Chetan Keshav, Teaching Artist

BIO: Chetan Keshav: Chetan is a 27-year-old UX Designer from San Diego, CA. He’s designing and developing an instrument monitoring tool at Illumina. He started his career as a web developer at Sapient Nitro in Bangalore, India where he developed websites for some of the largest vehicle manufacturers. However, his interest in design led him to pursue a Masters’ in Human Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan in 2017. He’s since then worked on several community projects to help organizations understand their patrons. Apart from understanding users’ and designing products, Chetan is also interested in developing websites for them using cutting edge technologies. When he’s not designing or developing, Chetan likes to explore the wilderness and go on long runs.

Check out one of his project videos (10min): 

ArtSeed Statement: “I met Josefa in 2019 as a part of my Spring break project. Over the course of a week, I understood ArtSeed’s impact on the community and got to work with the amazing people who make it happen. As a kid, I was very much interested in art, but I couldn’t often find like-minded people. I feel that child me, would’ve appreciated a platform like ArtSeed a lot. I support ArtSeed’s mission and want to be involved with the community”

Lesson Plan

Now, watch a video introduction to Chetan’s Generative Art Lesson: