Benefactors 2005

ArtSeed Benefactors 2005
(Granting Agencies and Individual Funders)

Spectacular Sequoias
($5,000 or more)

San Francisco Education Fund LPD Grant, Burnett Child Development Center
Young Artists at Work Program, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Courageous Cottonwoods
($1,000 to $4,999)

Allen, Sally
California Arts Council, Artists in Schools Program (2005-2006)
Cohen, Deborah Himy and Moise, Lux for Life Corp.
Coleman, Cynthia and Alan
Cuneo, Aiko
Froman, Anna-Lisa and Steven
The Rothwell Group, L.P.
Terzian Family and The Point at Hunters Point Shipyard
Titcomb, Lydia and Martin

Sacred Cypresses
($500 to $999)

Chelemedos, Bob
Green, Mr. and Mrs. William G.
Johns, Bud and Fran
LucasFilm Foundation
Rosenberg Family Foundation, Louis and Claude
Sam, Joe
Tokstad, Eric
Vaughan, Josefa and Charles Boone
Worden, Daniel J.

Magical Manzanitas
($100 to $499)

Anglim, Paule
Arnold, Viven
Ashe, Kristine
Barnes, James & Lela
Barnes, Carol U.
Beekman, Isabelle
Bigelow, Christopher & Livia Blankman
Boone, Bob
Boone, Charles
Boriskin, Jerry & Wendy
Boriskin, Matthew J. and Greg Paxton
Brady, Kevin & Jennifer
Breall, Susan
Brewer, Dixie
Burgamy, R. Marshall
Camahort, M. Elizabeth and Esteban L.
Carroll, Deborah
Chu and Waters LLP
Cohen, Moise and Deborah Himy-Cohen
Collins, Catherine & Francis
Conkey, Austin
Dwyer, Peter, and Beth Miles
Ehrlich, Delia
Eisenberg, Noah
Eisenhardt, Betsy & Roy
Feliciano, Richard & Rita
Fisher, Robert J. & Elizabeth S.
Flores, Ann, Guy, and Dana
Foster, Rio
Froman, Steven B. and Anna-Lisa
Galante, Jane
Grant, Tony and Caroline
Greene, Marion
Griffin, Maureen
Gross, Brian
Hatch, Ann
Hoover, Allison
Hoover, Anna
Ireland, Rose
Johns, Roy & Frances
Johnson, Larry & Darya
Johnson, Otis C.
Jordan, Daniel M.
Kakudo, Yoshiko
Khajenoori, Mehrzad
Kunz, Marissa
Lathrop, Demetra Bowles and Thomas N.
Middlebrook, Diane W.
Miedzinski, Ava and Isaac
Molineux, Catherine A.
O’Leary, Catie and Dennis
Ordin, A. Robin
Pastine, Francesca
Patterns Ltd. Inc./The Point
Purcell, Lawrence
Rosenthal, Mr. and Mrs.
Russell, Helen & Tony
Samuel, J. Michael
Scarritt, Diane
Schuler, Francesca H. and Eric
Smith, Marjorie A.
Testa, Russell K.
Thormann, Gabrielle
Titcomb-Franklin, Rose and Christopher
Titcomb, Lydia
Tokstadt, Erik M., and Andrew Janowski
Torchiana, Patricia & William
Vaughan, George & Mary
Vaughan, John & Marcy
Vaughan, Josefa and Charles Boone
Vignes, Michelle
Von Berg, Eric
Weiss, Adam L. & Jean M. D’Eliso
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Amazing Acorns
(under $99)

Arterberry, Edna
Bain, Claire
Balter, Sheila
Bancel, Marilyn, and Rik Myslewski
Basart, Ann
Baumgarten, Jeanne and Howard
Baxter, Fay Royal
Breyer, Ben
Chin, Solita
Cook, Dorothy E.
Cope III, Foster & Margaret
Dadario-Laufer, Michael and Mitchell
Dever, Linda and Steve
Donald Magnin Family Fund
Dong, Qing
Duncan-King, Shirley & Louis
Foley, Sean T.
Gap Foundation Gift Match Program
Gardner, La Dessa
Greene, Marion
Grindberg, Beth
Guinchard, Lawrence
Gustafson, Lars
Hall, Oakley & Barbara
Harrington, Naomi S.
Hatch, Ann
Hersey, Robert & Susan
Higgins, Thomas
Himy, Curtis & Jeanne L.
Hollands, David L. & Maria
Jenks, Alden
Johnson, Darya and Larry
Jordan, Daniel
Kanat, Walter & Doris
Karpowicz, Ronald & Cheryl
Keeline Don,
Khajenoori, Mehrzad
Kim, Kelley Sikyung
King, Louis and Shirley M. Duncan-King
Kumar, Mary Agnes and Asok
Lastella, Jason
Laufer, Mitchell, and Michael Dadario
Law, Carol and Charles Amirkhanian
Le Roux, Jane and Jean-Louis
Leahy, Margo
Leung-Chin, Solita
Lopez, Leslie
Losh, Sam
Magnin, Donald, Family Fund
Miller, Devan
O’Brien Contracting
O’Keefe, Cary
Otani, Priscilla
Paine, Robert
Podesto, Joslyn, and Peter Mussad
Quiroga, Greg
Reddic, LaShonda
Rengstorff, Peter
Resler, Nancy
Rothchild, Arlene
Rubin, Pilar & Walter
Schevill, Margot & James
Shafer, Betsy
Shan, Jeff
Sherwin, Stephen A., M.D. & Merrill
Shishido-Cook, Junko
Simopoulos, Costas
Thormann, Gabrielle
Thumas, Theresa
Wettrich, Ann
Wheaton, Christopher & Lucinda
Wolfson, Tamara
Zimmerman, Michele

ArtSeed Pro Bono/In-kind Donors 2005

Akashi, Mitsuru, and Moshi Moshi
Beldner, Ray
Bersamina, Leo
Bishop, Janet
Boone, Charles
Caine, Todd, and Rubicon
Campbell, Jim
Charlip, Remy
Chelemedos, Don
Clancey, Judith and Fran & Bud Johns
Cuneo, Aiko
De Forest, Roy
Dhillon, Darlene, and Berkeley Repertory Theater
Feliciano, Richard & Rita
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
Ferlito, Hugo
Foley, Michael, and Mady Jones
Froman, Anna-Lisa
Fuentes, Juan
Gnazzo, Tony
Graphic Arts Workshop
Guyer, Leonie
Halprin, Anna
Harada, Carol
Hershman, Lynn
Hobson, Charles
Homsey, Daniel
Hopkins, Alan
Howard, Mildred
Jennings, Becky
Kos, Paul, and Isabelle Sorrell
Krahling, Heidi, and Insalata’s Restaurant
Lanier, Paul
Linder, Bob
Lindsey, Sheer
Lucero, Manual
MacCracken, Stephen
McNeill, Rob, and Allied Domecq Wines USA
Morgan, Elizabeth
Morris, Stanley and Teatro Zinzanni
Norris, Laurel
Pastine, Francesca
Rathbone, Amy
Rollins, Tim & K.O.S., and Crown Point Press
Roloff, John
Sam, Joe
Samuel, Gerhard
Schwager, Michael, and Di Rosa Preserve
Scott, William
Shere, Charles & Lindsey, and Chez Panisse
Shoon, Brad and Bladium Sport Club
Sorrell, Isabelle
Steinberg, Leo
Van Dyke, Clint, and Doc-Fai Wong Martial Art Center
Van Dyke, Kathryn
Vaughan, Arwen and Heather
Vignes, Michelle
Wiley, William, and Wanda Hansen