Sara Kumar, Teaching Artist

Bio: Sara Kumar has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rice University and an M.A. in Faith and Culture from the University of St. Thomas. She has a passion for the performing arts and served as the managing director and later the artistic director of Shunya Theatre in Houston, TX. She has written, directed, acted in and composed music for many different shows over the years, but she especially loves Shakespeare and contemporary works that explore the intersections of culture, faith, science, and reason. Sara is currently writing a play about Andrew Johnson’s administration during the Reconstruction era immediately following the Civil War. She is excited to participate in the ArtSeed Summer Intensive for 2021.

ArtSeed Statement: “Although residing in Texas, I have long been a supporter of ArtSeed. I attended ArtSeed events when visiting my aunt Josefa Vaughan in San Francisco, and I was always moved by the professionalism, creativity, and thoughtfulness of the participants. As a theatre artist, I depend extensively on collaboration between disciplines and branches of knowledge. I believe the multidisciplinary approach of ArtSeed provides a platform not only for the pursuit of the artistic vocation, but also as a training ground for future problem solvers to work in business, politics, education, law, science, and technology.”

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