ArtSeed, an arts education/youth leadership nonprofit is artist and youth run. Our Apprenticeship and Internship components often utilize ArtSeed’s office space and administrative staff time for private onsite lessons that include learning exhibition installation, arts administration and general office management skills. Therefore many expenses currently categorized as “operations” could be adjusted to reflect program expenses. We are working on these adjustments.


Meanwhile, the current ArtSeed budget projects 2012 revenue of $83,000 against $82,500 in expenses. 69% of the projected 2012 expenses are program related. 27% of the projected 2012 expenses are operating expenses. 4% of the projected 2012 expenses are for fundraising efforts.

In 2011 ArtSeed generated revenue of $80,000 and incurred $102,000 in expenses. 66% of the total 2011 expenses were program related. 28% of the total 2011 expenses were operating expenses. 6% of the total 2011 expenses were for fundraising efforts.

The $21,000 difference in revenues and expenses for 2011 is due to a $20,000 one-time grant. We received and recorded the grant as revenue in 2010, and we spent those proceeds in 2011.

Currently we have a 2010 draft data profile uploaded to the Cultural Data Project. We are still working on that and the data profile for 2011. We will have completed and submitted an updated 2010 and 2011 data profile before the end of March 2012.





ArtSeed will provide professional artist-led and standards-based visual arts lessons for all students at Sherman Elementary School and two classrooms at Leola M. Havard Early Education School. We will expose students to archival fine arts materials and challenge them to consider how their everyday lives relate to serious themes. These often embrace universal concerns (such as social justice) or critical current events (like climate change). Art by students and teachers will be exhibited at public at venues in diverse neighborhoods including Bayview Hunters Point and the Presidio.