Betzabe Moreno González, Teaching Artist

Bio: Betzabe Moreno (Betzy) discovered her love for drawing by looking at some of her father’s sketching drawings at age of seven. She’s been a self-taught artist working on two mediums acrylic and pencil drawing. In 2018 she took her first art class at the Cultural Institute of Aguascalientes where she learned oil, watercolors and encaustic techniques. Since then she has participated in two art exhibits – one by herself and the second a collective exhibit of eight other artists.

ArtSeed Statement: “Participating in the ArtSeed’s Art-a-thon was the most gratifying experience I’ve ever collaborated on. Teaching a drawing class via zoom to share with others my love of drawing was a special memory I’ll always treasure in my life. Thank you ArtSeed for letting me part of the Art-a-thon 2020!”

Lesson Plan

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