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Birds and Bees: Fact, Fantasy, and the Future of Art and Life on Earth, Drawings by Amity, Mo, and an anonymous artist

November 11, 2022
Dear ArtSeed Friend,

Kids’ drawings? Riffing on everything from Michelangelo’s Deluge to the preciousness of Bay Area nature? Well, what you see here is just a hint of what transpired during this year’s ArtSeed weekly make-stuff Art-a-thons and Fine Arts Summer Intensive. Such work was showcased during our months-long, just-ended exhibition at San Francisco’s Presidio. We’ve been doing things like this, now, for two-plus decades! Help make all this happen again along with our 2023 one-on-one mentorships connecting young folks with practicing artists. Your support is received with wholehearted gratitude!

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16th Annual Interactive Presidio Art-a-thon Exhibition
Dream Earth People on Sabbatical 

ArtSeed’s 14th Annual Dream Earth Art-a-thon raised more than $24,000! 

All of us at ArtSeed send you the biggest hugs ever for helping to make extraordinary things happen for young folks, Veterans, artists, and ArtSeed’s audience. We’ve gathered safely every week, making art together to be celebrated at four public receptions over the course of an evolving and interactive Presidio Exhibition at Tides Converge lasting two and a half years! Art-a-thon supported our most productive Summer Intensive yet! We kept up our online ArtLabs and brought back ArtSeed’s Hunters Point Shipyard Open Studio, culminating in Jessica Nascimento’s eight-month ArtSeed Artist Residency. Applications for ArtSeed’s 2023 volunteer positions with upcoming collaborations with SOTA and Boys & Girls Club or prospective Artist Mentors and Studio Residency Awardees can introduce themselves to us here. There are so many ways that you make a difference! Thank you for your support!

Big shoutout to everyone who made the 2022 Summer Intensive possible! Read the Summer Intensive Summary for a comprehensive recap of participants and topics, or view photos on our Flickr.

Read our 2022 Art-a-thon letter here.

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ArtSeed participants and featured artists are also showcased in the 
Michelle Vignes Virtual Gallery.

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  • Friday, 4 – 5 p.m. Online Projects, Show-and-Tell, and Art Prompts

Other dates and times are possible. Contact josefa@artseed.org, or call or text 415-656-9849 to make an appointment for Virtual Gatherings, Remote Learning, and Art-making Together! 

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