Activities 2004 – 2005

Bridges: Engineering and City Planning

ArtSeed Activities 2004-2005 Annual Report Outline


Volunteers and consultants – Behind-the-scenes chain of mentorships:

  • Gabriela Vieria finishes new ArtSeed Bylaws
  • Anna-Lisa becomes treasurer
  • Beth Grinberg: early planning for June Fundraiser
  • Lisa Hoffman & Lynn Lampky: Mechanics Bank proposal
  • Volunteers: Catheline Lueng, Bonnie Kirkland, Claire Frances, Mehrzad Kajenoori, Richard Mitchell
  • Gabrielle Thormann/ SF Ed Fund
  • Hamlin volunteers
  • Alan Hopkins, Christine Jegan
  • Orientation: Marissa
  • Town School Bridges Workshop: Justin Hoover

Private lessons, pilot apprenticeships, internships, auditions:

  • Apprentices: William Scott with Josefa Vaughan, Kali Mobley starts with Marissa Kunz as a double pairing with Manuel Berry and Josefa Vaughan
  • Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Young Artists at Work Internships: Ryan Collins, Rosemarie Ruel, Luba Yusim, Richard Cheung w/volunteer Laura Garcia (installation @ Bayview Hunters Point Foundation)

Field Trips:

  • Our visit w/Gavin Newsom(1/11/05)
  • Kriztina Palone, Mayor’s Office visit to Burnett
  • Summer Intensive Field Trips to Michelle Vignes, Galleries in the Geary/Grant corridor, Graphics Arts Workshop

SHEBANGS (events)

ArtSeed Exhibitions, Workshops, Awards and Public Outreach:

  • San Francisco Education Fund Grant for weekly Burnett Child Development Center afterschool classes
  • Justin Hoover & Fall Open Studio, Spring Open Studio
  • Scholar’s Rock & Thai banana leaf floats Workshops @ Asian Art Museum (11/14/04)
  • Alternative Spring Break, Ten Female Drexel University Students from Philadelphia designed and implemented a Bridge Engineering Intensive at Burnett CDC, Alvarado Elementary and Town School in San Francisco with ArtSeed artists
  • Alvarado Elementary afterschool club w/ DC Spensley and Marissa Kunz
  • Burnett Billboard collages shown in the Anti Ad Project @ SFAI Mc Bean Gallery
  • William Scott City Hall show (Mehrzad & Edna Arterberry) (4/13/05)
  • Summer Fine Arts Intensive at Burnett CDC with ArtSeed Teaching Artist Jesus Chiadez
  • Apprenticeship Q & A @ The Point
  • Terzian Family and The Point gift ($1,000), Kelly Wert gift ($1,500)

GRAPEVINES (organizations)


  • Arwen Vaughan created a new, cutting-edge version of the ArtSeed website ( with more interactive and dynamic content that we can now administer ourselves (and teach students this skill)!


  • announcement of ArtSeed San Francisco Art Institute Exhibition, Performance and Auction coordinated by Beth Grinberg
  • Justin Hoover (design of postcards for auction and printer)

Seminars and Research:

  • Senate Finance Committee Input to improve Governance & Practice in Nonprofits
  • Volunteer legal Services Program seminar on contracts with Jennifer Chaloemtiarana

Partnerships and Outreach Contacts:

  • DREXEL University Society of Women Engineers / Spring Engineering Intensive Collaboration
  • Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Young Artist at Work Program Summer 05 Internships
  • Burnett Child Development Center weekly classes
  • Asian Art Museum Family Day workshops
  • Thoreau Center, Tides Shared Spaces, Sustainable Workspaces for Nonprofits
  • Shipyard Trust for the Arts seed funds, sponsorship of ArtSeed’s Apprenticeship Program