In response to the atrocities perpetrated at our nation’s capital on Jan 6, 2021

ArtSeed is suspending all but essential programs until March 1, 2021. This pause will allow us more personal time for expressing concerns to persons in power via phone, email, social media, and post. Many of us feel an urgent need to see immediate legal consequences for all perpetrators, inciters, and enablers of that unprecedented and deadly event. 

Simultaneously, as Founder of ArtSeed, my message is to insist on swift implementation of generous federal arts and public works funding to the most distressed sectors of society. This funding should be first distributed to communities of color, hardest hit by COVID and systemic racism, then extended to others who are suffering economically and are vulnerable to misinformation. Self-expression with the arts can provide safe outlets for those who feel that they have been treated unjustly. The creative process and the resulting artworks can open minds and hearts. 

Projects might include spoken, written, drawn, danced, or sung pieces, theater, photography, or murals which tell stories or give expression to the frustrations, fears, and hopes of this moment. In taking action now, we can prevent further violence. The 1939 Work Projects Administration (WPA) was an American New Deal agency, employing millions of job-seekers to carry out public works projects, including the construction of public buildings, murals, and roads. Let’s ask our representatives to bring back the WPA. ArtSeed has been giving a voice to others for twenty years!

Be well and stay safe,
Josefa Vaughan, Founder, Executive and Artistic Director
Mobile (text or voice): 415-656-9849, Email:, 
ArtSeed connects gifted and vulnerable communities through classical and cutting-edge fine arts projects.

How You Can Help – Scroll down to reach out to ArtSeed. Make your voice heard. If you need help with finding out who is representing your state or congressional district, use these links down below. This will be beneficial when you are trying to contact your Senator or Representative in Washington. 
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