Activities 2000 – 2001

Gods and Monsters: Virgil’s Dantes Inferno & Nelson Mandela’s Imprisonment

ArtSeed Activities 2000 – 2001 Annual Report Outline

People: Volunteer Roberto Gastelumendi (carpentry, modeling, rides, mentoring)


  • Studio One Oakland, “Drawing;” “Oil Painting;” “About Face;” “Inferno;” “Get Your Art Out There;” year-round 2000-01
  • Starr King Elementary School, Hills Project “Fine Arts Fridays,” winter 2000
  • de Young Museum Artist Studio, “Fruits of an Imaginary School,” Josefa Vaughan with ArtSeed, March 2000
  • de Young Museum Artist Studio, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Tim Rollins + K.O.S. with ArtSeed, June 2000
  • Benjamin Franklin Middle School:
    • Hills Project Sixth Period Art Class, spring 2000
    • ArtSeed summer Camp 2000
    • Western Addition Beacon Center, “Dante’s Inferno,” ArtSeed after school program, fall 2000
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, ”Family Day Oil Painting with Josefa Vaughan and ArtSeed,” spring 2001
  • Synergy School classes: “Dante’s Inferno” fall 2000, “Multiple Choice/Plentiful Chances,” & “German Art” spring 2001, “Animation” summer Camp 2001
  • Chinese American International School, “World of Our Own,” after school enrichment class, winter, spring, fall 2000-01
  • Park Day Fine Arts Camp, Oakland, “Drawing from the Sage,” summer 2001

Field Trips:

  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, spring & summer 2000-01
  • Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, spring & summer 2000-01
  • San Francisco Art Institute, spring 2000
  • Gallery Paule Anglim, summer 2000
  • Southern Exposure, summer 2000
  • Horizons Unlimited, summer 2000
  • Western Addition Library, spring & summer 2000
  • de Young Museum, spring & summer 2000, winter 2001
  • Studio One, Oakland, fall 2000
  • Utrecht, Pearl and Flax Art Supplies, spring 2001
  • Zeum Youth Arts Festival, spring 2001
  • Vietnamese Buddhist Temple, San Francisco, spring, 2001
  • Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Open House, summer 2001
  • Headlands Center for the Arts, Open House, summer 2001
  • Art Dealers Association “Introductions,” summer 2001
  • Hunter’s Point Shipyard Artists’ Studios, spring & summer 2001
  • The Graphic Arts Workshop, summer 2001
  • Palace of the Legion of Honor, summer 2001
  • Crissy Field Park and Visitor’s Center, summer 2001
  • Dim Sum, Sushi & Gourmet Pizza, spring & summer 2001


  • School of the Arts, Steven Chin & Dana Flores, spring 2000-01
  • San Francisco Art Institute, Young Artists Program, Open Studio, Steven Chin and Dana Flores, summer 2000-01
  • San Francisco Public Library, Western Addition Branch:
    • Hills Project “ArtSeed,” spring 2000
    • “Dante’s ArtSeed Inferno,” spring 2001
  • Benjamin Franklin Middle School Walls, Open House, spring-fall 2000
  • Southern Exposure, “Gods and Monsters,” summer 2000
  • Youth Arts Festival at Zeum, spring 2001
  • Studio One Gallery, Oakland, “Friends of ArtSeed,” Exhibitions fall 2000, spring and summer 2001
  • Temescal Art Center, Oakland, Ink Boat dancers benefit, summer 2001
  • Hunter’s Point ArtSeed Studio, Open Studios, spring 2001
  • The Point Gallery, “Sticky Business: Overview” summer 2001


  • Southern Exposure, “Doubting Youth,” ArtSeed presentation at reception for “Gods & Monsters”, summer 2000
  • The Lab, sound class salon with Pamela Z, “I Ching Inferno,” Brandon Jones & Josefa Vaughan, winter 2001
  • San Francisco Cinemateque Extravaganza, Clair Bane slides with Daniel Armstrong & Steven Chin, summer 2001
  • Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Young Artists at Work Program, “Live in Our Real World,” with Rhodessa Jones, Dana Flores contributed text, summer 2001


  • Gold Medal, Zeum Youth Arts Festival, Steven Chin, spring 2001
  • Bronze Medal, Zeum Youth Arts Festival, ArtSeed Collaborative Portrait of Nelson Mandela, spring 2001
  • Scholarships, San Francisco Art Institute, Dana Flores & Steven Chin, spring & summer 2000, (Chin) summer 2001
  • Paid scholarship, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts SFUSD: School-to-Careers Young Artists at Work Program, Dana Flores & Brandon Jones, summer 2001-spring 2002


  • San Francisco Public Library Newsletters, May 2000 & March 2001
  • San Francisco Chronicle, Datebook August 6, 2000 and April 22, 2001
  • Headlands Center for the Arts Newsletters, spring & summer 2001
  • San Francisco Observer, “ArtSeed…” Christine Jegan, May 2001
  • Website:, fall 2001

Acknowledgements for ArtSeed Activities 2000 – 2001

ArtSeed is a charitable arts education organization connecting disadvantaged youth to the art world through artists, educators, and professional resources. Our mission is to improve lives with a continuum of intergenerational and cross-cultural programs that include collaborative workshops, exhibitions, field trips, commissions, and private art lessons.

We create opportunities for concerned citizens to participate in tangible and meaningful professional fine arts projects that connect with and promote the promise of stymied young minds. Our programs expose students to new ideas and invite them to take these and their own ideas to fruition in culminating events. We also work with other professions and arts groups of all kinds (both experimental and traditional) to enrich families and to cross-fertilize the cultural richness and potential of people from diverse communities.

This past year’s ArtSeed events have been conceivable only because of (and made possible by) a network of willing souls.

Students, parents, artists, and friends from various professions and backgrounds have generated enormous amounts of energy with their ideas and enthusiasm. Moreover, it is breathtaking for me to consider the times and effort that has been generously shared to give these ideas tangible form.

I appreciate the patient support of Diana Stockton at the LEF Foundation and of Trisha Lagaso at Southern Exposure for encouraging us to forge a website out of our activities and to continue developing our vision of ourselves as individual artists and as part of an inter-community organization.

I want to thank my studio mate, Mary Sue Edwards, and the other artists and administrative staff at the Hunter’s Point Shipyard Artists’ Studios for hosting this summer’s ArtSeed exhibition. Students have benefited immeasurably by being able to install and assess their work in The Point’s gallery and make their art with me in the studio.

During last spring’s Hunter’s Point Open Studios, I met Rebecca Cannara, who assisted in workshops and in rounding support for our drive to become a certified non-profit entity. Thank you Sung-Ah Chang, Roberto Gastelumendi, Laura Kamian, and Rebecca Cannara for all your help.

Photographer Christine Jegan wrote a very insightful article on ArtSeed in the S.F. Observer, and filmmaker Clair Bane took some wonderful slides of us in the studio. Both of these artists’ works are valuable testaments to our activities.

Warm thanks to John Hedges for legal advice and Dragon Miletic and Synne Bull for technical support. Special gratitude is due to Rodney and Solita Lung-Chin and Ann and Guy Flores, Parents of Steven and Dana, who, for three years, have gone out of their way for others.

My own son, Arwen Vaughan, and his wife Heather have given ArtSeed a home on the World Wide Web. I cannot express the immeasurable satisfaction and indebtedness I feel toward them for their countless hours of thoughtful work.