Darshini Stark, Teaching Artist

Bio: Singer, artist, and best sister in the world Darshini Stark is a California native who enjoys hanging out with adorable dogs and dancing to loud music in her car. Her passion for music was clear from the start, as she often got in trouble for singing at the dinner table or humming during class. Since then, she’s lent her voice to the South Bay Children’s Choir, SFCM Gilbert and Sullivan Scenes, and Willow & Oak (her college cover band). Now she’s a solo artist finishing up her debut album with the help of her BA in Music from Naropa University. Her favorite pastimes include reading, long walks in nature, cooking, writing, and goofing off with her little brother.

ArtSeed Statement: “ArtSeed was introduced to me through my mom, as she was inspired by Josefa’s diversity work and knew I would be equally as thrilled to be acquainted with this organization. As a child, I always turned to art and creativity as my main form of expression and hope to inspire a love of arts in others. Art is healing and through creative expression, connection is inevitable. This would be my first summer contributing to the Summer Intensive and I am excited to bring the kids some fun and empowering activities!”

Lesson Plan 1

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