Contact and Directions

Josefa Vaughan, Founder & Executive Director
Cell: 415-656-9849

Jennifer Spencer, Office Manager

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 29277, San Francisco, CA 94129-0277
Office: 415-409-1761

Office, Exhibition, and Art-a-thon Location:

Directions to ArtSeed at Tides Converge

1012 Torney Ave or 1007 General Kennedy Ave, San Francisco, CA 94129

The Seed Gallery and China Brotsky Gallery are located in the San Francisco Presidio close to
Lincoln Boulevard. Tides Converge, a community of organizations is a two-story sprawling,
historic, white structure with a red-tiled roof. The front door Tides address is 1012 Torney but
parking is limited on that side. We recommend that you use the 1007 General Kennedy ArtSeed door address at the rear of the building. There you will find ample parking and accessible entrances. During normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8 am-2:30 pm, doors are open to Tides front desk and the adjacent Café RX that connects with both Seed and China Brotsky Galleries inside the building.

Public Transportation
The Muni bus line 45 comes to the Presidio’s Lombard Street gate from Market and Fourth Streets downtown. The 49 Muni stops at Richardson and Francisco Streets a 5-minute walk to Tides. The 30 comes to Buchanan & Chestnut Streets, almost as close (just a couple of blocks away from the same gate). The 43 line comes from the southern part of San Francisco to California Street and Presidio Avenue, a 21-minute walk to Tides Converge. From the North Bay, several Golden Gate Transit buses also stop near the Lombard Gate.

Driving Directions
Enter the Presidio via the Lombard Street entrance or Presidio Boulevard, both of which feed directly into Lincoln Boulevard. For parking and wheelchair access, take an immediate right turn off Lincoln onto Girard, then make another right on Edie. Turn right into the parking lot behind our building. Additional parking can be found two blocks further along Lincoln Boulevard in the Main Post paved Parade Grounds to your left across from the Post Office and Fire Station. From the Peninsula/South Bay: Take US 101 north, watch for Golden Gate Bridge exit then take US 101 North, a.k.a. Van Ness Avenue. (then see From North Bay, US 101, below) From the East Bay: Take 80 West (Bay Bridge), watch for Golden Gate Bridge exit then take US 101 North, aka Van Ness Avenue. (Then see From US 101 North below). From downtown San Francisco: Take any westbound street to Van Ness Avenue, turn right heading North and turn left on Lombard Street. Move into and stay in the far-left lane, and, after crossing Broderick Street (which is right after Divisadero), follow the left-turn arrow, which means you’ll remain on the continuation of Lombard Street instead of veering right onto Richardson Boulevard toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Two blocks up, after a four-way stop, you’ll enter the Presidio at the Lombard gate. Once you’ve entered the Presidio, proceed to a 3-way stop, and turn right. At the next stop sign, you’ll see Tides Converge ahead and to your right – the white complex with twin balconies in front. Don’t turn yet – proceed forward until you reach Girard Road, turn right and go to the next road, Edie. Turn right again and park in the large lot (the gravel spaces immediately to your right are free parking while the paved lot requires you to pay). After parking, you’ll see our sign in the window. Take the stairs or wheelchair ramp upstairs and call Josefa at 415-656-9849 for entrance. From the North Bay: Take US 101 South across the Golden Gate Bridge and take the Downtown/Lombard Street exit. Stay in the far right lane. Immediately before the first stoplight, turn right onto Lyon Street. Proceed forward, past the first stop sign, to the four-way stop at Lombard Street. Turn right, enter the Presidio at the Lombard gate, and then follow the directions above.

A map of the Presidio of San Francisco can be seen here.

Hunters Point Shipyard:
In the Spring and Fall, ArtSeed’s Executive Director, Josefa Vaughan, opens her studio doors to the public, showcasing works in progress and finished pieces by ArtSeed collaborators of all ages. Exhibition dates for Spring are available at

  • Building 101 The Point Gallery at Hunters Point Shipyard Artists Studios is just a few hundred yards inside the security guard gate on Innes Blvd. After stopping to check in with the guards, follow the road as it curves to the right to the largest parking lot near the largest structure in the area, Building 101. The Gallery will be upstairs near the right-hand end of a very long hall. Follow door numbers to the open area outside Studio 2513 which lead to the Gallery.
    Click For maps and more information.
  • Public Transportation
    1. MUNI Line #19 Polk Street – (Galvez Ave and Horne Ave).
    2. MUNI Line T3 Transfer at Post Office to #19.
    3. MUNI Line #44 Transfer at Post Office to #19.
    4. MUNI Line #22 Transfer at 3rd and 22nd St. to T3 then #19 at Post Office.