Staff & Board


Josefa Vaughan, Founder and Executive Director: Josefa has recently returned to the Board to serve as secretary until a new officer is found for that position.  Her classical and cutting-edge art projects began connecting gifted and vulnerable communities in the year 2000.  Despite her teenage homelessness, she has lectured widely, is a Djerassi Resident Artist Program alum, has won Awards from the San Francisco Arts Commission, and has been a juror for the California Arts Council.

Jennifer Spencer, Office Manager. First a typesetter, then a legal secretary, Jennifer, a Taoist Tai Chi practitioner is a native San Franciscan who developed her career in Great Britain. She has happily been vital to ArtSeed’s contact relationship management system upgrades. Her exacting attention to detail is helping us to update our data and move to a more sophisticated and personable way of reaching out to our growing list of beloved constituents.


Edna Arterberry, Community Elder – Edna is a recently retired social worker for foster families (which she did for 20 years) at the Department of Human Services, City of San Francisco. Prior to this she has worked in Bayview Hunters Point for over 21 years as manager of California Association of Health, Education, Employment and Dignity. She was on the advisory board of San Francisco General Hospital and the Southeast Health Center. She is actively involved in Cornerstone Baptist as a teacher for high school students and is a leader on the scholarship committee. She hopes that ArtSeed can touch as many lives as possible through art and community service through commitment, love and success at creating a healthier environment.

Kevin Quan, Treasurer – Kevin is a San Francisco native and currently resides in the East Bay with this family. He is the accounting and finance manager for the San Francisco Arts Commission. Kevin holds a Masters of Accountancy from Golden Gate University. He appreciates art in all forms.

William Bicknell, IT Manager / Systems Administrator – Bill is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience applying technical solutions to enable more efficient business functions and support office infrastructure for small businesses as well as at the enterprise level. He grew up in upstate New York, but has called San Francisco home for 27 years, more than half his life. He developed a passion for the creative arts as a child and while that was not his major in college he was able to take photography courses at the College of Fine Arts at Cornell. All the visual arts, especially photography, have held a special place in his heart. Bill also currently participates at board level at two non-profit addiction recovery organizations. He would like to use his IT skills to help ArtSeed be even more effective in its mission to empower people through art.

ArtSeed’s Founder and Executive Director Josefa Vaughan recently returned to the Board to serve as Secretary until a new officer is found for that position.

ADVISORY BOARD: Julie Blankenship, Charles Boone, Adam Frey, Tony Grant, Paul Griffin, Jeff Hastings, Malcolm McAfee, Dave Parker, Bob Stenson, Arwen Vaughan, Ann Wettrich, Steven Wolf, Allison Wyckoff


ArtSeed’s Youth Council is an exciting program for 6th-12th grade students looking to get involved with public programming, student government, and artistic development! The Council meets monthly to collaborate on projects associated with ArtSeed. We are currently looking for new members! If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to email us at or call us: 415.656.9849.

PAST BOARD MEMBERS – Anita Stokes, Anita Smith-Christopher, Sabine Gysens, President/Outreach & Fundraising (2015-2019), Barbra A. Richardson, Bayview Hunters Point Community Liaison (2011-2017), Matthew Boriskin, President (2008-2017) and Secretary (2014-2017),  Ben Berkeley, Legal Council, Chair (2013) / Acting President (2014-2017), Anna-Lisa Froman, Treasurer (2005-2007), Georg Gottschalk, President (2007-2009), Justin Hoover, Artist Advisor, Development and Fundraising Officer (2004-2007), James Bo Joves, Financial Planning and Marketing Officer (2006-2009), Laura Kamian, Founding Treasurer (2001-2003), Mehrzad Khajenoori, Bookkeeper (2004-2006) Treasurer (2006-2007), Marissa Kunz, Founding Artist, Secretary and Program Officer (2001-2011), Cris Larson, Treasurer (2003-2004), Bonnie Milstein, Development (2008-2010), Diane Scarritt, Community Liaison (2005-2008), Lydia Titcomb, President, (2003-2006), Todd Standish (2013-2016)