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‘Tis the season to give a meaningful gift that will help support our mission!
You can give a tax deductible gift to ArtSeed or make a donation in honor of someone you care about and we will send a handmade card to that person for you.  If you prefer, we can send their card to you when we thank you for your gift. We hope that you are having a wonderful time in this magical season!
ArtSeed’s Artist-in-residence Kathryn Kain exhibition is still available to view at ArtSeed’s Studio Practice Cottage 654 28th St. San Francisco, CA 94131 until the end of this year!

All works are for sale and 30% of proceeds benefit ArtSeed. 
Viewing hours are Sundays 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. or for an appointment contact: 

Kathryn Kain (408) 230-8629/ or Josefa Vaughan (415) 409-1761/

P.O Box 29277, San Francisco, California 94129-0277

November 15, 2015


Dear ArtSeed Friend,

We have grown!


Each ArtSeed year – and this is our sixteenth! – has something unique that sets it apart from the others. This year has been about growth. We went from service in two schools to service in six, from two interns/apprentices to six, and from four public events to eight. We have a wonderful new Board member and four new Youth Council members. We now serve more than 500 students every week, most of whom might otherwise be left without arts enrichment of any kind. And beyond all of that, volunteers have given us more than 5,000 hours of their time. Pretty good for a grassroots organization!

“I came back from the Summer Intensive with a wholly different perspective on art and I met people of all different personalities who came together to form a home away from home. I gained a family.” – Ramsha Iqbal, ArtSeed Youth Council President

ArtSeed’s success all these years has been the product of an unparalleled approach to teaching. Our methods and techniques are time-tested, we generate sophisticated and relevant themes that stimulate critical thinking, and we demonstrate that skills resulting from our one-on-one, hands-on approach to teaching are transferable to other disciplines.

“The children tried so many new things they were completely unfamiliar with, and by the end of the Summer Intensive they had learned and explored an incredible amount. By the second week, not only were they demonstrating their new knowledge, but they also approached new opportunities to learn and create with curiosity and enthusiasm.” – Ocelia Stanley, ArtSeed Intern

Although we receive significant financial support from a variety of organizations, what we do is largely made possible thanks to individual donors. We take particular satisfaction in the very large number of ArtSeed friends who join us each year for our art-making adventures. Some folks have come on recently while others have been with us since the very beginning. Our website,, lists everyone who has helped so far and we hope that your name can be on that list as we go forward.

Please join us! Please grow with us! Being a small organization, ArtSeed contributors have an intimate sense of how their help benefits the many students we serve. Your gift will help make it possible for hundreds of diverse youngsters, artists, educators, and families to participate in ArtSeed’s programs. Of course, all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law since we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. ArtSeed is grateful for your support and we thank you heartily in advance!

Josefa Vaughan                                                           Barbra Richardson

Founder and Executive Director                                   Board of Directors, Bayview Hunters Point Liaison


Email:, Office: 415-409-1761, Josefa’s Cell: 415-656-9849, Fax: 415-751-4442 Web:

ArtSeed is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit community based organization. EIN #: 52-2368513


P.O Box 29277, San Francisco, California 94129-0277