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Upon entering the cottage you will be treated to a stunning view of San Francisco.

ArtSeed invites you to help turn Michelle Vignes’ Legacy Gift into an Enchanting ArtSeed Garden & Home

Schools and Studio Program Orientation for Core ArtSeed Stake holders at The Cottage on 654 28th Street, between Diamond and Douglas Streets View Map

ArtSeed’s newest initiative involves use of a wonderful cottage in Diamond Heights overlooking all of downtown San Francisco. These meetings will help launch what promises to be an exciting new chapter in ArtSeed’s thirteen-year existence. Come find out how you can be a part of the magic!

Saturday, August 10, 10a. m. – 2p. m.: ArtSeed Board, Prospective Board, Advisors, Donors and Neighbors gather to hear plans, concerns, and share resources/feedback. Make a difference behind the scenes! Bring a brown bag or make a lunch reservation. You are also welcome on…

Mentoring artist Kathryn Kain shows art from her printmaking demonstration.Saturday, August 17, 10a. m. – 4p. m.: Artists, Classroom Teachers and Volunteers meet to discuss best practices, regulations and guidelines for teaching in classroom and studio settings, and will brainstorm ideas for upcoming projects and next year’s overarching theme. Find out about ArtSeed’s Studio Practice Cottage, teaching opportunities in schools, and afterschool apprenticeships. Participants will share their experiences in teaching and curriculum arts integration, cross-referencing different standards for best practices and ideologies. This is also an opportunity to connect with others to find possible artists to work with your students or, if you are an artist, to find your perfect classroom or private teaching experience.

Please confirm with Josefa: 415-656-9849.

French-born photographer, educator and long-time ArtSeed friend and advisor Michelle Vignes (1928-2012) photographed major social movements of the past half-century’s American history. She moved to San Francisco in 1966. Recording important events of political and cultural change she captured Native Americans’ 1969-1971 occupation of Alcatraz Island, the American Indian Movement’s 1973 occupation of Wounded Knee, Vietnam War protesters burning draft cards, Black Panthers, daily life in Mexican pueblos, Oakland’s vibrant blues scene in the 1980s, and gospel singers at the Holy Ghost Deliverance Temple in Berkeley. Vignes’ acclaimed black-and-white photographs have appeared in publications around the world, including Time, Life, Vogue, and Newsweek. Vignes received numerous awards, including the Chevalier des Arts des Lettres by France’s Minister of Culture and the Oakland Museum’s Dorothea Lange Award for distinguished work by a woman photographer. In 2003 Michelle Vignes’ archives were acquired by UC Berkeley’s Bancroft Library. Click to Read more.

Michelle is missed by many but her legacy will live on in the minds of young people, their mentors and supporters who go to the ArtSeed Cottage, a place with a view, library, garden, and archival materials with which to make art! In The Perfect Housethe writer Witold Rybczynski supposes that the great architect, Andrea Palladio, despite his humble origins, “…was welcomed by sophisticated men…the learned conversations, the study of plans, the sketching of buildings, and the contact with men for whom architecture was a subject of everyday vital concern, deepened Andreas’s interest and inevitably influenced his thoughts of the future.”

Sums, Sustenance and the Five Senses

Made possible in part by the Sam Mazza Foundation, the Walter and Elise Haas Fund and the

California Arts Council.


ArtSeed’s Thoreau Center Exhibition Closing Reception on Saturday, July 27, 2013 celebrated an entire year’s programming at Leola M. Havard Early Education School, Sherman Elementary, and SF Public Montessori School. It also included moving picture LEDs and other pieces by distinguished San Francisco artists who contributed to an expanded Summer Intensive. We showcased crowning works by Mentoring Artists Caroline Liddell (and apprentice Jazmin L.), Joseph Aponte (and apprentice Angel C.). Kathryn Kain, Todd Standish, Steven Froman, Maximilien Volckaert, Dorothy Yuki, Jim Campbell and other teaching and presenting artists made a huge impact on this year’s programming. Activities ranged from pie-making, quilt-making and printmaking to aluminum foil sculpting, artistic anatomy drawing, and oil portrait painting of Marie Kurihara, during her presentation about being a Japanese internment camp survivor. This year’s two-week Summer Intensive involved eighteen youngsters, seventeen artists, twelve volunteers and nine guests or guides during field trips, studio practice sessions and presentations. “All the artists were very passionate and the way they thought, painted and sculpted was unique.” “I learned a lot about working in groups, guiding activities, and had my general knowledge both reinforced and called into question.” “I’m glad the focus was ‘How can this be better?’ since too many art classes teach ‘crafts’ with a prescribed outcome.” “The artists seemed very wise and experienced in their different specialties.” “I became a more rounded artist.” At her exhibition opening reception an eleven-year-old apprentice exclaimed: “I feel like a celebrity! Is this a dream?”

Click to see a full list of Summer Intensive artists and participants.

Click to see photos from the Thoreau Center exhibition.

Click to see photos from the Summer Intensive.

To pick up remaining art from the exhibition please come to the above Cottage meetings or call Josefa at 415-656-9849 to arrange another time or place.

We send a great big THANK YOU to all the families, teachers and friends, artists and volunteers, sponsors and in-kind supporters who made all this possible!

ArtSeed is funded in part by the Artists in Schools Program of the California Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. Individual gifts and volunteer time from family and friends like you continue to be our base of support and is essential to our success – thank you! Click to see a full list of sponsors and in-kind donors (and please do call us if you see any missing names).