ArtSeed Feasibility Survey / Community Needs Assessment

Work-in-Progress / Rough Draft Bay Area Directory of Resources for Artists and Youth

Compiled by Josefa Vaughan and ArtSeed (all rights reserved)


I.   Museums

·         Bay Area Discovery Museum – (415) 487-4398

·         Cartoon Art Museum – contact: Ron

·         De Young Art Center, 2501 Irving Street at 26th Avenue, S.F. CA  94122; (415) 682-2483 Fine Arts Museums Artist Studio/ Artist Demo Program - "This program enables museum visitors to meet artists and gives artists an opportunity to work with the public. By watching an artist work, talking with an artist, or participating in a workshop led by and artist, visitors will learn more about the art-making process, and thus gain a greater appreciation for the objects on view at the Legion of Honor." Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Artist Studio/ Artist Demo Program 2501 Irving Street San Francisco, CA 94122

·         Exploratorium – contact: Pam Winfrey (415) explore,

·         Fine Arts Museums Artist Studio / Artist Demo Program – contact: Wei Fang, Tel: (415) 682-2485, Several days a week, several hours a day for one month, $1,000. honorarium with $150.-200. materials stipend.

·         International Children’s Museum of Art –

·         The Magnes Museum – 2911 Russell St., Berkeley, CA (510) 549-6950. Web site:

·         Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA)– a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to making the arts accessible to all children. MOCHA provides art opportunities for children on-site, at schools, and community organizations. Year round programs are offered for all ages. Artists are sent into schools 30 hrs/week, salaried, and with benefits, $30,000/year. Materials are paid by schools and grants. Suggestion: One-on-one mentorships. Contact: Gail Camach, Tel: (510) 465-8770, 538 Ninth Street, Oakland, CA 94607. Web site:

·         The Randall Museum – (415) 554-9000

·         San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – contact: Eduardo Piñeda, tel: (415) 357-4097, Two categories of residencies include 1) The Family Studio Program which is on the third Sunday of every month, 11a.m. -4p.m. (with two hours of prep before public hours), drop-in visitors of museum pay only museum entry fee. Artists receive $500. honorarium, up to four assisting artists receive $50., supplies allowance is $200. Subtotal of Studio program: $900.00. Hourly principal artist wage is  $100.  2) Other year-round, 6-8 week artists-in-residence work 6-8 hours per week with youth toward a product oriented culmination. Honoraria range from $2,500-$5,000. and materials cost on average $2,000. Assuming the allowance for assistance remains $200. Maximum hourly artist wage is $138.88. subtotal of 6-8 week Teen Programs: $7,200. Total of both programs: $8,100. Suggestions: Find a way for families to avoid having to pay museum entry fee. Affiliate with Laney College. SF MOMA Matches - "...Introduces teenagers to modern and contemporary art through pairings with SFMOMA members. This program focuses on helping teens discover an interest in art with the help of an adult enthusiast through gallery visits and museum tours." email:  SF MOMA Thurgood Marshall M.E.D.I.A. Project - "Brings San Francisco's Thurgood Marshall Academic High School students to the Museum for tours of the Permanent Collection, and sends guest artists to the school for assemblies....Creative projects are also developed between artists and advanced students in the school's media arts lab. Museum staff work with teachers to tailor art history slide lectures... Creative projects and classroom instruction build on the media skills of the students by linking their projects to the art and artists represented at SFMOMA." email:

·         Yerba Buena Center for the Arts – www.YerbaBuenaArts,org contact: David Robson, tel: (415) 978-2710 ext. 111, Hands-on workshop $100-$150./ hour artist honorarium, (one category of residency out of three)  Young Artists At Work is a year-round paid part-time employment program for San Francisco teens from diverse backgrounds...[They] work with artists...learning technical skills and engaging in creative exploration that culminates in a public presentation of their work...Introduces students to the possibility of a career in the arts and provides critical job and life skills as part of a year they'll never forget. 701 Mission Street (at 3rd Street) San Francisco, CA 94103

·         Zeum – contact:  Lynn Wallace,  (415) 777-2800 or Lisa Dunmeyer We currently have two artists working in our exhibit Toyz. Spike & Jeff invented the sail car and run the sail car making workshops while we are open to the public. The room is also supported by our Zeum Masters, teen interns that facilitate visitor experience. Spike and Jeff will work for the full length of the exhibition (currently set to run through August) and are also active in other areas: marketing, future exhibits, and fundraising. We also have artist collaborations that will take place over the next two months. Barney Jones will be working with teens to create a permanent sound installation while Janet Ashford will be working with teens to create a new digital workshop. The digital workshop will be replacing our current computer lab with project based arts and crafts that you can create using photoshop and various types of print media. We also collaborate with ACT in our Theater and they will be offering a variety of workshops throughout the summer.

We work with various artists to create our exhibits and the details of each are specific to the project. Our biggest challenge right now is staffing. This affects our ability to raise funds for such programs as well as manage the programs even when the funds are available. We have many programs set up to serve the community in a variety of ways. The only program that exclusively works with youth is our Zeum Master program. It is a paid internship program where teens staff the exhibits and get hands on experience with the various technologies found here. Our only limitation is how much time we have to find resources and management time to dedicate to these programs so that they a) keep running and b) expand to include more of the community. Despite this challenge, the programs that we do offer have been very successful. Lately we have had great success with our volunteers. I believe that a strong volunteer base and a good communication network within like institutions is incredibly helpful. Sharing audiences, collaborating on programs, and finding new ways to partner are crucial. A program that helps to foster volunteer action and partnership between organizations really supports every institution to be the best that it can be and to offer its services to the broadest possible audience - without weakening quality of experience. Give me a call if you would like to come into Zeum for a tour. It would be great to learn more about what your organization is working on and share with you a bit of Zeum. Email or cell phone is fine. Lisa Dunmeyer Exhibit Coordinator 415.819.6413


II.   Schools

·         California College of Arts and Crafts –, extended education: tel: (510) 594-3710, or contact: Valerie (510) 594-3650 or Hilary (415)551-9202.  Capp Street Project offers semester residencies

      (3 1/2 months) at $5,000 for private studio hours plus various teaching engagements.  Faculty residents

      receive $325 for a day workshop plus transportation and housing.  There are also one week workshops.

·         The CCAC Wattis Institute  -  1111 Eighth St., S.F. CA  94107

·         Center for Art and Public Life (CCAC Program) – 5275 Broadway, Oakland, CA  94618; (510) 594-5000; website:

·         Chinese American International School – contact: Ron Morris, tel: (415) 865-6010, $40./ hour for  teaching an extended day class

·         College of Creative Arts/San Francisco State University – (415) 338-2467

·         Creative Arts Charter School – K-8 Leslie Kier >From:,  a public school in San Francisco serving kindergarten through eighth grade students. Our undertaking is to provide high quality, innovative, alternative public education to the diverse children of San Francisco.  The Educational philosophy of Creative Arts embraces learning as an experience in which children actively participate in the process of inquiry and creatively were learning takes place in creative context.  Having said this, we are moving to a model next year where we have an Arts Coordinator (full-time) along with, an artist in residence for dance, and a visual artists.  The Arts Coordinator is paid from the same salary schedule as the classroom teachers.  The artist in residence is from a grant with the California Art Council, and the visual artist is paid and hourly wage that is based on the SUFFUSED salary schedule.  This year we also have several arts programs running including Sound Art (23five) and a school wide art project on diversity. What limitations do you face in addressing needs in the community, especially with regard to youth? As a school we suffer from a constant struggle to fund arts programs. What are the obstacles that existing arts outreach programs face? Time, staff.

·         John Swett Elementary School – contact:  Elana Lagerquist

·         Log Cabin Ranch School

·         Oakland Parks and Recreation/Oakland Fine Arts Summer School – a joint program between Oakland parks and Recreation and OUSD providing students in grades K-5 each summer with four weeks of full day visual and performing arts instruction. Free morning program; minimal afternoon program fee. 2002 site: Washington Elementary School, 581 61st Street, Oakland, CA (510) 238-3896.

·         Oakland School for the Arts – Oakland’s visual and performing arts charter high school, will open its doors in September 2002. Students gain admission by auditioning in one of the following areas: acting, creative writing, dance, instrumental music, visual arts, vocal music, or theatre production and design. Oakland Unified School District. Web site:

·         San Francisco Unified School District – contact:  Susan Stauter, Rita and Sara Hart (CFO)

·         Mills College –  contact: Tel:(510) 430-2117 Leslie H. Townsend, Director of Service Learning Mills CARES, 217 Mills Hall, Mills College, Oakland, CA  94613-1301, (510) 430-3154, 510) 430-3119 Fax, At this time, Mills CARES doesn't have formal internships or fellowships/stipends to accompany them.  Recently, however, a potential intern contacted us about working together, and I learned how productive a relationship this might be.  We have a primary connection to a neighborhood school, where we could be doing many different art projects which an intern could spearhead.  Similarly, an intern could focus on our college students who are interested in doing art in the community but need a mentor for their projects.  So we could well be interested in connecting with someone who had concrete ideas or who would like to develop them

together.  I would welcome a chance to collaborate on funding such an opportunity, as well.

·         San Jose Museum of Art – 110 S. Market Street, San Jose  (408) 971-0323

·         San Francisco Art Institute – contact: Larry Thomas (for faculty residencies), tel: (415) 749-4583. A four month teaching fellowship includes $25,000., housing and a studio at the Headlands Center for the Arts. Based on their careers, contracts average $5,000. per class for visiting faculty. They teach up to four classes for a semester. Suggestion: More collaborations are needed between individual artists and between initiatives. More individual artists staying in touch with students over the long haul in mutually beneficial friendships.  contact: Greg Sandoval, tel: (415) 749-4564 or 4563 or Karen Moss (for exhibiting artist residencies), tel: (415) 749-4550, contact; Kate Eilertson (for community programs), tel: (415) 749-4594 a Young Artist Program (YAP) that offers teenagers (14-18) the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fine arts college atmosphere for four weeks of intensive studio work.  We do have scholarships for YAP and I make site visits during the spring to talk to interested teens and tell them more about the opportunities at the Art Institute. The other program that we have here is called the Youth Arts Collaborative (YAC) which is designed to facilitate collaborations between local artists, Art Institute students and community organizations. The overarching goal of the Youth Arts Collaborative program is to encourage the regeneration of the arts in the fabric of society by kindling a passion for the arts among community youth, and by educating artists to be socially responsible. Kate Eilertsen, Director of Community Programs,is the person to contact about a possible collaboration with ArtSeed. Anne Mannes, Community Programs Coordinator 415-749-4554 phone/415-749-1036 fax

·         San Francisco Children’s Art Center – (415) 771-0292  contact: Tessa Spargo, Director.  $11-$18/hr pay for teachers, in business for 25 years, high turn-over of assistant teachers and are looking for more funding for scholarship and outreach; have collaborated with Museum of Craft and Folklore and The Cannery: contact  Khris Kremeris 771-3112

·         School of the Arts

·         Stanford University,  Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts – Lomita Drive and Museun Way, Stanford University, Palo Alto  (650)723-4177 Shirley Brice Heath

·         Synergy School – contact: Elena Dillon, tel: (415) 567-6177.  $60.-70./hour for arts elective session


III.    Non-Profit Exhibition & Performance Venues/Programs

·         ArtGate –– 5113 Manila Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618, phone (510) 658-0967; Managing Director: Dereca Blackmon; A multi-arts education program which provides in-school and after school programs to Oakland schools and to help youth acquire academic and life skills.  ArtGate is a program of Opera Piccola. (See Opera Piccola.)

·         ATA (Artist’s Television Access) – contact: (415) 824-3890

·         AXIS Dance  - 1428 Alice Street, Suite 201, Oakland, CA  94612, (510) 625-0110; website:

·         Berkeley Rep School of Theatre – (510) 647-2972; e-mail:; Student Matinee Program:  (510) 647-2918; e-mail:;  website:

·         Brava! For Women in the Arts OR fax:415-641-7684 Brava Theater 2781 24th ST. (415) 641-7657 Brava! is a professional, community-based theater founded in 1986 with a dual mission: to give voice to the unspoken realities of women's lives through the creation of new theater work; and to improve the quality of life in the Mission by providing cultural, social, and economic  opportunities for its residents, particularly its youth. Brava currently implements two major strategies: presenting professional quality theater that reaches over 30,000 individuals per year, and offering a comprehensive theater instruction program for over 400 young people per year through workshops, in-school theater and literacy instruction, performances for school groups, and job readiness through technical theater training.

·         Community Music Center 544 Capp Street San Francisco, California 94110 Telephone (415) 647-6015 FAX (415) 647-3890 email:  contact: Poppea Dorsam, Co-Secretary, (415) 647-6015; Chus Alonso

·         Richmond District Branch (of Community Music Center) 741 – 30th Avenue San Francisco, CA  94121 Telephone:  (415) 221-4515 Fax: (415) 221-5638 e-mail:  

·         Abada Capeoira Mission Street San Francisco, CA  94110

·         Community Music Center –     

·         Dance-a-Vision Entertainment – (510) 763-5180

·         Dance Mission 3316 24th Street @ Mission San Francisco CA 94110 phone: 415.826.4441  fax: 415.826.4499

·         Dancers’ Group – 3252 - A 19th Street, Studio B, San Francisco, CA  94110; Tel:  (510) 525-4339; website:

·         Dance for Power – 3616 Lake Shore Avenue, Oakland, CA   94610, (510) 465-9312, e-mail:;  website:

·         Eclipse Dance Theater, Ph/fx:415-550-7915, 3705 25th st. #4, SF, CA 94110

·         His Majestie’s Musicians – a performing group and arts learning organization that goes into classrooms where students are studying the Middle Ages and Renaissance to demonstrate music and dance of the period. 2130 Carleton Street, Berkeley, CA 94704-3214, (510) 848-5591.

·         Intersection for the Arts – San Francisco’s oldest alternative art space. 446 Valencia Street (between 15th and 16th), San Francisco, CA 94103, phone: (415) 626-2787, fax: (415) 626-1636, contact: Rachel (call Fri 12:30 and1pm). Web site:

·         A Traveling Jewish Theatre  470 Florida Street San Francisco, CA  94110 (415) 399-1809

·         ODC Theater 3153 17th Street San Francisco CA  94110 Theater Office Tel · 415/626-6745 Fax 415/863-9833 Andrew Wood, Theater Director 415/626-6745 Fax 415/863-9833 www.odctheater.orgm

·         Julia Morgan Center for the Arts – 2640 ollege Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704  (510)845-8542 ex304   contact: Sabrina Klein; primarily a performance home for diverse audiences, they provide a regional center for educational partnering for educational partnering among arts organizations to create long-term relationships between educators and learners

·         KQED- contact: Meline Toumani  2601 Mariposa St.  SF, CA 94110  (415) 864-2000; (415) 553-2140;

      e-mail:; website: 

·         The Living Word Project/Youth Speaks The Writer’s Center 2169 Folsom Street S100 San Francisco, CA  94110 Phone (415)255-9035 Fax (415)255-9065  

·         LUNA SEA WOMEN'S PERFORMANCE PROJECT 16th Street San Francisco, CA  94110

·         Loco Bloco 450 Church Street, Rm 19 San Francisco, CA 94114 415-626-5222

·         The Marsh 1062 Valencia Street @ 22nd San Francisco, CA  94110 (415) 826-5750

·         The Lab – contact: Laura Brun or Elizabeth Beaird, tel: (415) 864-8855, fee for show $500. plus any  grant that comes with the proposal.  Suggestions: Collaborations with coordinators of outreach programs that

      need facilities.

·         Luggage Store / 501 Cultural Center – contact: Laurie Lazer, Tel: 255: 5971

·         Meridian Gallery – contact: Ann Brodzky (415) 398-7229. A non-commercial space, the Meridian Interns Programs are for teens who learn how to run a gallery as well as make art. They employ 6 artists at   $25./hour, 10-20 hours/ week for 7 months at a time.

·         Mission Cultural Center – 2868 Mission St.  SF, CA  (415) 821-1155

·         New Langton Arts / SF CameraWork – contact: Tel: 626-5416,

·         Oakland Youth Chorus – provides cross-cultural music education and performance programs for youth, fostering talent, confidence, and community. Programs include instrumental and vocal/choral instruction for students ages 5-21 in in-and after-school programs. Oakland Youth Chorus for Music Education, 2619 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612, (510) 287-9700. E-mail: Web site:

·         Opera Piccola – 5113 Manila Ave., Oakland, CA 94618, phone: (510) 658-0967; Performances for children and adults, school assemblies and arts education.

·         Other Minds Music Festival – contact: Charles Amirkanian, Tel: 934-8134, Eight consecutive days of   composer’s involvement, $2,000.(and up) honorarium plus transportation and expenses for out-of-towners.

·         Performing Arts Workshop -  contact:  Ai Tamanaha, Fort Mason Center, Building C-265  SF, CA 94123; Tel:  (415) 673-2634; Fax:  (415) 776-3644; e-mail:; website:

·         Pro Arts – has no residency program at this time, contact: Svea Rodgers, tel: (510) 763-4361. Suggestion:   Residencies that give artists experience with public and professional opportunities .

·         Richmond Art Center – contact: Suzanne Tan, (510) 620-6777, or the ArtReach program contact: Laura Henry (510) 620-6770

·         The Roxie Theater 3117 16th St San Francisco, CA  94110 (415) 863-1087

·         SF Mime Troupe  855 Treat Street San Francisco, California 94110 Phone 415.285.1717 Fax 415.285.1290

·         San Francisco Arts Commission – contact: Michelle Liapes, Thien Lam, Tel: (415) 252-2559, Collaborates with other agencies to put on arts education and other events like the Family Art Days at Potrero Middle School. No sustained residencies at this time. Suggestion: Advocacy is needed – perhaps even in the form of an arts project like ArtSeed’s “Postcards to People in Power” – to promote new legislation and more sponsorship of the arts, especially arts which are accessible to young people.  Rachelle Axel, Arts Provider Alliance of San Francisco, (415) 252-2597;

·         The Community Arts and Education (CAE) Program  -  Contacts:  CAE Program Director – (415) 252-2596; CAE Program Assistant – (415) 252-2598; Arts Education Officer – (415) 252-2597; WritersCorps – (415) 252-4655; Cultural Facilities Manager – (415) 554-9843; CAE Fax – (415) 252-2595; website: 

·         Southern Exposure's Artists in Education Program - "...Provides vital and inclusive hands-on arts education...sparking dialogue on contemporary artistic practice and sociopolitical issues. Leadership and critical thinking skills are implicitly stressed...The program demystifies contemporary art and the role of artists in society, offering new role models and means of expression for youth. At the same time, AIE offers progessional teaching opportunities to community artists..." Kristen Ramirez, Director (415) 863-2141 or email

·         Studio Valencia Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110

·         Theatre Artaud 450 Florida St. San Francisco, CA 94110 (between 17th & Mariposa)

Phones: box office: 415.621.7797 administration: 415.437.2700 production: 415.437.2863

FAX:  415.437.2722 Mailing Address: 499 Alabama Street, #450 San Francisco, CA  94110

·         Project Artaud 499 Alabama Street San Francisco, CA 94110

·         The Purple Moon Dance Project 3543 18th  Street San Francisco, CA 94110 Tel: (415) 552-1105 Fax: (415) 552-0833; 

·         Theatre Rhinoceros 2926 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103 415-861-5079

·         Theatre of Yugen/ Noh Space 2840 Mariposa Street San Francisco, CA 94110 Office - 415. 621.0507 Fax - 415.621.0223 Box Office - 415.621.7978

·         Victoria Theater 16th Street San Francisco, CA  94110

·         VSA Arts of California is an affiliate of the international nonprofit organization headquartered in Wash. DC. Its programs promote performance opportunities and arts education for children and adults with all classifications of disability. 2800 N. Main St., Suite 2050, Santa Ana, CA 92705, 714-835-8867

·         Whispered Media PO Box 40130 San Francisco, CA 94140 (415) 789-8484

·         Xenodrome 1320 Potrero St. @ 25th San Francisco, CA  94110 phone: (415) 282-XENO or (415) 920-9044 e-mail:

·         San Francisco Art Institute – see Schools

·         San Francisco Ballet – contact:  Charles Chip McNeal

·         San Francisco Cinemateque – contact Steve Anker (415) 822-2885

·         Secession Gallery

·         Shadow Light – Ramon Abad, 22 Chattanooga Street, San Francisco, CA  94114, Tel:  (415) 648-4461; website:

·         Southern Exposure contact: Kristen Ramirez, Tel: (415) 863-2141. Fee for show $500., plus any other amount in the budget of any grant awarded by an outside funding source to the project. Suggestions: Josefa Vaughan’s honorarium through a LEF grant was $2,500. for “Gods and Monsters,”  an ArtSeed exhibition.


IV.   Residencies and Memberships

·         Crown Point Press – master printers hired to collaborate with artists of other disciplines to produce work for sale. Artist gets a percentage of work sold. Mater printers are paid by the hour.

·         Djerassi Resident Artist Program – contact: Judy Freeland or Dennis O’Leary, Tel:  (650) 747 1250,       One month live-in with 3 meals a day provided 5 days a week. Includes some amenities like studio space, multimedia lab, email stations and some errands are run for artists. Two stipends from anonymous donors are awarded yearly. Suggestions: Workshops where they talk about careers, build portfolio and understand the professional art world.

·         Graphic Arts Workshop – 2565 3rd Street #305  SF 94107 (415) 285-5660

·         Headlands Center for the Arts – contact: Holly Blake, tel: (415) 331-2787,ext.#24. Three categories exist: 1) Residencies for live-in guests of the Bridge Project (2-3 artists a year that work in communities) have similar terms as the regular program which pays artists $500./month stipend plus meals and amenities; 2) Project space artists receive $500. (and three meals a day during the weekdays) for 5 afternoons in the studio which is open to visitors for five weeks at the end of which time there is a public artist talk. 3) Eleven month studio residencies include $2,500. stipend and two meals each week.

·         Kala Art Institute – contact: Lauren Davies, Program Manager, Tel:  (510) 549-2977, Fax:  (510) 540-6914; 1060 Heinz Ave., Berkeley, CA  94710,  e-mail:; Web site:

·         San Francisco Urban Service Project (SFUSP) –– A national service program that is designed to provide young people between the ages of 18 and 26 from diverse backgrounds with the opportunity, training and support to work with youth in either a San Francisco community-based organization, child development center or public school. 1406 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, phone: (415) 642-3490; e-mail:, Web site:

·         Sanitary Landfill Company – 501 Tunnel Ave., SF, CA 94134  425-330-1414 A program that inspires and educates people about recycling and resource conservation by providing local artists with access to materials, a work space and other resources.  Artists get unlimited access to waste materials; 3 month residencies with 24 hour access to a studio equipped with welding equipment, power tools, a crane, glass kiln and more.  They are also paid a monthly honorarium.

·         The Point: Hunter’s point Shipyard – (415) 822-9686 The Point: Hunters Point Shipyard - Provides studio space and open studio events to the community. P. O. Box 883753 San Francisco, CA 94188 phone: (415) 833-9675, fax: (415) 822-9686

·         Villa Montalvo  – 15400 Montalvo Rd., Saratoga, CA 95071 Wed-Sun. 1-4 pm  (408) 961-5813 – A multidisciplinary center for the arts and creativity.  They serve the public – and the advancement of culture – by presenting exceptional art, music and literature in an extraordinary setting and by supporting artists in the creation of new work.


V.   Arts Education Programs/Resources

·         Arts Ed – 200 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA  94612; (510) 836-3223 ext. 342;; website:

·         ArtSeed – contact: Josefa Vaughan (415) 641-5909,  tel/fax: (415) 641-4442  P.O. Box 401177  SF, CA     94140-1177

·         Artspan / Art for Inner City Youth – contact: Camille Hill, SF Open Studios for Inner City Youth

·         (415) 861-9838,  Jacquelyn Corodimas with Americorps Vista  Fosters interaction between ArtSpan/Open Studios artists and thousands of low-income students through hands-on art and art appreciation activities..Helps improve students' visual and analytical skills and self-esteem while providing artists with valuable teaching experiences. 934 Brannan Street San Francisco, CA 94103 phone: (415) 861-9838, fax: (415) 431-4575. Artspan/Open Studios is a month-long free event that allows the public to visit the work spaces of over 750 artists around San Francisco. 

·         Arts for Kids Center (Church of Scientology) – 966 Mission St.  SF, CA 94103  (415) 243-0322


·         Bay View Opera House (Ruth Williams Memorial Theater) – 4705 Third Street  SF, CA 94124;  mailing address:  P. O. Box 24086, S.F., CA  94124-0086; (415)824-0386  FAX 415-824-7124 email: contact: Eugene Steptoe (415) 824-0386 Environmental Education Program (BEEP!) and the Children’s  Mural Program (CMP)  contact: Heidi Hardin, (415) 771-2198  Children’s Mural project  1220 Ellis Street #2  SF< CA 94109

·         California Poets in the Schools – contact:  Mary Vradelis, Treasurer, Tel:  (415) 399-1565;

Fax:  (415) 399-1566; 870 Market Street, Suite 1148, San Francisco, CA  94102; e-mail:; website:; toll-free number:  1-877-CPITS’64

·         Creativity Explored of

·         Crissy Field Center – PO Box 29410 SF CA 94129-0410, 415-561-7695

·         Community Youth Center 16 93 Polk St, SF CA 94109, 415-775-2636,, 319 6th Ave, Suite 201,  SF 415-752-9675

·         Draw Bridge – contact: Gloria Simoneaux DrawBridge - "The mission of Drawbridge is to provide art programs for homeless children in an emotionally safe environment in order to foster the artistic expression of their needs and promote the well-being and stabilization of the family." P. O. Box 2698 San Rafael, CA 94912-2698 phone: (415) 456-1269, fax: (415) 456-3284 email: website:

·         Enterprise for High School Students –– 450 Mission Street, Suite 408, San Francisco, CA 94105, phone: (415) 896-0909x1, fax: (415) 896-0933, Web site:; Supports San Francisco high school students to find jobs and gain work experiences, in order to develop job skills and to explore career interests. Also offers the GMC (Greater Mission Consortium), a multi-service collaboration serving children, youth and their families living in the Mission. Contact: Shaune Thomas, 4468 Mission St. (at Excelsior), EHSS phone: (415) 896-0909x319 or GMC phone (415) 334-9919.

·         San Francisco Film Society – contact:  Bob Donn, Joanne Parsont

·         A Home Away From Homelessness – contact: Jeanie Kortum  Fort Mason Building 9  SF, CA 94123

(415) 561-5535, (e-mail)  (website)

·         Kearny Street Workshop – (415) 503-0520,, e-mail: We offer writing and visual arts classes, free student readings and exhibitions, and free salons and workshops. All of our events (not including classes) are free and no one gets paid.  We don't even have the money to pay our staff properly. We do not have youth programs.  our main limitation is money, money, money. Namely, we don't have enough of it. New foundations, new grant makers, new sources of money, money, money especially sources that don't make us spend $1000 worth of staff time just to make $4000 worth of money. Claire Light, Program Manager

·         Kids Art  Traditional drawing and painting classes from photos and still life arrangements with flat fees. 

·         LEAP – contact: Naomi Sheridan, Telephone:  (415) 512-1899; e-mail:; 703 Market Street, Suite 501, San Francisco, CA  94103

·         Opera Piccola is a multi-racial company of actors, dancers, musicians and visual artists committed to providing underserved audiences access to the magic and creativity of the arts. It’s education program, ArtGate, enriches the development of youth in Oakland by collaborating with them in art. 5113 Manilla Ave. Oak. CA 94618, 510-658-0967, Fax:  (415) 512-1551

·         Park Day Summer Camp – (510) 833-9675 contact: Judy Park Day Summer Arts Camp - "We offer an exciting and comprehensive art program that emphasizes the development of new creative skills. We provide a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to think and use their imagination through a wide variety of visual and performing arts. Our camp maintains the Park Day School tradition of respect and appreciation of each child's individual learning style." 370 43rd Street Oakland, CA 94609-2233 (510) 653-5718

·         Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center –– Offers mural workshops, art classes, mural tours, community art store, memberships, community mural outreach, design exterior and interior murals permanent and portable, mural restorations, mural slide presentations, art job listings, and volunteer opportunities. Contact: Susan Cervantes, 2981 24th St., San Francisco, CA 94110, phone: (415) 285-2287; Web site:  

·         The Purple Crayon  Classes for kids with flat fees. 301 Cornwall  (415) 831-0693

·         San Francisco Arts Education Project – contact: Camille Olivier-Salmon, Co-Chair, Tel:  (415) 551-7990; Fax:  (415) 551-7994; Address:  c/o Norse Auditorium, 135 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA  94102;

      e-mail:;  website:

·         Scrap (Scrounger’s Center for Reusable Art Parts) – Contact: Kenan, (415) 641-1746 1808 Toland SF

·         Sharon Art Studio (in Golden Gate Park – McLaren Lodge, Arts & Crafts Division) – 501 Stanyan St.  SF, CA 94117  (415) 753-7004  (Friends of Sharon Art Studio: 753-7005) Caroline Rabinowitz, executive director SF Rec. and Park Dept. Elizabeth Goldstein, Gen. Manager We are an community center for recreational artists.  We offer classes for youth and adults in ceramics, leaded glass, jewelry, drawing and painting, Our main issue is that the demand for class spaces is greater than the supply.  Our program is totally maxed by offering about 60 classes per session.  We are in a historic building so expansion of our site is not an option.  Plus we are run primarily through the San Francisco Recreation and Park Dept., a city agency that does not have any funds to create an additional program.  We have to turn away hundreds of potential students. We cannot really do much outreach because the staff (city employees) are fully booked by teaching classes on site and they are not allowed to work over their patterned hours.  Therefore, they cannot take on outreach projects in addition to their teaching obligations at our studio.

·         Streetside Stories – contact:  Christine Young

·         Vala (Visual Arts/Language Arts) – Address:  611 – 66th Street, Oakland, CA  94609; Tel:  (510) 708-0696; fax:  (510) 652-1653; e-mail:; Web site:

·         TILT (Teaching Intermedia Literacy Tools) – contact: Lise Swenson or Anita Chin,

Tel: (415) 401-8458,  $25-$30/hr for teaching artists TILT (Teaching Intermedia Literacy Tools) - "TILT is a media literacy training program that provides youth and other community members with hands-on movie-making experiences grounded in a media literacy curriculum." 992 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA 94110 phone: (415)401-TILT (8458) email:

·         Young Audiences of the Bay Area – contact:  Brenda Berlin, Advocacy Chair; Ana Marie, Tel: (415) 974-5554;; Classroom residencies are $65./ hour, staff development workshops are $125./hour


VI.   Individual Teaching Artists


·         Amy Trachtenberg 

·         Andrea Laudate – Individual Artist Liaison, Mama Laudate Cultural Cooking, (415) 864-6789;

·         Carol Harada – Director of Wild Imagination center for arts and healing  415-820-1424

·         Claire Bain

·         David Goldberg

·         Gloria Yamato

·         Harrell Fletcher

·         Johanna Poethig

·         John Rubin

·         Josefa Vaughan (415) 641-5909, tel/fax: (415) 641-4442,  P.O. Box 401177  SF, CA 94140-1177

·         Juanna-Alicia Montoya – (510) 549-1269

·         Judy Baca (415)776-2028

·         Judy Rattner 387 Western Drive Richmond, CA 94801 studio tel: (510) 235-5059 home tel: (510)215-9116

·         Larry Sulton

·         Lise Swenson

·         Marissa Kunz 1200 21st Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122 (415)370-7251

·         Moriah Vlinskas

·         Rigo 2002

·         Ruth Asawa

·         Suzanne Lacy

·         Tana Johnson

·         Valerie Soe

·         Victor Cartagena

·         Victor Zaballa – tel: (415) 643-1957. (recommended for Day of the Dead visual artist and instrument/music maker)



VII.   Alternative Arts / Community Exhibition Spaces

·         848 Community Space – 848 Divisidero St. SF

·         Artists' Television Access(ATA) 992 Valencia Street  San Francisco Ca.  94110  (415) 824-3890

·         A.O.V. – 3328 22 St.  SF  94110, (415) 431-8340

·         Attitudinal Healing Connection – 3278 West St., Oakland, CA  94608; (510) 652-5530, e-mail:; website:

·         Bay Area Teen Voices – Address:  3548 – 18th Street., #18, San Francisco, CA  94110

·         Berkeley Art Center – 1275 Walnut Street (in Live Oak Park) Berkeley, CA 94709  510-644-6893

·         Build Guerrero Street San Francisco, CA  94110

·         CELLspace / Crucible Steel Gallery – 2050 Bryant St SF, CA 94110; (415) 641-7562 Fax 415-970-8710  (website) (e-mail) - SF performance and exhibition space cellspace youth programs Cluster Mission The Youth Enterprise and Arts (YEA) Coalition is a network of Bay Area organizations who serve young artists and entrepreneurs through job training and leadership programs. YEA is a catalyst for interdisciplinary collaborations, the sharing of resources and the increased visibility of youth artwork, products and services. YEA is a project of CELLspace, Sonya Blesofsky Program Coordinator Youth Enterprise & Arts Coalition 415.970.9797

·         Center for African and African American Art and Culture (CAAAC) – 762 Fulton St., S.F. 94102; Tel:  (415) 928-8546; CAAAC Resident Companies – Wajumbe Cultural Institution (415) 563-3519; BES Children’s Theater (415) 928-8546; Go Productions (415) 921-8234; Cultural Odyssey (415) 292-1850; S.F. African American Historical and Cultural Society 9415) 292-6172

·         Chinatown Community Arts Program (CCAP)  - Contacts:  CCAP Manager – (415) 957-1146; CCAP Fax – (415) 956-6384;

·         City Art Cooperative Gallery 828 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA  94110 415-970-9900

·         Creativity Explored 3245 16th Street San Francisco, CA  94110 415-863-2108

·         The Crucible – East Bay metal working venue; 1035 Murray St., Berkeley, CA  94710; (510) 843-5511;

e-mail:  website:

·         Culture Cache Gallery 1800 Bryant St. #104 @ 17th St. San Francisco, CA 94110 415-626-7776

·         Falkirk Cultural Center - PO Box 151560  San rafael, CA 94915-1560  415-485-3438  FAX 415-485-3404

·         Galeria de la Raza 2857 24th Street San Francisco, CA 94110 Telephone 415.826.8009 Fax  415.826.6235 Email:

·         Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco, Inc. – 440 Potrero Ave. @ 17th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110; It is a youth development organization, providing a continuum of services to youth ages 12 to 26. These services include employment, prevention and treatment. Also features the Youth Arts Gallery.

·         Intersection for the Arts 446 Valencia Street  San Francisco, CA 94103 Phone 415.626.2787  Fax 415.626.1636 Reservations 415.626.3311 email:

·         The LAB 2948 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103 415.864.8855

·         Integrated Arts (IARTs) – a division of the nonprofit Center for Accessible Technology that provides arts classes, workshops and programs where people of all ages, with and without disabilities come together. 933 Parker Street, Berkeley, CA 94710, (510) 841-3224. E-mail: Web site:

·         Mission Badlands/Balazo Gallery 2811 Mission St. @ 24th San Francisco, CA  94110 415.920.0896

·         Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts,  2868 Mission Street @ 24th St. San Francisco, CA 94110 Phone 415.821.1155 Fax 415.648.0933 Email 

·         The Pond  - 214 Valencia St. (between 14th and Duboce St.), S.F., CA  94103; Contacts:  Steve Shada

      and Marisa Jahn, Directors; Tel:  (415) 437-9151; Fax: (415) 723-7836; e-mail: ; website:

·         The San Francisco Center for the Book – 300 De Haro Street, SF< CA 94103  (415)565-0545;  a non-profit organization at the foot of Potrero Hill devoted to teaching the many arts and crafts that go into making books.  Contact: Kathy Barr, development and administration director,

·         San Francisco Children’s Art Center – Address: Fort Mason Center, Building C, San Francisco, CA  94123; Tel:  (415) 771-0292; website:

·         San Francisco’s Youth Guidance Center –

·         Somarts Community Services – ArtSpan (SF Open Studios) (415) 861-9838; Mural Resource Center (415) 552-2131; Technical Services (415) 863-1414; Gallery (415) 552-2131; Classes (415) 863-1414 ext. 4

·         South of Market Cultural Center (SOMARTS) – 934 Brannan St., S.F., 94103; (415) 552-2131

·         Shotwell Studios 17th Street San Francisco, CA  94110 415-626-2169

·         Southern Exposure at Project Artaud 401 Alabama Street San Francisco, CA 94110 telephone: 415-863-2141 fax: 415-863-1841 e-mail:

·         Studio 210 Art of the Matter, 3288 21st Street, #PMB71, San Francisco 415-267-7687 Phone 415-332-7171 FAX 415-332-7171,

·         Studio One – 365 45th St Oakland, CA 94609 tel: 510-597-5027 fax: 510-652-2771 contact: Johnnette

·         Temporary Services – website:; contact:


VIII. Advocacy Groups and Listings

·         Alameda City Arts Council – P.O. Box 3029, Alameda, CA  94501, Tel:  (510) 748-6074

·         Alameda County Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership (Alameda County Office of Education) – 313 W. Winton Avenue, Hayward, CA  94544-1198;  contact:  Louise Music, ACOE, (510) 670-4174;

e-mail:;  Art is Education (510) 670-4557;


·         Alameda County Art Commission – P.O. Box 29004, Oakland, CA  94604, (510) 208-9646; website:

·         Americans for the Arts and the Ad Çouncil – website:

·         Art and Education Media Foundation  - (provides free writing workshops and services for street survivors, including youth) 6020A Adeline Street, Oakland, CA  94608-1446; (510) 849-0153

·         Artist Resource Our Mission: To educate, connect and promote Bay Area artists and writers by creating a supportive community; we post calendars of shows, events and classes, readings, interactive forums, competitions, jobs, galleries, portfolios, hundreds of art links, art supplies, advice and techniques, and artists' stories.

·         ArtSeed – contact: Josefa Vaughan (415) 641-5909,  tel/fax: (415) 641-4442  P.O. Box 401177  SF, CA 94140-1177


·         The Arts Education Funders Collaborative (AEFC) – a fiscally sponsored project of the SF Foundation Community Initiative Funds.  Activities are facilitated by the SF Arts Commission in cooperation with the SF Unified School District, The Art providers Alliance of SF and the PTA.  Contact: Karen Clark, Inside/Out, Production Coordinator  (415) 564-7618  ext.2.; AEFC Project Contacts:  Rachelle Axel, Project Director, Arts Education Officer, S.F. Arts Commission; (415) 252-2597; e-mail:; Thien Lam, Arts Education Program Assistant, San Francisco Arts Commission, (415) 252-4656;;  Jennifer Ross, Project Administrator & CEO – About Face Consulting, (510) 601-1814;;  Sally Ann Ryan, Supervisor, Visual & Performing Arts Office, SFUSD, (415) 759-2916;;  Michaela Parks, Evaluator, 3D Group (Data Driven Decisions, Inc.) (510) 525-4830 ext. 203;

·         The Arts for Every Child in San Francisco – website:

·         Arts For Learning – Telephone:  (call Young Audiences of the Bay Area)  (415) 974-5554; website:

·         Arts Providers Alliance of San Francisco – association of artists and arts organizations who operates education programs for children and youth. The Community Arts and Education (CAE) Program  -  Contacts:  CAE Program Director – (415) 252-2596; CAE Program Assistant – (415) 252-2598; Arts Education Officer – (415) 252-2597; WritersCorps – (415) 252-4655; Cultural Facilities Manager – (415) 554-9843; CAE Fax – (415) 252-2595; website: (also see San Francisco Arts Commission)

·         Awake Project – contact Sanford Biggers through the headland Center for the Arts  415-331-2787 ext.28

·         The Beat Within – 660 Market St.  #210  SF, CA 94104  (415) 438-4755

·         California Arts Council

·         CCAE (Concerned Californians for Arts Education) 

·         CHALK (Communities in harmony Advocating for Learning and Kids)

contact:Ruth (Youthline) 464 Ellis Street  (415) 321-2444 (ext. 306) From: Ruth Barajas of CHALK [] 1.) We offer employment to youth as well as computer training. We don't have specific programming set up for JUST youth artists. ALL employees get paid by the hour, have computer access and the support of staff. Computer Training participants recieve stipends for their training completion. 2.) We balance servicing their needs as well as being structured adult supervisors, which can often be hard to manage. 3.) Our youth do organize and put on talent shows and parties for youth. We are currently not facing any problems, although, I will say that it is always a learning process. Do you see a potential interest or need in having art and technology type programs? For example, conducting art workshops in Photoshop or other multimedia technology? That would be cool. I've never thought about it. Another person runs that program. But that sounds great. What are your current programs for teachers and their terms of employment, such as honoraria, hours, stipends, amenities, etc.? Our "Work Place Tech" program teacher is the director of the program and she is a full time staff person who is on salary.

·         Coalition for Juvenile Justice  - 1211 Connecticut Ave., NW Suite 414, Washington, D.C.  20036; Tel:  (202) 467-0864; Fax (202) 887-0738; e-mail:

·         The Community Network for Youth Development (CNYD) intensive trainings for non-profit youth-based organizations utilized at Cell Space

·         Content Standards in the Visual and Performing Arts – website:

·         CSUMentor ––; a comprehensive guide to the California State University’s 23 campuses. Features Plan for College, Financial Aid, Ask an Expert and more.

·         East Bay California Arts Project (EBCAP) – 340 Farrelly Drive, San Leandro, CA   94577, (510) 885-2385; e-mail:; website:

·         East Bay Heritage Quilters – a 500+ member guild of quilters. Members are active in various programs and projects, including providing educational scholarships to teach youth the art of quilting. Web site:

·         Health Through Art: Signs of Recovery – creates positive, health-oriented messages on billboards, bus posters, t-shirts and other media to counter the negative effects of the pervasive alcohol and drug advertising in our communities. A program of the Alameda County Public Health Department’s Alcohol and Drug Prevention Program. 1000 Broadway, Suite 5000, Oakland, CA 94607, (510) 267-8000. Web site:

·         Mayor’s Youth Employment & Education Program (MYEEP) –– Largest after-school youth employment program in San Francisco which helps to develop job skills, increase career awareness and knowledge of educational opportunities. Contact: Central Office at (415) 202-7903

·         Oakland Craft and Cultural Arts Department – Office of the Mayor, is the city’s local arts agency that provides services to the arts community and sponsors culturally enriching programs, exhibitions and events. One Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 9th Floor, City Hall, Oakland, CA 94612, (510) 238-2103. Web site:

·         Olin –– Its mission is to create a viable political space for youth to make their words and actions heard in response to problems inherent in our communities. Contact: Frisco Olin, 2068 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, phone: (415) 863-1100, fax: (415) 863-9798; Oakland Olin, PO Box 2772, Berkeley, CA 94702; e-mail:; Web site:

·         OrgSpaces - Help for non-profits in San Francisco

·         PAINTS (Promote Art in the Schools), is an organization of parents and community members whose purpose is to promote visual arts in the Piedmont Schools. PAINTS believes art is valuable in itself and compliments learning and development in every area. As a service and support organization, PAINTS is committed to ensuring quality visual arts instruction for all Piedmont students. Web site: www.piedmont.k12.caus/aboutpusd/paints.html

·         Poor Magazine - Provides multi-media access and arts education to those of low income.

·         San Francisco Youth Commission –– 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, City Hall, Room 345, San Francisco, CA 94102, phone (415) 554-6446, fax (415) 554-6140, e-mail:, Web site:; The Youth Commission represents youth in city hall with 17 diverse young people between the ages of 12-23. They come from all over the city to improve the lives of San Francisco’s youth by advising the people in government who make decisions that affect them.


·         www.sfwow,org

·         Special Programs for Youth/Solutions Program – 375 Woodside Ave., W3; S.F., CA  94127;  Contact:  Danial Cross (415) 753-7717.


·         United Educators of San Francisco – contact:  Rudy Faltus, Vice President

·         Violence is Preventable (VIP) Girls Project –– Was started in 1998 as a collaboration among San Francisco-based service agencies committed to assisting young women who are at-risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of violence. Contacts: Huckleberry Youth Programs, Emily Dreblow, VIP Girls Project Coordinator, phone (415) 668-2622x211; Come Into the Sun Girls’ Mentorship Program (YWCA), Stephanie Elliott, phone: (415) 776-2739; Bayview Hunters Point Foundation, Tammie Harrison, phone: (415) 824-1308; YWCA – Mission; Gloria Romero/Lydia Sanchez, phone: (415) 648-2826; YWCA – Western Addition, Jennifer Toomey/anne Duncan, phone: (415) 921-3814; YWCA – Chinatown, Tina Tam/Judy Chang, phone: (415) 778-5437; Community Youth Center, 1693 Polk St., San Francisco, CA 94109, Danika Choe, phone: (415) 775-2636. Web site: .

·         Youth Arts Week – Web site:

·         Youth Making a Change (Y-MAC) –– Youth between the ages of 14-18 trying to change their lives and the world by learning how to help themselves. 2601 Mission Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94110, phone: (415) 239-0161x20; Web site: .

·         GenArt – P.O. Box 460819  SF, CA 94146-0819;  (Annual exhibition and slide registry)

·         Inside/Out – A guide to Arts Education resources for children and teens in SF Contact: Ann Wettrich (415) 252-2597

·         Kids Art,, website:,   (212) 564-2760