ArtSeed’s Studio Practice Cottage

Studio Practice Cottage Programs

Starts June 29, 2014!

654 28th Street between Diamond and Douglas Streets in San Francisco

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New ArtSeed Cottage Opportunities

Cool Beginnings: ArtSeed offers lessons for youngsters, three to seven years of age, to explore their unique worlds through drawing, painting, and printmaking. The journals, postcards, maps, and other things that will be created will be memorable evidence of the thought and effort put into their making. (To be confirmed.)

Coloring Sound: Through drawing, painting, and printmaking, these gatherings will give eight to fifteen year olds chances to interpret music and natural sound through art-making. Finished works may function as inventive “scores” to be performed, or simply to preserve an aural experience in a visual form. The historical roots of interdisciplinary art forms will be explored individually and in collaborative projects.

Coaching and Portfolio Building: These one-on-one sessions, or small classes, will help students and artists of all ages to achieve specific goals such as building a portfolio to apply to a school or exhibition possibility. Or, they can be more personal; for example, learning to discipline oneself, set up a work- station at home, or write an artist statement.

Another great possibility: You are invited to stop by the ArtSeed Cottage in Diamond Heights for a cup of tea, a look at our library, or simply to take in the spectacular view of downtown San Francisco. Give a call and we’ll meet you there.

For details, cost of lessons, and scholarship information, please be in touch with the ArtSeed office. Contact information is given below.


Josefa Vaughan, ArtSeed Founding Artisthas taught art since 1989 and has practiced and exhibited her art in the U. S. and abroad.

Shiri Mordechay, Cottage Resident Artist, has exhibited in the U. S. and Europe. She is currently collaborating with San Francisco’s Alter Space on a pop-up book to be published for her upcoming exhibition this coming October.

ArtSeed’s mission is to connect the most resourceful and gifted with the youngest and most vulnerable citizens of the Bay Area and beyond through projects that explore links between classical and cutting-edge fine arts disciplines. Low-income artists and families are especially encouraged to get involved! We are non-profit and tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) and Revenue and Tax Code 27301d. Charitable contributions made without expectation of material benefit are therefore tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Our Employer Identification Number is: 52-2368513

Phone: 415-656-9849, Fax: 415-751-4442 or email:

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