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Dear ArtSeed Friend,

How about this for an awesome adventure? ArtSeed artists, working with Pre-k through 12th grade students alongside older folks such as military Veterans, are launching something fresh and exciting, the “Mailing Home” project. Some of us within this wide age-span have special gifts or needs related, for example, to autism, post-traumatic stress, attention deficit, homelessness, or immigration issues. Our participants have always produced lots of work year-round, much of which we present during our annual exhibitions. But lately we’ve been putting some of it to a new and very special use.

We are gathering the names and whereabouts of citizens near and far whose ideological worlds might be vastly different from our own. We are doing this in order to share our views, perhaps even to broaden them. We’ve been writing heartfelt letters with related newspaper clippings attached, and we include a gift; namely, ArtSeed student art. Enclosed with these are self-addressed envelopes along with a storyboard requesting that the recipient respond to us with their own words and images. One Texas Senator sent nine-year-old Gianna his own drawing of an armadillo with his sweet, descriptive letter. READ THE LETTER. For 18 years, friends like you have helped ArtSeed connect all sorts of people, children particularly, both in and out of schools, with artists and teachers. Please join us to help continue to make this and other ArtSeed ventures possible.

At our marvelous Labyrinth Studios in San Francisco we provide classes and mentorships. Paola, for example, is an amazing 14-year-old who aims for admission to San Francisco’s School of the Arts.

During the past year with our guidance, Paola has been assembling a portfolio of increasingly accomplished landscape, still life, and portraiture drawings and paintings. On top of her gifts as a visual artist, she sings with the poise and flair of a grownup. Clearly, this ArtSeed protégé, to name but one, is on her way to an extraordinary life. She has overcome huge obstacles. You can help us with her advancement!

“Being at ArtSeed has improved my self-confidence and has helped me believe that I can do anything.” – Sophia

“Learning about John Brown and what he did, was interesting in ArtSeed.” – Edward

ArtSeed’s classical and cutting-edge fine arts projects connect resourceful and vulnerable communities. While we’ve been at it now for a long time, we feel like we’ve only just begun.

Come by our Labyrinth Studios any Sunday, 1 – 3 p. m., or call to arrange another time to observe and find out more, or to participate in some of ArtSeed’s ongoing art-making experiences. School teachers get VIP offerings! No one is turned away for lack of funds. We’d love to see you at 4301 Geary Blvd! Enter the church building on 7th Avenue across from our neighbor’s big blue Cheap Pete’s sign.

Always check out our website for the latest ArtSeed news, photos of our projects and events, plus stories about how some of our past students are making the world a better place. While there, please click on the “Donate Now” button. Or maybe you’d prefer to use the enclosed envelope to contribute to our ongoing success. In either case, you’ll receive a nifty hand-made surprise along with our heartiest thanks. You can help us make a difference. Please share your stories and/or your gifts!

Josefa Vaughan, Founder and Executive Director

Email: info@artseed.org, Cell: 415-656-9849, Fax: 415-751-4442 Web: www.artseed.org

All contributions to ArtSeed, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. EIN #: 52-2368513

READ LETTER FROM Texas Senator Bob Hall. 

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