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Happy Black History Month!

Thank you for ArtSeed’s 2023 adventures.
Let’s expand our world and have even more fun together next year!

Augmented Reality at the Art-a-thon, Superheroes in the Exhibition,
Families on Fieldtrips, and a Drawing Spree at the Spire

Dear ArtSeed Friend,

Virtual birds out that window, above? You bet! Hi-tech and classical materials used by kids facing real life challenges enlivened this year’s ArtSeed lessons and events. We got our hands dirty. We navigated the complexities of being human. Stanford interns, seasoned artists, and military veterans took youngsters and their families to see energizing artworks. Then we practiced disciplines needed to make our own art. Together, all parties began to make sense of our shared world. Your generosity in 2023 made so much possible! Studio and museum experiences, outdoor artmaking, and some firsts: Our first overnight retreat and our first special exhibition immediately following our Fine Arts Summer intensive. Thanks to you, countless art works were made and shared with hundreds of visitors during two Hunters Point Shipyard Open Studios, an Earth Day Art-a-thon, two exhibitions with public receptions, and weekly ArtLabs online and in the Presidio.
Now we are assessing our impact and brainstorming in preparation for next year’s initiatives.

And that’s where you come in.
With your help we can continue to nurture the next generation of citizen artists.

Following ArtSeed’s 2000 founding art studio at the de Young Museum, Tim Rollins — of K.O. S. + Kids of Survival — invited our Youth Council to help make a large painting during his own residency there. Tim embedded in its pigment an actual mustard seed, unseen but symbolic of how we can nourish resilience when things get tough. Cultures around the world have long equated this smallest of seeds with compassion, safety, healing, growth, and good luck. To ArtSeed, as to Rollins, the seed represents the practice or appreciation of art as an accumulation of tiny acts of compassion. These foster our understanding of how our unique gifts contribute to families, friends, and the world at large.

Huge things can happen because of tiny beginnings. Our small size magnifies the significance of your gifts. No offering is too small. If you wish to give digitally, please click the Donate icon at There, and on checks payable to ArtSeed, you can dedicate your gift to someone you wish to honor. Let’s make a bright future together. A million thanks in advance!

Josefa Vaughan, ArtSeed Founder, Devoted Artists, Board of Directors, and Resilient Children.

ArtSeed’s 17th Annual Interactive Art Exhibition
Our December 9th Closing Reception was Heart-warming!

  Birds and Bees: Fact, Fantasy, and the Future of Art and Life on Earth

ArtSeed’s December 2nd Caricature Workshop was a Blast! 

Our free caricature drawing workshop featured artist, Scott Harris.
Thank you, Scott!

Bio: I am an illustrator, designer, and motion graphic artist, having worked in the advertising and corporate fields approximately forever. I’ve worked on countless national brands (Coke, McDonalds, P&G, Dell, Nintendo, Salesforce, to name a few) for the top agencies in Chicago and San Francisco. My most recent large-scale project was for the Dell Technology World conference in Las Vegas, a giant multi-screen animated show opener for which I served as creative director and co-animator. I also find time to paint! You can check my work out at or on Instagram at @scottharris_art. See Scott’s full Presenter’s Packet below:

A Great Big Thank You to All ArtSeed Volunteers,
especially to our
2023 Annual Letter of Appeal Mailer Trail Angels!

Aim Wonghirundacha, Elizabeth Stahl, Felicia Zurich Gallagher and her daughter, Amity and son, Lee, Jennifer Libonati and her sons Zackary and Haroun, Josefina Hernandez, Kay Weber, Keisha Jones and her daughter Sandra, Kolby Giddings, Lori Varkonyi and her daughter Maddy, Seraphim Stapleton, Sky Anselmo, Susan Wang, Velvet Van Bueren

Click here to see photos from all these events.

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