This year’s Summer Intensive has a virtual twist.
Join us ONLINE, wherever you are in the world, or in person!
Information and Application Forms

Countdown to Summer Intensive!

Want to be a presenter? What is it you love to do? It’s easy:
1. Make a document following these guidelines
2. Send the document to both josefa@artseed.org & aber@artseed.org
3. Submit by July 1, 2020, for a $100 reward or by July 6, 2020, for a chance to get a prize

The goal is to gather at least 20 Artist Presenter Promotional Packets by the year’s end for broad educational distribution and commemoration of ArtSeed’s 20th anniversary!

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Culminating Display of Art in both Actual and Virtual Galleries
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Summer Intensive Teacher
A sneak preview of an artist and the lesson they have to offer!

Dorothy Yuki “Creativity has always been a part of my life, sometimes by necessity and sometimes by desire. I have always enjoyed the process of solving the making of something from an idea. I love to learn and share what I know. My Grandson introduced me to this wonderful organization. Miles was taking a summer intensive class and asked if I could teach. The experience with Josefa and the group was wonderful. This is my fourth time teaching and love sharing and passing on what I can to the group. Hooray for ArtSeed!”
Dorothy’s Full Bio and Lesson Information