to experience.
-Gabby Molina, CLA Intern 7/2/16

I am enjoying my time here so far! I have already helped out with their wonderful opening reception of ArtSeed’s Locomotion art exhibition. We are also getting ready for their closing reception. I heard about ArtSeed through my working program, Student Work Experience Program (SWEP). I was really interested as to what ArtSeed does and what message they are trying to send through art, so I signed up to intern with them. I am happy with my choice to be working with the ArtSeed staff!
-Sally Phi, SWEP Intern, 7/1/16

I am currently a Design Media Arts (DMA) student at UCLA with a Visual and Performance Art Education (VAPAE) minor. I discovered ArtSeed through the Meritus program which provides scholarships to low-income youths. One of the reasons I joined ArtSeed is because of their mission statement which states that they provide “classical and cutting edge art projects to connect gifted and vulnerable communities.” I believe that it is important to organize opportunities to expose students to art in order to establish a space where they are able to explore their ideas through a variety of mediums. I appreciate working with my co-workers in the office at ArtSeed because it is a safe and comfortable space where we can share our thoughts freely. I am able to expand and develop my graphic design skills by creating flyers and posters for ArtSeed’s events. Through my involvement at ArtSeed, it is very rewarding knowing that my presence is making an impact on the community.
-Briana Tran, Meritus Intern, 7/5/2016

ArtSeed is having a silent auction for
Cocytus, by Glenn Berry

Stop by the Thoreau Center to place a bid
or email!