Activities 2014 – 2015

Cottage Industry — Communication, Collabortion: Let’s Beat Poverty in All its Forms!

2015 Annual Outline of Activities Report


  • Board of Directors: Matthew Boriskin, President (2008-2013) and Secretary (2014 – Present); Ben Berkeley, Legal Council Committee Chair (2013 – Present) / Acting President (2014 – Present); Sabine Gysens, Outreach and Fundraising Committee (2015 –Present); Kevin Quan, Treasurer (2006 – Present); Edna Arterberry, Bayview Hunters Point Community Liaison (2009 – Present); Barbra Richardson, Apprenticeship Liaison (2012 – Present); Todd Standish, Marketing Committee Chair (2013 – Present)
  • Staff: Josefa Vaughan, Founder, Executive and Artistic Director; Mark Harris, Acting Program Coordinator (October 2014 – January 2015); Craig Perry Interim Program Coordinator (February – March 2015); Justin Dizon, Program Coordinator (April – December 2015); Josefa Vaughan, Lead Artist, Summer Intensive; Trey Houston, Audio/Visual Program Consultant; Allerton Steel, Accountant
  • Advisors: Charles Boone; Joe Butler; Tony Grant; Paul Griffin; Adam Frey; Gabriela Hofmeyer; John O’Grady; Malcolm McAfee; Dave Parker; Allerton Steel; Robert Stenson; Tatiana Tilly; Arwen & Heather Vaughan; Allison Wyckoff; Ann Wettrich
  • Mentoring Artists & Apprentices: Caroline Liddell, mentoring Jazmin Lopez; Josefa Vaughan, mentoring Margaret Ma & Tim Abeyta; Kathryn Kain mentoring Celia Strumph & Penelope Anstruther; Jan Van Buyten mentoring Durrel Laury
  • Teaching/Presenting/Assisting Artists: Charles Boone, Amy Crumpacker, Sabine Gysens, Mark Harris, Kathryn Kain, Caroline R. Liddell; Sanaz Mazinani, Clive McCarthy, Shiri Mordechay, Catie O’Leary, Xander Weaver Scull, Wing Shum, Jan Van Buyten, Maximilien Volckaert, Ann Wettrich, Dorothy Yuki, Penelope Anstruther
  • Other Exhibiting Artists: Jan Van Buyten, Steven Froman, Mark Harris, Charles “Trey” Houston, Kathryn Kain, Jade K., Marissa Kunz, Caroline Liddell, Bryant Lui, Margaret Ma, Donna Mankus, Peter Mann, Shiri Mordechay, Catie O’Leary, Craig Perry, Debbie Ray, William Scott, Xander Weaver Scull, Josefa Vaughan, Yuhan “Carrie” Yan
  • Musicians & Performers: Shelly Auyeung, Lynne Billig, Sydney Van Bueren, Raymond Coats, Jeske Dioquino, Charles “Trey” Houston, Patrick O’Maley, Craig Perry
  • Youth Council / Private Instruction: Sydney Van Bueren, Jeske Dioquino, Tamia Gilton, Junaid Iqbal, Ramsha Iqbal, Dina Kharag, Sasha Kharag, Jade K., Durrell Laury, Miles Meadows, Paola Perez, Andrew Poli, Austin Poli, Chloe Thomas, Morocco Battle
  • Summer Intensive Youth/Interns: Tamia Gilton, Dina Kharag, Jade K., Christine Le, Ramsha Iqbal, Miles Meadows, Paola Perez, Ocelia Stanley, Jasmine Strain, Celia Strumph, Nylah Sullivan, Roxana Zigman
  • Other Volunteers: Myriam Abramovici, Oscar Arteta, Acoya D., Marsha Felton, Svetlana Gayshaw, Ann Huang, Amanda Hensley, Karen Kelly, Kim Le Biavant, June Lee, Bryant Lui, Margaret Ma, Golbanou Moghaddas, Miriam Manda, Andrew Michaud, Craig Perry, Stephanie Pritchard, Debbie Ray, Barbra Richardson, Graham Sadler, Betsy Shafer, Katy Stanton, Nora Stokes, Priscilla Tsai, Shani Winston, Carrie Yan
  • Most Active Parents: Anisa Battle, Ymke Dioquino, Ijania Foster, June Lee, Virginia Lui, Ludmila Turok, Velvet Van Bueren, Jerome & Renee Strain, Peter Strumph and Suzanne Bergeron


  • Cottage Industry – Communication, Collaboration: Let’s Beat Poverty and Racism in All Their Forms! Josefa Vaughan and Sabine Gysens co-curated ArtSeed’s Annual Year-End Exhibition which took place at the Thoreau Center Corridor Galleries at the Thoreau Center for Sustainability in the Presidio of San Francisco Thursday, June 25 – Saturday, July 25, 2015. This project explored income inequality, technology, and the role of the youngest and most vulnerable citizens in creating a safe and healthy world. Hundreds of school children made art describing their concerns over poverty’s many forms which threaten all of us, no matter what our social status, and how these threats relate to the problems associated with climate change. Old and new forms of communication informed the project’s subject and drove the artistic practice in collaboration with school teachers and ArtSeed mentoring artists. June 25 – July 25

  • Presidio Holiday Lights Tree-lighting and Card-Making table, December 4
  • Fall Open Studios, Hunters Point Shipyard, Studio #2513, Building 101, highlights included selected work from our summer programs alongside that of Studio Affiliate Gabriela Hofmeyer. October 17 & 18
  • Spring Open Studios, Hunters Point Shipyard, featured studio affiliate artist Mark Harris Highlights included Art-a-thon artwork, volcano drawings from San Francisco Public Montessori School (SFPMS) and Leola Havard Early Education School (LHEES), and coats of arms art-making activity. April 25 & 26.
  • ArtSeed in Open Studios Made in the Mission , 3435 Caesar Chavez St. #315 San Francisco, November 7 & 8
  • Seventh Annual ArtSeed Earth Week Art-a-thon 10a.m. – 8p.m. April 25

Artists of all ages and levels of experience came together in a 10-hour art-and-music-making marathon to bring ArtSeed opportunities to more underserved students. Works for sale were displayed at Open Studios. Location: The Presidio’s Thoreau Center for Sustainability.

  • Presidio Teacher’s Night, ArtSeed Presentation & Activity Table, Officer’s Club, Presidio, October 27
  • Mission Cultural Center, CA Lawyers for the Arts, Internship Conference, May 27
    • Summer Resource Fair, ArtSeed Activity Table, Balboa High School, SF Department of Children, Youth, and their Families, February 7
  • Open House, San Francisco Public Montessori School, May 21.
  • SFPMS Back-to-School Night September 11
  • Artwork at SF Unified School District Office on Franklin St., January 2014 – Present
  • Board Match, Hilton Union Square, San Francisco, March 4
  • ArtSeed Youth Council hosts Meet & Greet Letter of Appeal Mailing Party for Volunteers, Youth Council, Teachers, and Families at the ArtSeed Office,
  • Radio Africa, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Town Hall Meeting over Community Center Plan, September 22


  • Tule Elk Park Early Education School (TEPEES): Pre-k, T-k, and special needs SFUSD, Kathryn Kain and Nelly Anstruther, Teaching Artists.
  • Presidio Early Elementary School: Pre-k, T-k, and special needs SFUSD, Josefa Vaughan, Craig Perry, Teaching Artists.
  • Brigid School: Private K-8th grade, Josefa Vaughan and associates, Teaching Artists.
  • Leola Havard Early Education School: Afterschool classes in two classrooms. Teaching Artists Craig Perry, Charles “Trey” Houston, Caroline Liddell, Jan van Buyten and Josefa Vaughan.
  • Marina Middle School, School exhibition of 6th, 7th and 8th grade relief prints depicting gadgets and symbols from art history and culture related to the subject of communication, with classroom art teacher Donna Mankus. Mark Harris and ArtSeed assistants, Teaching Artists
  • Montessori Academy Art weekly lessons with sculptor Maximilien Volcaert and musician Craig Perry.

COTTAGE ACTIVITIES: Open Sundays, Youth Council Meetings, Board Meetings; Exhibitions, Reading/performances

  • ArtSeed Cottage Artists-in-Residence: Jan Van Buyten November 2014 – May 2015; Kathryn Kain, June – December
  • Holiday Celebration of ArtSeed Volunteers and Advisors with Opening Reception for Kathryn Kain, ArtSeed Cottage Artist-in-Residence Exhibition, at The Cottage Studio Practice Center, Sunday, December 6
  • “East Meets West” ArtSeed Apprentices Timothy Abeyta and Margaret Ma exhibition at the ArtSeed Studio Practice Cottage, October 25 (Opening Reception) – November 22 (Closing Reception)
    • ArtSeed New Year’s Eve Fireworks Viewing from ArtSeed’s Studio Practice Cottage,
  • Volunteer orientation for ArtSeed’s Cottage Programs, December 31.
  • Board Meetings: February 8, April 12, June 14, September 6, November 1, November 8,
  • Youth Council Meetings: February14, March 22, April 4, May 2, November 15
  • Art-a-thon Planning meetings: February 22, March 8, March 14, April 7, April 17
  • Studio Practice Artist Residency Cottage Free Weekly Public Open House and art lessons, noon – 6 p. m. Sundays. Animation, Collage and Printmaking Lessons
  • Volunteer Day, Sam Sutton and 15 adult foreign students from Education First School, April 13.
  • Celebrating the Spirit of Giving, Reading by writer Allerton Steel, Conversation lead by Malcolm McAfee, and Youth Presentations by Ramsha Iqbal, Miles Meadows, and Paola Perez, September 6.
  • ArtSeed Fine Arts Summer Intensive Week One: July 6 – 10, 2015, (weekdays 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) is for highly motivated youth. Week Two: July 13 – 17, (weekdays 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) for highly motivated children and youth mentors. Students had one to two full weeks of fun and learning in the arts in this individual portfolio and collaborative project-building workshop, with eleven students, ten presenting or teaching artists, five staff members, and five adult volunteers. Culminated in a crowning piece of collaborative work for ArtSeed’s year-end Thoreau Center exhibition. The Summer Intensive also served as an interdisciplinary symposium for practicing creative professionals.


  • Hunters Point Shipyard, April, November
  • Kathryn Kain’s Studio at Hunters Point Shipyard, July
  • ArtSeed Studio Practice Cottage, weekly
  • de Young Museum, July
  • Clive McCarthy Studio, July
  • Ai Wei Wei Installation on Alcatraz Island, January 10.
  • China Brotsky and Seed Galleries, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, July
  • Walt Disney Museum, February, August, December


  • KALX, Berkeley, and KALW, SF, radio interviews of Josefa Vaughan arranged by Sally Douglas Arce, Media Relations & Marketing Communications April 18.
  • Sixth Annual ArtSeed Earth Day Art-a-thon Publicity:
  • Brigid School year Book
  • Presidio Newsletters
  • Presidio E-news
  • Website: 5,111 unique visitors viewed 14,418 pages from 1/1/15 to 12/31/15
  • Website Posts: 15 total
  • Online gifts: $4,791.99, Razoo and $3,434. Donate Now Network for Good
  • Mass emails: 4,469 subscribers were sent 17 mass emails in 2015
  • Facebook page: 241 total likes (up 13% during the year)
  • Twitter: 3,367 followers
  • Two postal mailers: 3,720 letter recipients and 3,330 post card recipients


  • Comcast switch from ATT for more reliable internet service
  • Board Match (recruited new Board Member)
  • USF Arts Administration class Internship: Amanda Hensley and CA lawyers for the Arts Intern Ramsha Iqbal.
  • Letter of Appeal Mailing Party with Raymond Coats and Craig Perry music
  • Fall Orientation for Community Organizations and Agencies Serving SFUSD, September 17
  • Google Bay Area Impact Challenge Grant Proposal
  • Michelle Vignes Studio Practice Artist-in-Residence Cottage, property tax exemption application, request for refund, title clearing, lead abatement. $50,000 loan from Tony Grant to cover taxes and other encumbrances to sale of the house.
  • Other Minds gift to ArtSeed of a used printer
  • New PC Computer, in-kind gift of Matt Boris
  • “Social Media for Nonprofits” workshop, Microsoft Conference Center, Sunnyvale, CA September 16
  • Harvard Interns Q & A, SF Main Library, November 16
  • Our Children Our Families Council Seminar for Service Providers, City Hall, November 18.
  • Total Revenue (Jan– Dec 2015) $102,062.14; Total expense (Jan– Dec 2015): $99,561.22


  • Seventh Annual Earth Week Art-a-thon: Gross Income: $8,023; Expenses: $3,573; Net Income $4,450
  • Sam Mazza Foundation $10,000
  • CAC Grants awarded $9,600
  • Jobs Now Program, Workforce Development Division, Department of Human Services, City & County of San Francisco
  • Northern California Community Loan Foundation, Nonprofit Displacement Program, in-kind consultation, October 12
  • SFPMS Educational Enrichment Foundation


  • Leola Havard Early Education School (this is the twelfth year of programming, and the tenth programming year ArtSeed Apprenticeship Program has a dedicated art studio)
  • Presidio Early Education School
  • San Francisco Public Montessori School
  • Brigid School
  • SF Montessori Academy
  • Tides Inc. and the Thoreau Center for Sustainability
  • Presidio Trust
  • Shipyard Trust for the Arts and The Point Studios at Hunters Point Shipyard
  • USF Department of Art & Architecture, Art History and Arts Administration Internship Program
  • CA Lawyers for the Arts, Spotlight on the Arts Internship Program
  • Cocokind, A Brand of OneKind.25 LLC
  • Made For Made By
  • Education First School
  • Border Studies/Paideia

PRO BONO / IN-KIND GIFTS: Aquarium of the Bay, Oscar Arteta, Artist & Craftsman Supply, BearHug Blankets Unlimited and Ymke Dioquino, Books INC, California Academy of Science, Charles Boone, Bob Burnside, A Child’s Delight, Raymond Coats Rhythm & Blues, Cole Hardware, Jeske Dioquino, Hand Touch Nail Care, Heidi Hardin, Gabriela and John Hofmeyer, House of Bagels, Charles “Trey” Houston, Inn at the Presidio, JazGroup du jour, Judy’s Café on Chestnut, Kathryn Kain, La Boulange de Union, David Leighton, Patrick Maley, La Mediterranee, June Lee, Monica Long, Bryant Lui Portraits, John O’Grady/O’Grady Law Group, Mark Miyake, Pachamama, Photograph and Frame, Peet’s Coffee, Craig Perry Guitar, Pier 39 Family Fun Pack, Presidio Bowling Center, SCRAP, Social Media For Non-Profits and Ritu Sharma, Sol Rouge Winery, Sydney Van Bueren, Jeannie Tsai and SF Aesthetics & Lazer, Velvet Van Bueren, Arwen and Heather Vaughan, Walnut Cleaners, Xander Weaver Skull Artwork Environmental Art, The Winery of SF, Paul Griffin with law firm Winston and Strawn LLP.


  • Overall winners – Gold: Josefa Vaughan; Silver: Sabine Gysens, Bronze: Marissa Kunz
  • Youth winners – Gold: Sydney Van Bueren; Silver: Christine L.
  • For most sponsors – Winner: Sabine Gysens
  • Our top donor/sponsor prize this year goes to ArtSeed Advisor, Tony Grant.
  • Grand Gross Income: $8023.46; Expense: $3573.24; Net Total: $4450.22
  • Art-a-thon Volunteers: Tim Abeyta, Myriam Abramovici, Oscar Arteta, Charles Boone, Amy Crumpacker, Marsha Felton, Chizu Houston, Kathryn Kain, Cody Keene, June Lee, Miriam Manda, Malcolm McAfee, Barbra Richardson, Betsy Shafer, Howard Shafer, Velvet Van Bueren, Margaret Ma, Carrie Yan, Acoya Dioquino, Amanda Hensley, Charles “Trey” Houston, Karen Kelly, Jade K., Dina Kharag, Kim LeBiavant, Christine L., Andrew Michaud, Craig Perry, Xander Weaver Scull, Melinda Costello, Sabine Gysens, Vincent Kukua, Marissa Kunz, Durrell Laury, Bryant Lui, Luned Palmer, Debbie Ray, John Scheib, Olga Suvorova, Sydney Van Bueren, Jan Van Buyten
  • Performers: Shelly Auyeung, Sydney Van Bueren, Raymond Coats, Jeske Dioquino, jazGroup du Jour, Patrick Maley, Craig Perry


We were thrilled to hear that Artseed will be returning to St. Brigid School this year.  Lakshmi has been asking over and over when she can resume art classes with you.  She truly enjoyed the program last year and it stayed with her throughout the summer.  Art is so important for these kids to expand their minds and to express their views. It means a lot to Lakshmi. The exhibition you put on over the summer showcasing your students’ talents was awe inspiring. It was rewarding to see Lakshmi’s art work there. Thank you and look forward to resuming lessons soon. Warm Regards,
— Ranjani and Lakshmi Ramakrishna, September 21, 2015


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson. ArtSeed is a program in which children and young adults are given opportunities to find themselves, realize their potential, and use what they learn to better the world through art. This summer I was an intern at ArtSeed and was given the privilege to participate in the Summer Intensive at the cottage. I came back from this experience with a wholly different perspective on art. I realized that art is powerful. Art is compelling, influential, persuasive, and a force to be reckoned with. At the Summer Intensive, I met people of all different personalities. These people who were as different as day and night came together to form a home away from home. We came together and became a community, and to me, that was the best feeling I’ve experienced all summer. I’ve gained knowledge, and valuable connections, but most important of all, I gained a family.
— Fourteen year-old Ramsha Iqbal, ArtSeed Summer Intensive, 2015


ArtSeed’s 2015 Summer Intensive program was a wonderful experience. I interned at ArtSeed for two months, and the intensive was by far the highlight of my time there. For one, the Cottage was a great environment to create artwork. It felt like a second home to me, and I’m sure that the kids felt the same way. I got to watch as all of the kids became close friends during the two week period, and formed bonds with all of the staff, artists and volunteers who stopped by the Cottage over the course of their time there. The children tried so many new things that they were completely unfamiliar with before setting foot in the Cottage, and by the end of the two weeks they had learned and explored an incredible amount for such a short period of time. They also demonstrated a whole lot of growth from the first week to the next. During the first week, most of the kids couldn’t contain their excitement, but often didn’t take activities and lessons seriously. By the second week, not only were they demonstrating their new knowledge, but they also approached new opportunities to learn and create with curiosity and enthusiasm. It was especially clear how much they had learned when they were able to make connections between the film, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” the presentations by presenting artists, and the art that they themselves were creating. They demonstrated creativity when they were able to utilize techniques that they had learned in the context of new projects and activities. Personally, I don’t often have the chance to work with children and the intensive has really shown me how much younger people have to offer. To be quite honest, I learned far more from the children than I did from any single presenter. I learned that children are often underestimated in our society; most adults don’t realize that they too can process complex ideas and form their own opinions. Even the youngest member of the group shared ideas about the film “To Kill a Mockingbird,” which I originally thought would be too complicated for them to fully understand. Their constant growth and energy is truly incredible and inspiring.
— Sixteen year-old Ocelia Stanley, ArtSeed Intern through the CA Lawyers for the Arts Spotlight Program


You are doing wonderful work and I am very impressed with your ingenuity and perseverance. Look at the CAC website and the grant opportunities. The Local Impact grants (sometimes referred to as Creating Places of Vitality) should fit your work very well.
— Donn K. Harris, Executive and Artistic Director, Oakland School for the Arts, Board Member, CA Arts Council. January 05, 2015


I hope you are having a lovely time with your family. You were missed – though i shared earlier with the children that you would not be present today. Nevertheless, the children (ALL) had a great time layering their plates. We used all three colors and placed the plate on blue paper! Oh such beautiful pieces indeed. Amazing how after teaching for over 29 years, I was never introduced this! Oh the thrill and excitement we all get knowing you and Craig are coming…Thank you once again for coming to our school!
— Mabel Young, March 24, 2015


You have no idea how much your presence with Craig has truly affected our lives. Each Tuesday, we hear the children talk in anticipation with your arrival. We talk together as a group of the great and enriching experiences you have shared with the children. I love that with each lesson, there is a thread connecting the past experience to the present. You are able to successfully do this through your words and actions. I cannot even begin to tell you the impact you have with the children and grown – ups in the classroom. We have learned so much from the weeks that we are blessed to have you.

The children look forward to plate printing and rubbing. As we talk to them about their work, we notice a sense of intentionality that was once missing and now found – thanks to you and Craig. Your utmost patience with us all is revealed each and every week.

I must share that the parents also are equally pleased as I send home journals detailing your work with their children. They too are learning immensely as I share your thoughts and knowledge with them. Together –both parent and child are sharing their experiences via discussions, conversations over their work.

Thank you Josefa for opening our eyes to a truly beautiful world through ArtSeed. Your perspective creates new visions for us and for that we are most appreciative. Our only hope is that you can continue your work with us next year! We will look forward to having you each and every Tuesday!

Thank you.
— Mabel Young, SFUSD Presidio EES Preschool Teacher, March 22, 2015


I wanted to let you know what a great experience it was for me and my students to have ArtSeed come to Marina MS last semester! The printmaking lesson was imaginative, exciting, and just plain fun. Mark Harris and the other Artists in Residence did a wonderful job introducing each day’s lesson and working with the three different classes each day.

The students and I thought a lot about communication from the Pony Express to Google Glass. The students gained a unique perspective on the communication devices they so dearly depend on. The actual printing process was new and interesting to the students. I don’t believe anyone had printed on foam previously.

I just wish we could have had a longer time together. Thank you so much for working with us and we look forward to having you back at Marina!
— Donna M. Mankus, Art Teacher, Marina Middle School, February 21, 2015


Dear Josefa,

Thank you, it was a fun and special trip to see Alcatraz and the Ai Wei Wei exhibit.
— Kathryn Kain 1/21/15