Aberswyth van Bueren, ArtSeed Intern

Bio: With a bachelor’s degree in Emerging Media and Digital Arts and a passion for music, novel writing, and illustration, Aberswyth van Bueren hopes to complete big, multidisciplinary projects that involve story and world-building. Aber’s involvement with ArtSeed as an elementary school student all the way to a high school student has impacted them in a positive way, connecting them with friends, colleagues, and foundations needed for their future endeavors as an artist. Aber gained skills by working with other people towards bigger causes by attending Summer Intensives, volunteering at the Art-a-Thon, and contributing to the ArtSeed Youth Council. Throughout college, they learned new skills within the digital arts, doing collaborative work for films, music, and games. Aber hopes to apply these skills to their work in the future.

ArtSeed Statement: “ArtSeed has been one of the biggest inspirations in my life not only for the art it produces but for the greater causes that it works towards. I recall one year when I was a kid attending ArtSeed’s Fine Arts Summer Intensive when I came to the realization that art wasn’t about broken off sections such as music, writing, performance, and visual arts. It was about the collaboration between them. It was also about using other academic disciplines to inform our art. Because of the inspiration I gathered from all the talented and deep-thinking people at ArtSeed, adults and kids alike, I composed a letter to the arts high school I went to at the time. It was a call to have the school’s art departments do more collaborations with each other. From then on, the multidisciplinary view greatly impacted my way of doing art. And it all ties back to the education ArtSeed has provided.”

Lesson Plan 1