Benefactors 2000-2004

ArtSeed Benefactors 2000-2004
(Granting Agencies and Individual Funders)

Spectacular Sequoias
($5,000 or more)

Cultural Equity Grants, San Francisco Arts Commission (2003)
LEF Foundation (2000)
San Francisco Education Fund LPD Grant, Burnett Child Development Center (2004)
Sherman Elementary School PTA (2008) (2007) (2006)

Courageous Cottonwoods
($1,000 to $4,999)

Froman, Anna-Lisa and Steven (2004)
Levi-Strauss Foundation Employee Matching Gift (2004)
McKleroy’s, Alison, “Young Art Lives!” Art Auction (2004)
Robert and Betty Klausner Philanthropic Fund, United Way (2003)
Shipyard Trust for the Arts (2004) (2003)
Titcomb, Lydia and Martin (2003)

Sacred Cypresses
($500 to $999)

Boone, Bob (2004)
Greene, Marion (2003)
Hall, Coquelicot (2004)
King, Sherri (2004)
Larson, Cris (2004)
Schlobohm, Jim (2004)
Subito Grant Program, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the American Composers Forum (2003)
Vaughan, George & Mary (2004)
Vaughan, Josefa and Charles Boone (2004) (2003) (2002)

Magical Manzanitas
($100 to $499 by year)

Anonymous (2004) (2003)
Allen, Sally R. (2004)
Bancel, Marilyn and Rik Myslewski (2004)
Beekman, Isabelle (2004)
Boone, Bob (2003)
Boriskin, Matthew J. and Greg Paxton (2004)
Brajkovich, Joe & Julia (2004)
Brennan, Nathan (2004)
Campbell, Jim & Tessa Wilcox (2003)
Challis, Dalia & Graham (2004)
Clark, Elizabeth & Steve Camahort (2003)
Cooke, Carolyn & Randall Babtkis (2003)
Edwards, Mary Sue (2003)
Feliciano, Richard & Rita (2003)
Galante, Jane (2003)
Grechi, Andres & Veronica E. Bachman-Grechi (2004)
Grinberg, Beth (2004)
Hoover, Justin (2004)
Ireland, Rose (2004) (2003)
Johnson, Otis C. (2004)
Kamian, Laura (2003) (2002)
Klausner, Betty and Bob (2003)
Klinglehoffer, William (2004) (2003)
Kunz, Marissa (2004) (2003) (2002)
Larson, Cris (2003)
Leary, Brian & Raquel (2004)
Maggi, Sergio and Rebecca (2004)
Miedzinski, Ava and Isaac (2004)
Morgan, U.B. and Will Shank (2004)
Neutra, Brendan (2004)
Newman, Jeanne (2003)
Newman, Jim and Jane Ivory (2003)
Pezzola, Stephen P. & Twila L. Foster (2004)
Scarritt, Diane (2003)
Saunders, Darlene (2004)
Sherwin, Merrill Randol & Stephen (2003)
Shere, Charles and Lindsey (2003)
Sonami, Laetitia (2003)
Steinberg, Leo (2004) (2003)
Vaughan, George & Mary (2003)
Vaughan, John & Marcy (2004) (2003)

Amazing Acorns
(under $99)

Arterberry, Edna (2004)
Bain, Claire (2002)
Barry, Susanne (2004)
Baumgarten, Jeanne and Howard (2003)
Billings, Jim (2003)
Bourne, Agnes (2003)
Brun Laura (2003)
Cagle, M. Regina (2004)
Casey, Beau (2004)
Charlip Remy (2004)
Deuter, Patty (2004) (2003)
Dever, Linda and Steve (2004)
Gnazzo, Tony (2003)
Goodman, Myles (2003)
Hall, Leah and Steven (2004)
Haseltine, Rebecca (2004)
Horrocks, Jim and Beryl Striewski (2003)
Hyland, Pam (2004)
Jackman, Dana (2004)
Jegan, Christine (2002)
Johns, Fran & Bud (2003)
Kamian, Kathleen (2003)
Kirkland, Bonnie (2003)
Kobayashi, H. John (2004)
Kumar, Mary Agnes and Asok (2004) (2003) (2002)
Law, Carol and Charles Amirkhanian (2003)
Le Roux, Jane and Jean-Louis (2004)
Logan, Donna (2004)
Lopez, Leslie (2004)
Losh, Sam (2003)
Martin, Denise (2004)
McKeown, Kira and Joe (2004)
McLaughlin, Winifred (2003)
Miller, Devan (2004)
Morgan, Kira (2004)
O’Leary, Dennis and Caty (2004)
Rothfusz, Rebecca & David Macy (2004)
Rubin, Pilar & Walter (2004) (2003)
Saxe, George B. & Dorothy (2003)
Shafer, Betsy (2004) (2003)
Thormann, Gabrielle (2004)
Vawter, Julie Katylnn (2004)
Vignes, Michelle (2003)
Zamarra, Randy (2004)
Zimmerman, Michele (2005)

ArtSeed Pro Bono/In-kind Donors 2000-2004

Aim High provided snacks for the Summer Camp at Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Ann and Guy Flores donated a studio refrigerator
Anna-Lisa Froman gave us T-shirts
Arwen and Heather Vaughan designed our website
Bayview Hunters Point Shipyard Studios contributes space for private lessons and shows
Bud and Fran Johns donated art supplies
Charlie Marx at Kinkos printed postcards
Cheap Pete’s Frame Factory Outlet
Christine Jegan,documentary photographer, gave us photos
David Marchant, CEO of PocketMail gave us two 2 PM-32 units
Edna Arterberry brought food to William Scott’s City Hall reception (2005)
Elisabeth Beaird, Administrative Director The LAB assisted in grant preparation
Emily Huges, photographic documentation
Gabriela Falcao Vieira & Peter Carson of Bingham McCutchen, LLP revised our Bylaws
Grace Saadeh & Hilda Field at Bona Vita Café, catered receptions
Graphic Arts Workshop, hosting ArtSeed Intensive Workshops and other use of the facility
Harlow Newton, SF Station web publicity
Jeff Olson and Marlo Swann with Utrecht Manufacturing Corporation (art supplies)
Jeffrey Chow & Victoria Tseng of Jeffrey Chang Associates incorporated ArtSeed as a 501(c)(3)
John at Franciscan Hobbies donated balsa wood
John Varn of ChromeWorks develops slides
John Weber, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, complimentary tickets
Julie Blankenship at Visual Aids contributed art supplies
Kacie King at King’s Kustom Kreations printed T-shirts
Linda Dever donated arts and craft supplies
Lisa Hoffman – Non-Profits Consulting, supervised Lynn Lampkey in pro bono grantwriting and obtained Scholarship for us to go to the Moscone Center Fundraising Day
Lori Kossowsky, toys and prizes for kids
Lydia Titcomb donated art supplies and computer with printer
Mattias Karlsson and Soho Galleries provided frames
Michelle Vignes, documentary photographer, gave us photos
Mitsuru Akashi of Moshi Moshi Restaurant hosted gatherings
Pearl Arts and Crafts gave us brushes
Romina Tiperia at Dante’s Café provided refreshments
San Francisco Art Institute Swell Gallery donated class and exhibition space
Simpson Paper Co. (paper)
The Graphic Arts Workshop has given us paper and the use of their facilities