16th Annual Interactive Presidio Art-a-thon Exhibition
Dream Earth People on Sabbatical 

Sponsors, volunteers, and attendees of ArtSeed’s Dream Earth Annual Art-a-thon (14th) and Exhibition (16th) transitioned ArtSeed from the virtual experience of art-making together to having a blast in person! Actually, we had serial Art-a-thon blasts every Saturday from March through September, and the seamlessly evolving two-and-one-half-year-long exhibition explored three annual themes: Only Zombies Race to Mass Extinction (April-December, 2020); New Normal: Learning from the Past to Move Forward Together (January 2021-February 2022); Dream Earth People on Sabbatical (February-September 2022). These were the most ambitious artworks, the longest publicly accessible installation, and the most artists served in this way, to date. To those who gathered pledges and in-kind donations from family and friends, you rock! Gifts of money, talent, and time kept our hearts and minds busy and our doors open. A rejuvenated 2022 Youth Council led by Moselle Mac, and Sasha McCurley, utilized ArtSeed’s Summer Fine Arts Intensive week to create collaborative works, the spirit of which will be showcased October 22 & 23 at ArtSeed’s Hunters Point Shipyard Open Studios and will continue every Saturday this fall and winter. Mentoring artists including Gus D’Angelo, Jon E. Greene, Heidi Hardin, Carla Hatley, William Hall, Jessica Nascimento, Shaye Starkey, and Rebecca Stockley have shared their craft and stories. Hats off to returning alumni Shoshana Priel and new Youth Council member Will Schier who planned and hosted our exhibition closing reception with volunteers Pat Aveni and Adisa Sefic. Art-a-thon winners: Sabine Gysens (1st Place and Grand Prize Winner), Josefa Vaughan (2nd Place), and Luned Palmer (3rd Place) have once again made so much possible. See photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/artseed/albums

We are also extremely grateful to our sponsors: Budding Artist Foundation, Tina Cervin, David Gavrich, and Tony & Caroline Grant. We love our in-kind donors: Flying Cloud Retreat, Inn at the Presidio, Presidio Bowl, Photograph & Frame, Causwells Restaurant, Asian Art Museum, Café RX, Books Inc., Hand Touch Nail Care, Cobbler’s Bench Shoe Repair, and Write on the Edge Calligraphy Conference who gave us 50 brush pen sets. We are counting on your continued involvement in upcoming ArtSeed adventures! 

Thank you to BATS and Rebecca Stockley for an excellent improv workshop! Participants engaged in fun, playful games, and group activities while learning more about collaboration and brainstorming. Read more about Rebecca Stockley below.

Big shoutout to everyone who made the 2022 Summer Intensive possible! Read the Summer Intensive Summary for a comprehensive recap of participants and topics, or view photos on our Flickr.

Read our 2022 Art-a-thon letter here.

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ArtSeed participants and featured artists are also showcased in the 
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Other dates and times are possible. Contact josefa@artseed.org, or call or text 415-656-9849 to make an appointment for Virtual Gatherings, Remote Learning, and Art-making Together! 

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Jessica Nascimento, Teaching Artist

Bio: Born in 1994 in Santa Clarita, CA, Jessica Nascimento is a San Francisco-based self-taught painter and arts educator with a focus on figurative painting and portraiture in watercolor and oil. Jessica uses a playful color palette and expressive gestures to tell the stories of her subjects, who are often friends and family. As an arts educator, Jessica teaches youth multidisciplinary practices of fine arts to empower the next generation with creative self expression.

ArtSeed Statement: ArtSeed connects professional artists with youth in need of creative outlets. Josefa has done an incredible job creating a safe space for creative exploration.

Click here to read more and check out Jessica’s packet.