ArtSeed’s 2021 Annual Report and Letter of Appeal

Virtual & In-person Gatherings, Teaching, Learning, and Art-making Together!
(Number of new artworks created: over 200!)

November 19, 2021

Dear ArtSeed Friend,

We did it again! Thanks to you we were able to endure and thrive while complying with San Francisco’s Health Order. Our 13th Annual Earth Day Art-a-thon, a virtual event, was a real success. Your support also made possible our annual Fine Arts Summer Intensive with two in-person locations and an online site connecting opposite ends of the city with more far-flung participants. Click here to see photos! Click here to see the calendar of activities. Click here to see a list of participants. Without interruption, our 2020 show, Only Zombies Race to Mass Extinction morphed into this year’s exciting interactive exhibition of art—extended into 2022!
New Normal: Learning from the Past to Move Forward Together.

Moving into 2022, ArtSeed will focus on rejuvenating our volunteer artists’ base with a cooperative training program that connects practicing, interdisciplinary artists, from the Bay Area and beyond, with young or at- risk artists and Veterans. Field trips to museums, and other outings combined with studio sessions will culminate in next year’s exhibition Dream Earth People on Sabbatical. Weekly year-round peer-mentorships that ask the question, “What can I do differently, what gives me pleasure, and what have I been putting off?” will replace day-long “creativity endurance” events. ArtSeed’s Spring Art-a-thon, Summer Camp, and Fall Exhibition seasons all lead to winter, our assessment period. Send us your feedback! It is also a season of giving. Your charitable contribution makes so much possible! And ArtSeed turns no one away for lack of funds.

During the pandemic, we’ve also been sending books and supply kits to those in need. Students and artists will be learning, teaching, exhibiting, networking, and exploring various administrative and outreach aspects of being in the business of art. They will find renewed relevancy as they expand their grasp of youth-related issues, expand their artistic processes, building relationships while learning new job skills.

Visit our website, View the art in our Michelle Vignes Virtual Gallery where you can also find presenter’s packets with lesson plans and video activities (you can check out Video Production near me from here), a list of participants, and photo documentation. Or come in person to the Presidio’s China Brotsky and Seed Galleries in Tides Converge at 1012 Torney Ave. Doors are open weekdays 8 a.m. — 2:30 p.m. Other days and times are possible by appointment. Request a link to our weekly online gatherings. Discover in-person and online opportunities to get involved. Click the homepage buttons at the top to volunteer or donate. ArtSeed Shop & Share website store offers low-cost legacy art supplies, one-of-a-kind collectibles, gifts, cards, and more! ArtSeed’s Board of Directors shares your dreams of a sustainable planet and a plentiful world. Let’s do it! Please help us again. Thank you!

PS. Click this Donate Icon here or find it at Checks, payable to ArtSeed are welcome at P.O. Box 29277, San Francisco, CA 94129. Working on your planned giving? Let’s make a future together!

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