Dorothy Yuki, Teaching Artist

Bio: Dorothy Yuki was a partner/owner of In Good Company, manufacturing gift items from 1965 1976. From 1977 Dorothy was a design and production consultant to the Fashion Industry until 2000. She produced private label linen goods for Macy’s California, New York, and Kansas 1981 1983, and William-Sonoma. She also designed special projects through identity and production companies; Winterland, Bill Graham, Sony, and US Figure Skating Championship. She worked as a designer and developer of properties in Europe, South America, and North America until 2008. She is on the board of Eco Sierra Gorda, part of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere, and is also a mentor and teacher of projects there. Since 2010, Dorothy has taught workshops on crafts and art at SCRAP-SF, Ruth’s Table, FabMo, Techshop, Sunnyside Conservatory and Friends of Calligraphy, Castle in The Air, SCTA, ArtSeed, Grupo Sierra Gorda, Aya Studio in Florida, and Pence Gallery, Davis. She has also mentored two students from Bay High School for their Senior Projects. Presently she is the technical advisor (Master Educator) to Fashion Incubator San Francisco. As a graphic designer, Sierra Gorda Biosphere and Pacific Center for the Book, have used logos she has designed. She was the President of Friends of Calligraphy 2013–2014. Her interests are wide and varied from fashion designing, sewing, graphics, calligraphy, crafts, fine art, carpentry, building, repurposing, and four grandchildren.

ArtSeed Statement: “Creativity has always been a part of my life, sometimes by necessity and sometimes by desire. I have always enjoyed the process of solving the making of something from an idea. I love to learn and share what I know.”

Lesson Plan