Berit Sandvig

Berit Sandvig is an ArtSeed Intern with the University of San Francisco, in Art History and Arts Management with a minor in Fine Arts. With ArtSeed, she assists with teaching, writing grant proposals and lesson plans. She is a San Francisco native who is highly concerned with the preservation of her precious, unique, and historic city. While she loves to make and be involved in art, Berit has more technical experience in arts management. She has led and facilitated the cataloguing and creation of online databases for art resources for both the Presidio Golf Course Club House as well as the San Francisco Historical Society. She also has curatorial experience, playing a crucial part in an exhibition entitled “Uncovered: Women and the Art of the Book” and other USF showings.

“My time at ArtSeed has been very eventful in the most wonderful of ways. I am constantly inspired by the passion that the ArtSeed community holds for their constituents and their community. There is a particular arsenal of happiness on hand with the people involved in ArtSeed’s events and activities. I, in particular, was very involved with the work that took place at the Booker T. Washington Community Service Center. I loved that there was always a fun learning dynamic and the students were eager to learn. Especially when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, ArtSeed was unfazed! I was completely amazed by the team’s bright spirits. This was such a vital opportunity to see that value of arts education and how it can make a difference in people’s lives. I cherish it!” – Berit

“The power of washing your hands!”