Benefactors 2016

Since 2000 ArtSeed has received valuable gifts of money, time, expertise, in-kind goods, professional services and patient inspiration from people in almost every walk of life. More recently we have also attracted the generosity of several funding agencies. We are very grateful for all these various kinds of support. Please let us know if there is someone we should add to this list or if you prefer your name or the level of your contribution to remain anonymous.

**Please note: 2016 donations are being processed and will be added as soon as they come in.**

Precious Pines ($20,000 or more):

Celestial Cedars ($10,000 to $19,999): Gavrich Family

Spectacular Sequoias ($5,000 to $9,999): Anthony Leigh & Caroline Margaret Grant

Courageous Cottonwoods ($1,000 to $4,999): Anonymous, Pete Brannigan, Charles  Boone & Josefa Vaughan, Malcolm McAfee, Julianne F. Mehegan, Betty and Jack Schafer

Sacred Cypresses ($500 to $999): Ben Berkley, Matthew Boriskin, Sabine Gysens, Karl Kunz, Cecilia Placzek Revokable Trust, Barbara Anne Richardson, Kevin Quan and Whitney Huang Quan

Magical Manzanitas ($100 to $499): Ravi Agarwal, Edna Arterberry, Carol Barnes, Agnes C. Bourne, Nathan Brennan & Kathleen McNamara, John Burke, Deanna Chevas, Susan Chiddix, Guy & Ann Flores, Louise C. Karr, Robert & Barbara DeMaria, Patti Noel Deuter, Connie Freeman, Erin Gallup, Magda Grant & Philip Smaller, Paul Griffin, Nicole A. Halbreiner, John and Gabriela Hofmeyer, Frances Johns, Karl & Margaret Kohn, June Lee, Lynnell Lohr, Donna Logan, Mainzer-Zwerin Family Charitable Fund, Wallace D. Mersereau, Cory Modlin, Elaine Myers, Dennis & Catharine Collins O’Leary, ARobin Orden,  Dominique Palmer, Rosamond Palmer, Linda Quan, Aina Roberts, Sheila Schwatz, Pilar and Maria Rubin, San Francisco Federal Credit Union, Charles & Lindsey Shere, Bette Spencer, Marsha Torkelson, Velvet Van Bueren, Kathryn Vandyke, Randolph Varney, Arwen and Heather Vaughan, George & Mary K. Vaughan, Shelton Vaughan, Lily Wong & Philip Semler

Amazing Acorns ($99 or less): Anonymous, Shelly Auyeung, Debby Bank Nerenberg, Gina Baratta, Alan Basker, Kevin Bayuk, Kristen Bergman, Beatriz Bonnet, Daniel Boone, Theresa Bowes, Beth Castroll, Elizabeth Mae Charles, Jack Clark, Judith Cohen & Malcolm Gissen, Jeanette Cool & Georges Lammam, Christine Curry, Jubilee Daniels, Kristina N. Davies, Linda & Stephen Dever, Elizabeth Ditmars, Linda Durston, Lawrence Ebert, Dale Edson, Holly Edson, Michelle Emanuel, Sedona, Madera & Greer Famous, Richard Farley, Mark Fish, Candace ForestHolly Gosselink, Sasha Grant, Claudia Grubler, Patricia Hailey, Michele Hampshire, Fatima Hassan, Linda Hope, Sanjay Hortikar, Mary, Katie & Colly Hossfeld, Trey Houston, Arthur and Kay Ikuma, Vicki Inglis, Nirmal Iyengar, Melissa Izumi, June Jackson, Bennett & Deborah Jacobstein, Gazelle Javantash, Simone Kennedy, Philip Kipper, Bonnie Kirkland, Isabel & Steven Klein, Bill Klingelhoffer, Jonas Koster, Gabriella Kula, Mary Agnes & Asok Kumar, Marissa Kunz, La Mediterranee, John and Louise Landry, Carol Law & Charles Amirkhanian, Audrey & Christine Law, Ettore Leale, Grace Lee; Ben, Anne, Vivi & CJ Long; Justine Lucas, Niall & Eve Lynch, Pascale Macleod & Steven Karp, Patrick Maley, Peter Mann, Barbara Maricle, Sharon Markowitz, Yukiko Meadows, Arlyce Menzies & Brian Smith, Kambria Metcalfe, Tal Nadan, Sharon Ng, Annelie Nilsson, Katherine M. Onstott, Michael Orland, Dr Dawn A. Osterweil, Luned Palmer, Nelly Palmer, Rosamund Palmer, Bina Patel, Frederik Penn, Ian Portek, Miles Portek, Peter Rengstorff, Joe & Letetia Rodriguez, Michael & Sheila Rokeach, Henry Rosenthal, Benjamin Russo, John P. Scheib, Alexander Scull, Laura Seth, Betsy Shafer, Saarika Sharma, Cristina Shaver, Matthew R. Shepherd, Allison  M. Sidhu, Thomas W. Smith, Katherine Stanton, Mark Sweeney, Melinda Tarbell, Erich Sylvester, Jason Thomas, Richard Tirtoprodjo, Lan Ahn Tran, Cynthia Wang, Clare Miller Watsky, Phillipa Weaver, Tanner Welsh, Fiona Westphal, Ann Wettrich, Melina Maria Whitehead, Heather Wilson, Evelyn, Ada & Amy Wimmer, Karsten Windt, Jill Winegarden, Richard Wittman & Sue Kim

Donations in Support of, or to Honor: For Sophia Bayson: Kevin Bayuk, Theresa Bowes, Beth Castroll, Jubilee Daniels, Dale Edson, Holly Edson, Michelle Emanuel, Patricia Hailey, Michele Hampshire, June Jackson, Kambria Metcalfe, Benjamin Russo, Laura Seth, Matthew Shepherd, Jason Thomas. For Matthew Boriskin: Kristen Bergman, Matthew Boriskin, Gazelle Javantash, Frances Johns, Cristina Shaver. For Priscilla Gragg: Melinda Tarbell, For Paul Griffin and Terrell Warnberg: John and Louise Landry.  For Sabine Gysens: Ravi Agarwal, Alan Basker, Louise C. Karr, Christine Curry, Lawrence Ebert, Mark Fish, Candace Forest, Erin Gallup, Sanjay Hortikar, Vicki Inglis, Nirmal Iyengar, Philip Kipper, Sharon Markowitz, Annelie Nilsson, Katherine Onstott, Dr Dawn A. Osterweil, Bina Patel, Saarika Sharma, Richard Tirtoprodjo, Lan Ahn Tran, Cynthia Wang, Fiona Westphal, Heather Wilson, Karsten Windt, Jill Winegarden. For Junaid Iqbal: Matthew Boriskin, Frances Johns. For Ramsha Iqbal: Matthew Boriskin, Frances Johns. For Jade Kikuchi: June Lee. For Christine Law: Christine Law. For Malcolm McAfee: Josefa Vaughan. For Florence Orden: ARobin Orden. For Luned Palmer: Matthew Boriskin, Holly Gosselink, Sasha Grant, Nicole A. Halbreiner, Simone Kennedy, Gabriella Kula, Marissa Kunz, Justine Lucas, Dominique Palmer, Nelly Palmer, Rosamond Palmer, Ian Portek, Miles Portek,  Allison Sidhu, Thomas Smith, Tanner Welsh, Rachael Wyant, For Presentation High School’s Graphic Design l Class: Grace Lee, For John Scheib: Marissa Kunz, Aina Roberts, John Scheib. For Amy Sonstein: Frances Johns. For Josefa Vaughan: Matthew Boriskin, Claudia Grubler, Fran & Bud Johns, Heather Vaughan. For Lindsay Zackeroff: Matthew Boriskin, Frances Johns, Josefa Vaughan, Phillipa Weaver. For Etan Zapinsky: Matthew Boriskin, Frances Johns, For Romy Zwerin: Mainzer-Zwerin Family Charitable Fund

Pro Bono/In-kind Donors: A Child’s Delight, Artist & Craftsman Supply, Baptiste Yoga SF, Caroline Liddell and 2014 Summer Intensive Students, David’s Tea, Hand Touch Nail Care, Inn at the Presidio, Matt Boris, Pacific Catch, Pier 39 Family Fun Pack, Presidio Bowling Center, Paper Source, Ruby’s Ceramics, Terra Mia Studio, Judy Vaughan, Clinton & Cecilia Woods, Walnut Cleaners

Core Volunteers: Tim Abeyta, Gabriela & John Hofmeyer, Charles “Trey” Houston, Sarah Jean,  Karen Kelly, June Lee, Malcolm McAfee, Luned Palmer, Craig Perry, John Scheib, Betsy Shafer, Josefa Vaughan, Jan Van Buyten, Xander Weaver Scull

Board of Directors: Edna Arterberry, Ben Berkley, Matt Boris, Sabine Gysens, Kevin Quan, Barbra Richardson,

Youth Council: Louisse B., Kimberly Hernandez, Dina Kharag, Jade K.,Ramsha I., Junaid I., Jade K., Miles M., Paola P.,  Tamia G.

Advisory Board: Julie Blankenship, Charles Boone, Adam Frey, Tony Grant, Paul Griffin, Jeff Hastings, Malcolm McAfee, Dave Parker, Bob Stenson, Arwen Vaughan, Ann Wettrich, Steven Wolf, Allison Wyckoff

Apprentices & Interns: Timothy Abeyta, Quinta Addis, Rachall Lee, Margaret Ma, Celia S.

Volunteers: Rosa Artetz, Oscar Arteta, Shelly Auyeung, Kathy and Alicia Balistreri, Sophia Bayson, Daphne Blumenthal, Andrea Chagoya, Angela Chagoya, Miguel Chagoya, Jack Clark, Raymond Coats, Linda Deven, Steve Deven, Greer Famous, Madera Famous, Sedona Famous, Rebecca Feng, Connie Freeman, Tamia Gilton, Aiden Gower, Ed Gower, Isla Gower, Claudia Grubler, Kier Holmes, Mary Hossfield, Katie Hossfield, Colly Hossfield, Annika Houston, Chizu Houston, Melissa Izumi, Jade Kikuchi, Jonas Koster, Ellie Koster, Marissa Kunz, Audrey Law, Christine Law, Ben Long, Vivi Long, CJ Long, Anne Long, Patrick Maley, Matt Jaffe, Peter Mann, Maleda McAfee, Milo Meadows, Bob Odell, Teddy Priel, Shoshana Priel, Toby Priel, Cherrie Russell, Esther Tapia, Maximilien Volckaert, Ada Wimmer, Amy Wimmer, Evelyn Wimmer

Core Staff: Josefa Vaughan, Executive Director; Lindsay Zackeroff, Program Manager; Phillipa Weaver, Office Manager; Charles “Trey” Houston, Video and Photography; Devin Kyle Marshall & Jennie Brick, Bookkeeper & Accountant

Teaching Artists & Guest Presenters: Nelly Anstruther, Jan Van Buyten, Kathryn Kain, Malcolm McAfee, Susan Peterson, Xander Weaver Skull

Partnerships:  Presidio and Tule Elk Park Early Education Schools, San Francisco Public Montessori School, The Montessori Academy, Saint Brigid School, Tides Inc., Presidio Trust, The Point Studios at Hunters Point Shipyard