Rebecca Stockley, BATS Improv

Bio: Rebecca Stockley ( is a co-founder of BATS Improv and was Dean of the BATS School of Improv from 1992 to 2003. She has been designing and teaching improvisation workshops since 1984, leading improv theatre workshops for American Conservatory Theatre Advanced Training Program, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and the Berkeley Rep School of Theatre among others. Her book, Improvisation Through Theatre Sports, provides a curriculum for teaching improvisation to young people. Rebecca is a pioneer in the application of improvisation to the world of business. Clients include the Apple Developer Academy, Stanford University School of Business, Disney Feature Animation, and Pixar Animation Studios.

ArtSeed Statement: BATS Improv contacted me and asked me to lead an ArtSeed workshop upon the recommendation of the founders of Budding Artist Foundation, Carla Hatley and William Hall who sponsored six students and gave a hands-on presentation during ArtSeed’s Fine Arts Summer Intensive 2022. We all wanted to share with ArtSeed the benefits of improv: the brainstorming skills, the ability to tolerate expressive risk, how to diminish social anxiety, and gain confidence in presenting or pitching your work.”

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