Activities 2003 – 2004

Hiking Across America: Appalachia & Burnett CDC Outdoor Exchange

ArtSeed Activities 2003-2004 Annual Report Outline


Volunteers and consultants – Behind-the-scenes chain of mentorships:

  • Anna-Lisa Froman, Treasurer
  • Mike Dovbish, Volunteer coordinator,
  • Mehrzad Khajenoori, bookkeeping
  • Other mainstay and new volunteers: Claire Frances, Avis Favors, Devan Miller , Bonnie Kirkland, Beth Grinberg, Will Russell, Emma Wallerstein, Sylvianne Antonioli, Rhonel Roberts, Gabrielle Thormann, Catheline Lueng, Geoffrey Nwogu,
  • New Advisors: Michelle Vignes and Gabriela Falcao Vieira
  • New students: Manuel Berry. Deja Brown, Kali Mobley, Jose and Jonathan Beltran, Brandy Windom
  • Shows: Claire at Cinemateque, Josefa Vaughan at  Kala and City Hall, Laura Kamian at ProArts, Will Russell at Pigman gallery

Private lessons, pilot apprenticeships, internships, auditions:

  • William Scott continues apprenticeship with Josefa Vaughan,
  • ArtSeed students, Xiani Wang and Ganesha Balunsat, developed portfolios and were accepted into School of the Arts, a high school in a San Francisco

Field Trips:

  • Arts interventions gathering mark making from people in all walks of life for Coloring Sounds & Postcards to People in Power, (city wide, tri-coastal and year-round)
  • Marin Headlands Youth Hostel overnight retreat

SHEBANGS (events)

ArtSeed Exhibitions, Workshops, Awards and Public Outreach:

  • Abriendo Puertos/Opening Doors, Mission Cultural Center, 4/3/04
  • Open Studios, Hunters Point Shipyard, 10/25/03 and 5/1/04
  • Young Art Lives, Giant Killer Robots Studio, 7/17/04
  • Appalachian Trail Exchange Project with webmasters/hikers Arwen & Heather Vaughan Burnett Child Development Center in Bayview Hunters Point
  • ArtSeed Intensive Exhibition, San Francisco Art Institute graduate studios Swell Gallery, 6/18/04
  • Summer 2004 ArtSeed Apprenticeship Intensive, San Francisco Art Institute graduate studios,  6/10/04-6/18/04
  • ArtSeed Apprenticeship Orientation Q& A, Bayview Hunters Point Shipyard studios gallery and auditorium, 6/5/04.
  • San Francisco Education Fund, 2004-2005 Leadership and Professional Development Grant Proposal
  • Burnett Child Development Center, Bayview Hunters Point, Bob and Betty Klausner, early sponsors
  • Pacific Community Charter School Conceptual Art Seminar, Point Arena

 GRAPEVINES (organizations)

ArtSeed Website Related:

  • PayPal online contributions implemented.
  • New version of ArtSeed website ( started


  • Kinko’s in-kind gift William Scott post cards.
  • King’s Kustom Kreations in-kind gift Appalachian Trail ArtSeed T-shirts
  • ArtSeed’s mailing list database earmarked, updated and implemented
  • Inside City Limits, Heather Schultz, Channel 11/Cable 23

 Seminars and Research:

  • Eva Miedzinski grantwriting class with Frances Phillips, San Francisco State University
  • Refurbished By-laws, Gabriela Falcao Vieira and Peter Carson with Bingham McCutchen sponsored by the Volunteer Legal Services Program
  • Extensive bibliography of reference books compiled by Emma Wallerstein
  • Josefa Vaughan received scholarship to Moscone Convention Center Fundraising Day
  • CNYD Scholarship training for Josefa Vaughan and Marissa Kunz

 Partnerships and Outreach Contacts:

  • Collaboration with the San Francisco Art Institute, Pacific Community Charter School Conceptual Art Seminar, Point Arena
  • Devan Miller and Beau Casey received employment due to ArtSeed referrals.
  • Alvarado Elementary School residency, Marissa Kunz, teaching, 9/03-5/04