What: ArtSeed’s Fall Theme & Year-End Exhibition.

A keystone project call for participants: Visitors and Tenants at two locations will be invited to engage in our three-part project: 1) Research the background of a Congresswoman and/or a woman known to have been murdered or has disappeared; 2) Reflect on this woman and what her concerns might be, or may have been, by painting her “likeness”; 3) Write to this woman, on ArtSeed prepared letter template (we will send it with a stamped return envelope), describing what your main concerns are. If she is a Congresswoman, tell her how best to represent you in seeking solutions. If she is one who has vanished, tell her about your painting, what you imagine her hopes and dreams were and that she is included in our project.

When: May – October 2019

1) ArtSeed, 1007 General Kennedy Ave., Suite 206, in the Presidio
2) Labyrinth Studios at 4301 Geary Blvd. & 7th Avenue in San Francisco’s Richmond District

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