Activities 2008 – 2009

ArtSeed Activities 2008 – 2009 Annual Report Outline

Theme: Structure & The Meaning of Life

(last revision: 12/3/09)


  • Board of Directors: Matthew Boriskin, President; James Joves, Financial Planning & Marketing Officer; Marissa Kunz, Founding Artist/Educator, Secretary, Program Officer; Kevin Quan, Treasurer; Bonnie Milstein, Poverty Law and Civil Rights Attorney; Josefa Vaughan, Founding Artist/Educator, Executive Director
  • Most Active Advisors: Arwen & Heather Vaughan, Donna Logan, Leo Steinberg, David Hollands, William Scott, Claire Carlevaro, Edna Arterberry, Michelle Vignes, Charles Boone; Accounting: Allerton Steel, Joan Nelson
  • Mentoring Artists: Marc Ellen Hamel (Paul MacKenzie, Marquise White, Randy Windom, Chelsea Herrera, Kirby Luk, Juan Restrepo, Roberto Monzon) Jenny Badger Sultan (Aniyah Carson) Charles “Trey” Houston (Lucas Kane Gille nkirk & 09-10 Sydney Van Bueren), Tom Mogensen (Jeremiah Campbell)
  • Teaching, Presenting and Assisting Artists: Sarah Ramey, Richard Bolingbroke, Alexander Copora, Daniel Owens, Manon Bogerd-Wada, Chris Treggiari (09-10 Mentor for Vicente), Luned Palmer, Richard Cheung, Richard Mitchell (09-10 Prospective Mentor for Jacob Galvan) Tomoe Nakamura, Jiana Watson, Alexandra Bastias, Jana Carrey, Philip Chanin, Bright Ugochukwu Eke
  • Exhibiting Artists: Chris Kanyusik, Peter Mann, Nash Baker, Karen Thomas, Jesse Balmer, Ray Beldner, Jeremy Menzies, Allerton Steel, Luned Palmer, Marissa Kunz, Marc Ellen Hamel, Jenny Badger Sultan, Jack Fulton, Manon Bogerd-Wada, Tim Armstrong, Josefa Vaughan, Catie O’Leary, Tom Mogensen, Molly Banks, Brad Justice,
  • Youth: Da Zhang, Jessica Yee, Judy Chen (office interns), Roberto Monzon, Ricardo Rojas, Josue Nolasco, Dayanna Seymour, Quinshae Jackson, Latojone, Kirby Luk, Juan Restrepo, Chelsea Herrera, Benny Lui, Marquis White, Randy Windom, Paul Mackenzie, Aniyah Carson (Burnett CDC); Katrina Leung, Aniyah Carson, Briahna Jocoleyn Arguello, Vicente Alexander Martinez, Brandon Chang, Beverly Chang, Dina Kharag, Sasha Kharag, Jacob Galvan, Nathan Seastrunk, Thomas Yates, (Summer Intensive); Youth Advisors to the Board: Lucas Kane Gillenkirk, Sydney Van Bueren, Daria Baydina, (Woodside International School Intern) Dina Kharag,
  • New Board Member, Bonnie Milstein; New Nominees for Board Advisor: Dorris Vincent, Sonja Sonnenberg, Yosef Peretz, Shannon Fagan; New Volunteers: Katie Vater, Stephanie Burns, Lindsay Collingwood, Julie Cowley (Art Jam) Charles Boone, Yolanda Garcia, Jeff Grubler, Amanda Ryan, Anastasia Bokova-Roeck, Meegan Barnes, Diana Banh, Judith Black, Mary Agnes Kumar, Nicole Holmes, Walter Portillo, Sheila Perry, Andrea Grismer, Jessica Mcanee, Brandy Rodgers, Karla Wills & other Gap Associates, Dave Parker, Brett Goodroad, Halina Kovel; Claudia Grubler, Sara Kumar, Parents: Jane Brady, Gabriella Roff, Keith & Velvet Van Bueren; Staff: Josefa Vaughan, Marissa Kunz, Allison Kraus, Luned Palmer, Chris Treggiari, Trey Houston


  • Annual Exhibition Closing Receptions, Annual Theme – Structure and the Meaning of Life, curated by Chris Treggiari Thoreau Center Main Gallery, May 1 – June 3, 2009
  • The Art Run Fun Run organized by Kevin Quan, home brew by James Joves, baked goods & cake decorating by Steve Funk & Lauren Korshal. Event sponsored by Fleet Feet Sports Store owners Brett Lamb & Kim Holt, Sept. 3
  • T-shirt Contest organized by Kevin Quan with Jurors Bill Web and Matt Forsman, Aug 10
  • Summer Arts, Collaboration with Betty Skwarek, Unitarian Universalist Society and Rev. Denis Letourneau Paul, Faithful Fools Street Ministry, July 5-Aug. 23
  • Summer Resource Fair, Concourse Center, March 14, SF Department of Children, Youth, and their Families
  • Major’s March Gladness Resource Fair, March 28, Oceanview District, SF
  • Fall Open Studios, Hunters Point Shipyard, Nov. 1-2
  • Spring Open Studios, Hunters Shipyard Point, Marissa Kunz, Jell-O, Walled Installation, May 2-3
  • ArtSeed Summer Intensive at the Bay School of San Francisco, Aug. 5-12, 2009
  • Joy and Despair: The World of a Child, Group Show curated by Joan Miro, SOMArts Cultural Center, April 16
  • Green Kids Garden Party & Trash-on Show, Sherman Elementary School, funded by Family Action Grant 2009, a Northwest Community Convener Initiative, coordinated by parents Jane Brady and Gabriella Roff
  • Earth Week Art-a-thon, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, 12 hour fundraiser with 12 workshops by distinguished SF artists in a variety of fields, April 18, 2009
  • ArtSeed Art Jam, 111 Minna Street, Sept. 30, finger painting, henna and raffle organized by Julie Cowley
  • William Scott solo exhibition, White Columns exhibition, NYC
  • Shipyard Trust for the Arts Art Auction
  • Nigerian Artist Bright Ugochukwu Eke’s presentation at the Burnett Child Development Center, Feb. 2
  • SEE ME First 5 SF Art Contest, Civic Center Plaza, winners include Marissa Kunz Sherman Elementary students
  • Presidential Debates, ArtSeed Live Screening, Acre Café, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, Presidio
  • Board Meetings with guest programs. 2008: 8/30, 9/26, 11/07, 12/16; 2009: 1/27, 3/24, 5/12, 7/7, 9/8, 11/13


  • Sherman Elementary School, arts integration K-5 classes all students, every week with Marissa Kunz
  • Burnett Child Development Center, arts integration two weekly Pre-K classes with Josefa Vaughan & Luned Palmer
  • Yick Wo Elementary School, Sept 4-Oct.2, arts integration classes with Josefa Vaughan & Luned Palmer
  • ArtSeed Fine Arts Summer Intensive at the Bay School of San Francisco, Aug. 5-12
  • Apprenticeship: Weekly meetings at Burnett between Mentoring Artist Jenny Sultan and Apprentice Aniyah Carson
  • Junior Apprenticeship: Weekly open studio sessions with Mentoring Artist Marc Ellen Hamel and Burnett students Roberto Manzon, Ricardo Rojas, Josue, Dayanna Seymour, Quinshae Jackson, Latojone, Kirby Luk, Juan Restrepo, Chelsea Herrera, Benny Lui, Marquis White, Randy Windom, Paul Mackenzie, Christaupher Peacock, and Randy Windom.


  • Gallery Paule Anglim, Rena Bransten, The Art Exchange, Steven Wolf and Catharine Clark Galleries
  • Land’s End & Ocean Beach
  • Djerassi Resident Artist Program
  • Astro Design Studio
  • Zeum, San Francisco Art Institute
  • Root Division, Dolores Park and Clarion Ally Murals
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Fine Arts Museums Palace of the Legion of Honor
  • Charles Boone Tour of Public Art Works, San Francisco Financial District (Dina Coleman Art Jam Raffle Prize)


  • Plans for new ArtSeed poster design continued with Nina Zurier
  • Spanish translations of Burnett and Summer Intensive applications by Claudia Grubler
  • San Francisco Art Dealers Association ArtSeed Presentation by Josefa Vaughan
  • Darlene Coleman of the Bayview Business Council article on ArtSeed in Bayview Community Voices Magazine
  • DVD Summer Intensive 2009 Participant Keepsake
  • Spirit of Service: Your Daily Stimulus for Making a Difference, HarperOne publishers, Full-page ArtSeed advocacy


  • Continue process of getting ArtSeed info online with the Cultural Data Project, by bookkeeper Joan Nelson
  • A Convening on the Economic Recession and the Impact on the Bay Area Arts Community, San Francisco Arts Commission Conference, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, June 12
  • Grant-writing consultations with Nancy Buffum
  • Josefa Vaughan was consulted by Abigail Davis about our Apprenticeship Program. She is with a nonprofit in Sacramento that wants to start a similar program
  • ORI Number, State of California, nine ArtSeed artists received Live Scan fingerprinting for background checks
  • New Outlook Microsoft Office system and new computer
  • Consultations with Gerard Disu of Archer Bennet Insurance Services to determine affordable employee benefits
  • Grant applications: California Arts Council Artists in Schools Program ($10,200 Marissa); Open Circle Foundation ($5,000, Manon); Sustainable Arts Foundation ($3,000 Tony & Caroline Grant); Family Action Grant 2009, a Northwest Community Convener Initiative ($1,625 Jane Brady & Gabriella Roff); Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund (prepared by Charles Boone); The San Francisco Foundation’s Census Project 2010 (Charles & Chris T.denied); CAC Arts Recovery Grant (denied); CHALK (denied); Eastman Fund (Charles B. preparing)
  • Profit and Loss Program/Operations adjustment by accountant Allerton Steel
  • Annual Budget for 2008 IRS Report: $77,768
  • Renovations of ArtSeed Studio at Burnett (Thanks to a 2006 Prop. A Lopez Compliance School Repair Bond Project)
  • Renovations of Hunters Point Shipyard Studio 2513, Building 101 (Thanks to The Point & Keith Van Bueren)
  • New ArtSeed Studio Affiliate Program applicant process begun for Hunters Point Shipyard Studio/artist promotion


  • Macy’s West Community Shopping Day with ArtSeed Fairies-making Station by Keith & Sydney Van Bueren, May 16
  • ArtSeed Wet Wednesday, Raffle at The Rip Tide by Jeff Grubler and dinner by Yolanda Garcia, July 29
  • California Arts Council Artists in Schools Program
  • Matching Grant from Sherman Elementary PTA
  • Marissa Kunz, ArtSeed Co-founder and Secretary on the Board wins Energy 92.7FM Community Spotlight Award
  • Alice Huang and Alexander Lim, Summer Intensive scholarships for Nathan Seastrunk, Briahna Arguello, Vicente Martinez
  • The Hinkley Fund grant, Arts Summer, collaboration with Unitarian Universalist Society & The Faithful Fools
  • Perforce Foundation, gift in honor of employee Hamish Reid
  • Sustainable Arts Foundation, Tony and Caroline Grant major gifts
  • Green Kids Garden Party and Trash-on Show, Sherman Elementary School, funded by Family Action Grant 2009, a Northwest Community Convener Initiative, coordinated by parents Jane Brady and Gabriella Roff
  • The Photography Store, Savoir Faire Art Supplies, Citizen’s Initiative gifts in kind
  • ArtSeed Art Jam, 111 Minna Street, an evening of finger painting, henna and raffle organized by Julie Cowley


  • Unitarian Universalist Society & The Faithful Fools, Summer Arts Project
  • Burnett Child Development Center sixth year of programming, third year ArtSeed Apprenticeship Program has a dedicated art studio. Pre-K classroom teachers Lupe Navarro and Nancy Boyle
  • Sherman Elementary School, third year ArtSeed has a dedicated art studio for teaching artist Marissa Kunz
  • Thoreau Center Macy’s Fundraising tables & exhibitions in Gallery Thoreau
  • City Arts & Technology High School student Judy Chen ArtSeed Internship
  • Woodside International School student Daria Baydina ArtSeed Internship
  • NTM Support Group started for consultants to Health & Healing art project organized by Josefa Vaughan
  • Marissa Kunz, Luned Palmer, Kerrie Paussa ArtCrit Parties
  • Marissa Kunz and Josefa Vaughan, Sherman Elementary Carnival Face Painting
  • Sarah M. Anderson, Zeum Visitor Services, San Francisco’s Children’s Museum
  • Arts Providers Alliance of San Francisco
  • Astro Design Studio, Brett Lovelady, Owner


Matt Boris, Judy Chen, Lucas Gillenkirk, Brett Goodroad, Marc Ellen Hamel, Charles “Trey” Houston, Adrienne Kane, Marissa Kunz, Bonnie Milstein, Luned Palmer, Kevin Quan, Chris Treggiari, Keith & Sydney Van Bueren, Jessica Watson, Ray Beldner, Chris Kanyusik, Peter Mann, Karen Thomas, Jesse Balmer, Jeremy Menzies, Richard Bolingbroke, Marc Ellen Hamel, Jenny Badger Sultan, Aniyah Carson, Jack Fulton, Tim Armstrong, Manon-Bogerd-Wada, Catie O’Leary, Tom Mogensen, Brad Justice, TodayOkay, OTIS, Con Brio, Blair, Todd Brozman (Pledge Winners from 100+ art-a-thoners: Marissa & Peter, Luned, Josefa, Meegan, Diana Banh, Sydney, Lucas G., Judith B.) Raised: $6,650; Cost: $2,133; Net: $4,516

JULIE COWLEY’S ART JAM ANGELS (In-kind Donations) Raised: $1,366; Cost: $384; Net: $983

  • Patricia Giusto, Jewelry: Handcrafted aqua bijoux necklace
  • Geri Gmahling, Artwork
  • Carol Kimball, Artwork: Leaning Tower of Pisa (watercolor)
  • Marc Ellen Hamel, Private guided tour of Hunters Point Shipyard Art Studios
  • Katie Vater/William Sonoma, Calphalon Unison Sear Nonstick Grill Pan
  • Chris Treggiari, Artwork: My Future’s So Bright I Have To Wear Shades On Rodeo Drive
  • Charles Boone/San Francisco Cinematheque, experimental film and video
  • Charles Boone, Private guided walking tour of public art work in Financial District
  • Sirron Norris, Artwork: SF Skyline Print
  • Stefana Serafina, 5-class pass for Ecstatic Hoop Dance jams on Saturday mornings
  • Another Planet Entertainment/Danielle Madeira, 2 GA Floor Tickets, Stone Temple Pilots, The Fox Theater
  • Richard Cheung, Artwork: Untitled (oil painting)

KEVIN QUAN’S ART RUN FUN RUN ANGELS (In-kind Donations) Raised: $942; Cost: $29; Raised: $913

  • Brett Lamb, Owner and host of event at Fleet Feet Sports Chestnut Store, also T-shirt printing
  • Kim Holt, Owner and host of event at Fleet Feet Sports Chestnut Store, also T-shirt printing
  • Matt Forsman, T-shirt contest judge
  • Bill Webb, T-shirt contest judge, T-shirt designer with Sydney Van Bueren and Astro Design Studio Tour Guide
  • James Joves, Home brewed beer
  • Steve Funk, Baking and cake decorating
  • Lauren Korshak, Baking and organizing
  • Chris Ekman, Adidas Shirts and raffle prizes
  • Luned Palmer, Contest flyer design


  • Yolanda Garcia, Mexican food meal for hundreds
  • DJ Paul and all the wonderful servers/raffle ticket sellers
  • James Mitchell, Las Olas Surfboards,, 6’6” Round Pin, Single fin “bio-foam” Surf Board
  • Earl Glen Novey of Casa Delfin Sonriente in Troncones, Mexico,

KEITH & SYDNEY VAN BUEREN’S MACY’S FARIES-MAKING/SHOPPING DAY Raised:$2,107; Cost: $40; Net: $2,067 – Volunteers: Daria Baydina, Bonnie Milstein, Velvet Van Bueren, Josefa Vaughan

Big Thanks to ArtSeed’s Major Funders:

(October 12, 2008 – November 12, 2009)

  • California Arts Council Artists in Schools Program
  • Sherman Elementary PTA
  • Open Circle Foundation
  • Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund
  • Caroline & Tony Grant and the Sustainable Arts Foundation
  • Rip Tide Cocktails
  • Fleet Feet Sports, Adidas and Astro Design Studios
  • Macy’s West and IBM
  • Gap Foundation Money for Time Program
  • Northwest Community Convener Family Action Grant 2009
  • Perforce Foundation
  • Energy 92.7FM Community Spotlight Award
  • The Terzian Family and the Point at Hunters Point Shipyard
  • The Rothwell Group, LP
  • Domus Development, LLC
  • Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program
  • Savior-Faire
  • Art Exchange Gallery

Matt Boris & Greg Paxton, Kevin Quan, Marissa Kunz & Peter Mann, Alice Huang, Alexander Lim, Joe Boissy, Vincent Buccola, Thomas Palmer, Kristin Kildall, Brett Engard, Linda & Matthew Bookman, Lauren Clark, Rita & Richard Felciano, Julie Tsai, Janna & Andrew Parsons, Susan & Patrick Lawler, Dr. Ronald Elkin, Jean D’Eliso & Adam Weiss, Idell & Otto Weiss, Heather & Arwen Vaughan, Cynthia & Alan Coleman, Elaine & Benjamin Mann, Rebecca & Sergio Maggi, Georg Gottschalk, Mary Agnes & Asok Kumar, Marilyn Bancel & Rik Myslewski, Gail & Sam Losh, Ann Wagner, Miriam and Adam Ballin, Ava and Asaac Miedzinski, Catie & Dennis O’Leary Jeffrey Gillenkirk, Mark Mancini, Tanya Joyce, Sally & Karl Hufbauer, Fran & Bud Johns, Josefa Vaughan & Charles Boone, James Bo Joves, Lindsey & Charles Shere, Marcy & John Vaughan, Rose & Gabe Ireland, Patti Deuter, Barbara & Seth Spalding, Barbara & Bob Stenson, David Parker & Jon Shoemaker, Jane Ivory & Jim Newman, Carola Anderson & Henry Rosenthal, Joan Nelson, Wendy & Jerry Boriskin, Anne & Philip Murphy, Donna Logan, Carol Barnes, Kathleen Houston, Kathryn Van Dyke & Doug Grant, Jill Brindel & William Klinglehoffer, Elizabeth & Thomas Zeidel

and many other generous individual donors.

ArtSeed is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

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ArtSeed’s mission is to inspire and empower the young or underprivileged to realize their full potential and embrace diverse communities through participation in the arts. We do not discriminate on the basis of any disability, race, color, creed, sexual orientation, political party, economic background, national or ethnic origin.