Benefactors 2020

Since 2000 ArtSeed has received valuable gifts of money, time, expertise, in-kind goods, professional services and patient inspiration from people in almost every walk of life. More recently we have also attracted the generosity of several funding agencies. We are very grateful for all these various kinds of support. Please let us know if there is someone we should add to this list or if you prefer your name or the level of your contribution to remain anonymous.

**Please note: 2020 donations are being processed and will be added as soon as they come in.**

Precious Pines ($20,000 or more):

Celestial Cedars ($10,000 to $19,999): California Arts Council

Spectacular Sequoias ($5,000 to $9,999): Tina Cervin, David Gavrich & Chris Hiller, Sam Mazza Foundation

Courageous Cottonwoods ($1,000 to $4,999): Anonymous, Tony & Caroline Grant, Kevin Quan & Whitney Huang, Josefa Vaughan & Charles Boone, Visa

Sacred Cypresses ($500 to $999): Barbara & Bob DeMaria, Gap Inc., Matt Heckert, William Klingelhoffer & Jill Brindel, Diogo Martini, Connie Shanahan, Laetitia Sonami, Ashley Springer

Magical Manzanitas ($100 to $499): Ravi Agarwal, Edna Arterberry, Clara Basile, Sherwood Bishop, Matthew Boriskin & Greg Paxton, China Brotsky & Daniel Roth, John Burke, Chris Chisnall, Susan Commins, Linda & Stephen Dever, Jon Diamond, Dolby, Michelle Echenique, Cherie Evans, Molly Finn, Ann Flores, Evan Francisco, Michael Gill, Raj-Ann Gill, Paul Griffin, Jeff Grubler, Nicole Halbreiner, Fatima Hassan, Rose & Gabe Ireland, Fran Johns, Philip & Sally Kipper, Karl Kohn, Mary A. Kumar, James Lemon, Donna Logan, Leslie Anne Lopez, Samuel Losh, Gaurav Marwaha, Martin Mordaunt, ARobin Orden, Rosamund Palmer, Luned Palmer, Samantha Razook, William & Jennifer Schwartz, Anita Smith Christopher, Bette Spencer, Jennifer Spencer, Richard Stanton, Anita Stokes, Margaret “Margi” Sullivan, Two Sigma, Tish Valva, Aberswyth Van Bueren, Thad Van Bueren, Velvet Van Bueren, John & Marcy Vaughan

Amazing Acorns ($99 or less): Marilyn Bancel, Kate Bechtold, Heather Bou, Mick Calhoun, Dorothy Cook, Candace Forest, Alexandra Fraser, Holly Gosselink, Claudia Grubler & Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Sabine Gysens, Else Holt, Jocelyn Juan, Simone Kennedy, Brice Kennedy, Chetan Keshav, Eira Kien, Gabriella Kula, Marissa Kunz, Selina Lee, Daniel Leu, Justine Lucas, May Luke, Patrick Maley, Kenneth Hoot Mann & Linda S Mann, Sharon Markowitz, Malcolm McAfee, Shawn Mercy, Judith Modrak, Eva Monroe, Elaine & Maxwell A. Myers, Bina Patel, Sarah Pater, Megumi Poli, Margaret Reis, Daniel Sadler, Bekki Sadler, Paul Saiki, Berit Sandvig, Andrew Schwartz, Sandhya Sharma, Lokesh Sharma, Cynthia Stevens, Ute Stohner, Supriya Sundarrajan, Neville Taraporevala, Lan Anh Tran, Jennifer Wade, Ann Wettrich, Keiko Wilson, Heather Wilson, Jill Winegardner, Emily Yang, Jesus Zamarron, Felicia Zurich

Donations in Support of, or to Honor: For ArtSeed: Samuel Losh, Margaret Reis (In memory of Mike Schlatter), Berit Sandvig, Keiko Wilson, John Vaughan, Josefa Vaughan – In honor of Berit Sandvig and her great work with ArtSeed! Josefa Vaughan (In memory of Ann Basart), Josefa Vaughan in honor of all ArtSeed Volunteers, Emeritus Board, and Alum; For Louisse, Olivia, Alyn & Gino Bella: Josefa Vaughan; For William “Bill” Bicknell: Kevin Quan, Josefa Vaughan; For Mirabai Giuffre: Josefa Vaughan; For Claudia Grubler & Betzy Moreno Gonzalez: Jeff Grubler; For Sabine Gysens: Ravi Agarwal, Clara Basile, Susan Commins, Cherie Evans, Alexandra Fraser, Gap Inc., Raj-Ann Gill, Fatima Hassan, Jocelyn Juan, Philip and Sally Kipper, Daniel Leu, May Luke, Sharon Markowitz, Diogo Martini, Eva Monroe, Martin Mordaunt, Bina Patel, Kevin Quan, Paul Saiki, Andrew Schwartz, Connie Shanahan, Ute Stohner, Supriya Sundarrajan, Lan Anh Tran, Josefa Vaughan, Jennifer Wade, Heather Wilson, Jill Winegardner, Emily Yang; For John Hammond: Shawn Mercy; For Dina Kharag: Megumi Poli; For Selina Lee: Heather Bou, Mick Calhoun, Evan Francisco, Else Holt, Josefa Vaughan; For Luned Palmer: Holly Gosselink, Nicole Halbreiner, Simone Kennedy, Gabriella Kula, Justine Lucas, Rosamund Palmer, Sarah Pater, Samantha Razook; For Jax Puliatti: The Gill Family; For Saloni Sharma: Lokesh Sharma, Sandhya Sharma; For Jennifer Spencer: Chris Chisnall, Daniel Sadler, Bekki Sadler, Bette Spencer, Josefa Vaughan; For Feroze Taraporevala: Neville Taraporevala; For Aberswyth Van Bueren: Kate Bechtold, Brice Kennedy, Marissa Kunz, Patrick Maley, Megumi Poli, Thad Van Bueren, Velvet Van Bueren; For Josefa Vaughan: Sherwood Bishop, Matthew Boriskin, Kevin Quan, Jennifer Spencer; For Jon Wessel: Molly Finn; In memory of Liz Young: Matt Heckert; For Jesus Zamarron: ArtSeed Auction

Pro Bono/In-kind Donors: Golden State Art, Susan Rumsey, Bette Spencer, The Vaughn Family

Core Volunteers: Patricia Aveni, Aberswyth Van Bueren, Bailey Drenik, Noah Gavrich, Claudia Grubler, Dina Kharag, Samantha Kuang, Selina Lee, Peter Li, Jaqueline “Jax” Puliatti, Saloni Sharma, Judy Zhu

Youth Council: 

Board of Directors: Edna Arterberry, William “Bill” Bicknell, Kevin Quan, Anita Smith-Christopher, Josefa Vaughan

Advisory Board:

Apprentices & Interns: 


Core Staff: Josefa Vaughan, Founder, Executive and Artistic Director, Lead Artist, Summer Intensive; Gino Paolo Bella, Outreach and Logistics Manager/Executive Assistant (2017 to 3/2/2020); Jennifer Spencer, Office Assistant (3/2/17 to present); Trey Houston, Audio/Visual Program Consultant, Santhi Perumal, Bookkeeper (3/21/2020 to present); Pat Foley, Accountant (10/15/18 to 11/15/21)

Teaching Artists & Guest Presenters: Charles Boone, Bailey Drenik, Heidi Hardin, Trey Houston, Evrim Kavcar, Cigdem Kaya, Madalina Kelner, Chetan Kershav, Dina Kharag, Samantha Kuang, Marissa Kunz, Leslie Lopez, Peter Li, Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Saloni Sharma, Bette Spencer, Darshini Stark, Clark Tate, Aberswyth Van Bueren, Josefa Vaughan, Xander Weaver-Scull, Dorothy Yuki, Jesus Zamarron

Partnerships: Tides Inc., Presidio Trust, Artist and Craftsman Supply, The Point, The Cervin & Gavrich Family, Tony & Caroline Grant, Park Presidio United Methodist Church, Peaceful World Foundation, Sam Mazza Foundation, Think Round Fine Arts, Heidi Hardin, Veterans Administration, California Arts Council, Saint Brigid School, San Francisco Montessori Academy, Booker T. Washington Community Center