Miscellaneous Acknowledgements

ArtSeed Helpers and Unofficial Advisors in the First Years

Deborah Carroll, Rodney and Solita Chin, Marina Drummer, Ann and Guy Flores Andrew and John Hedges, Clyde Grimes, Jennie Ho, Judy Hubbell, Trisha Lagaso, McClintock Kelly Ording, Tim Rollins + K.O.S., Diana Stockton, and Elaine Williamson

ArtSeed Volunteers

Anderson, Carola B., costume design, art installation
Antonioli, Sylvianne, office management
Aparicio, Yanina, data entry
Arterberry, Edna, transportation
Avila, Rocio, data entry
Bain, Claire, muralist, film-maker, project coordinator
Bunn, Catherine, graphic designer
Cannara, Rebecca, and Noah Bardoch, outreach coordinator, art delivery and
computer programmer
Casey, Beau, sound design, classroom teacher
Carri Inverno & James Goudy, classroom assistant and computer consultant
Chang, Sung-Ah, classroom assisting artist
Dovbish, Michael, business management and volunteer coordinating
Frances, Claire, web administration
Fox, Lisa, graphic design
Garland, David, summer camp intern
Garrett, Rodney, summer camp intern
Gastelumendi, Roberto, carpentry, hauling, classroom presentations
Green, Cieara, summer camp intern
Grinberg, Beth, special events coordinator
Grubler, Claudia, translator and artwork assistant
Gonzalez David, summer camp intern
Hernandez, Maria, graphic design and editing
Hoover, Justin, art installation, hauling, open studio coordinator
Humphreys, Carolina, graphic design
Jegan, Christine, photography, journalist
Kamian, Laura, Founding Artist and first ArtSeed Treasurer
Khajenoori, Mehrzad, accountant
Kirkland, Bonnie, musician, classroom and installation assistant
Kossowsky, Lori, transportation and exhibitions assistant
Leung, Catheline, office assistant
Lincoln, Karl, summer camp intern
Mejia, Stephanie, summer camp intern
Mercado, Monica, summer camp intern
Miedzinski, Ava, transportation, grant writing
Miletic, Dragon and Synne Bull, computer maintenance
Miller, Devan, classroom teacher, art installations
Mitchell, Richard, mailing lists and computer advice
Miyake, Rie, assistant teaching artist
Moore, Felicia, summer camp intern
Mukai, Joy, data entry
Murphy, Clay, graphic design
Murray, Nathan, classroom assistant
O’Haire, Wes, art installation
Amy Rathbone, classroom assistance
Rice, Christine, office assistant
Roberts, Rhonel, classroom teacher, transportation
Russell, Will, classroom assistant
Scott, William, artist presentations
Shafer, Shane, hauling, art installations
Sorkhabi, Baktaash, summer camp intern
Spensley, DC, classroom teaching artist assistant, web administration, art direction
Thormann, Gabrielle, classroom assistant
Wallerstein, Emma, office assistant, data entry
White, Tamera, public relations
Wild, Priscilla, art installation
Wolfson, Tamara, holistic health specialist, catering
Yeoman, Claire, data entry and assistant teaching artist

Intensive Apprentices Summer 2004

Brandy Windom, Summer Intensive scholarship 2004
Cary Gordon, Summer Intensive scholarship 2004
Jose Manuel and Jonathon Beltran, Summer Intensive scholarship 2004
Charlesshon Goodman, Summer Intensive scholarship 2004
Shekia Rogers, Summer Intensive scholarship 2004
Maleke & Monyea Mathews, Summer Intensive scholarship 2004
Lashiana Proctor, Summer Intensive scholarship 2004
Molly Froman, Summer Intensive scholarship 2004

Private Students and Apprentices

Andrew Hedges, scholarship 1994-96
Dana Flores, partial scholarship 1998-2001
Steven Chin, partial scholarship 1998-2001
Jessica Copy, 2000
Marcela Cole, 2000
Brandon Jones, scholarship 2000-2001
Thuong Tran, scholarship 2000-2001
Daniel Armstrong, scholarship 2000-2001
Selina Weiss, 2002
Isabella Albert, 2002
Malcolme Kim, 2002
Dana Olney-Bell (Kathryn Olney, mother of Dana) 2003
Lori Kossowsky (Adult) 2003
Leland Wolfson, scholarship 2003
Ganesha Balunsat, 2004
Xiani Wang, 2004
Deja Brown, scholarship 2003-2004

Collaborating Organizations

ArtSeed has worked with the De Young Museum Artist Studio, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Oakland Museum of California, Asian Art Museum, the Hills Project, the San Francisco Arts Education Project, Southern Exposure, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The LAB, ZEUM, Benjamin Franklin Middle School, The Western Addition Beacon Center, Chinese American International School, Synergy School, Pacific Community Charter School, Studio One in Oakland, The Graphic Arts Workshop, the San Francisco Art Institute, Burnett Child Development Center, The Richmond YMCA, The Bayview Opera House and Mission Neighborhood Centers. By collaborating with artists and employing them to share what they do with others, these organizations have helped to sow major ArtSeeds. To other organizations and individuals who have inspired us by enriching lives with their arts outreach programs, thank you.

Conclusion of General Acknowledgments

Scholarship Pilot Apprentices, Manuel Berry, Deja Brown Kali Mobley, and William Scott have helped to lay a firm foundation to this adventuresome mentoring initiative. Mary Midgett and the other teachers, students, parents and staff at Burnett CDC have taken profound leaps in our classrooms. Gabriela Falcao Vieira and Peter Carson refurbished our Bylaws. Lisa Hoffman and Lynn Lampky helped with grant writing and development. Board members and advisors like Mehrzad Khajenoori, Marissa Kunz, Anna-Lisa Froman, Justin Hoover, Lydia Titcomb and Diane Scarritt have given their guidance, countless hours and substantial funds. They and volunteers like Mike Dovbish, Claire Frances, Beth Grinberg, Emily Hughes, Mehrzad Khajenoori, Devan Miller, Richard Mitchell and Gabrielle Thormann have made our mission, (to build long-term mentorships between artists and under-privileged youth through innovative arts projects) feel inspired. For their efforts, and everyone else’s who made gifts of time, money, supplies and encouragement, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you for your dollars, deeds and dreams!