Benefactors 2024

Since 2000 ArtSeed has received valuable gifts of money, time, expertise, in-kind goods, professional services and patient inspiration from people in almost every walk of life. More recently we have also attracted the generosity of several funding agencies. We are very grateful for all these various kinds of support. Please let us know if there is someone we should add to this list or if you prefer your name or the level of your contribution to remain anonymous.

**Please note: 2024 donations are being processed and will be added as soon as they come in.**

Precious Pines ($20,000 or more):

Celestial Cedars ($10,000 to $19,999): David Gavrich

Spectacular Sequoias ($5,000 to $9,999): Tina Cervin

Courageous Cottonwoods ($1,000 to $4,999): William Klingelhoffer and Jill Brindel, Kevin Quan & Whitney Huang Quan, Josefa Vaughan & Charles N. Boone

Sacred Cypresses ($500 to $999): Tony & Caroline Grant, Hamilton Zanze Real Estate Investments, William Klingelhoffer and Jill Brindel, Luned Palmer, Rosamund Palmer

Magical Manzanitas ($100 to $499): Frank Baumgarte, Sherwood Bishop, Charles Boone, Magda Grant, Nicole Halbreiner, Rosalima & Roger Ireland, Christine Jegan, Philip & Sally Kipper, Justine Lucas, Josefa Vaughan, The Vaughan Family Charitable Fund, Julie & Michael Whitcomb

Amazing Acorns ($99 or less): Edna Arterberry, Rob D., Narda Gillespie, Holly Gosselink, Chetan Keshav, Gabriella Kula, Paola Lari, Kai Roath, Jennifer Spencer

Donations in Support of, or to Honor: For Sabine Gysens: Frank Baumgarte, Philip & Sally Kipper, Julie & Michael Whitcomb; For Aber Van Bueren: Magda Grant; For Jackson: Josefa Vaughan “In memory of Rebecca Moore”; For Luned Palmer: Rob D., Holly Gosselink, Nicole Halbreiner “In honor of The Fabulous Luned Palmer”, Gabriella Kula, Justine Lucas, Rosamund Palmer “In honor of Franki + Nico”; For Josefa Vaughan: Sherwood Bishop “Hello Fefa!”, Charles Boone, Rosalima & Roger Ireland, Luned Palmer, The Vaughan Family Charitable Fund

Pro Bono/In-kind Donors: 

Core Volunteers: Patricia Aveni, Thomas Peter Graves, Adisa Sefic, Shaye Starkey

Youth Council: Willow L., Moselle M., Sasha M., Shoshana P., Josh S., William S.

Board of Directors: Edna Arterberry, William “Bill” Bicknell, Kevin Quan, Josefa Vaughan

Advisory Board: Charles Boone, Matthew Boriskin, Annette Brinton, Tony Grant, Sabine Gysens, Jeff Hastings, Marissa Kunz & Peter Mann, Bryant Lui, Arwen Vaughan, Ann Wettrich

Apprentices & Interns: Kaila A., Patricia Aveni, Karina K., Moselle M., Sasha M.

Core Veteran Participants: Daniel Evenhouse, Thomas Peter Graves, Thor Hansen, Brent Rowden, David Stokes, Janet Walker

Core Staff: Josefa Vaughan, Founder, Executive and Artistic Director, Lead Artist, Summer Intensive;

Teaching Artists & Guest Presenters

Partnerships: Tides Inc./Tides Converge, The Point Studios at Hunters Point Shipyard, California Lawyers for the Arts, Budding Artist Foundation, BATS Improv, Waypoint Wealth Partners, San Francisco Department of Veteran Affairs, LifeSpheres (formerly Ardicare Foundation), Think Round, Inc.