Madalina Kelner, Teaching Artists

Bio: My name is Madalina Kelner, a 2020 Graduate of the University of Minnesota Duluth, School of Fine Arts, with a BFA in Graphic Design, Studio Focus. My passion is amplifying the voices of communities that need recognition, making their concepts tangible and accessible through Fine Art and Design. I am interested in going into the field of Graphic Design and finding a way of combining it with my skills in photography. I find myself creating ways to help educate and start conversations about serious topics of accessibility and diversity. Access For All is a group I rebranded and reawakened on campus and led for two years as president. With my creative solutions, I guided the development of a sensory friendly space in the Multicultural Center. After creating one successful sensory space, I brought up my ideas to the UMD Kathryn A. Martin Library to consider doing the same. They were receptive and with my guidance they used a grant to update several study rooms. Both collaborations were recognized and inspired schools across the country to create sensory spaces for their students. Among other groups, I was a passionate graphic designer and board member for ASL club and the RSPT (Regional Stormwater Protection Team). Now that I have graduated, I’m continuing to teach art classes at Southwest Super Summer Program for my eighth summer with Minneapolis Public Schools. In the near future, I have a big project coming up after Behind The Veil. A photographic book titled Tenderness, that communicates how invisible pain affects the human body.

ArtSeed Statement: ArtSeed wants to give young students the power to express themselves through art in a way that shares a deeper story so they will be truly heard. Having taught Art for MPLS Public schools for over 8 years now, I feel my ability to teach the age range ArtSeed caters to, appropriate. My passion to ensure young students find parts of themselves to be proud of and empowered, through art is extremely important to me. Art saves lives and without it, a creative mind is not fully happy and healthy. ArtSeed provides an essential outlet to those who need art and expression.

Lesson Plan