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Dear ArtSeed Friend!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are ten that begin to show recent months of ArtSeed’s exciting doings. The puzzles of youngsters’ daily experience have been addressed through art making: How do we put the pieces together to make sense of it all? And through what means? Cutting-edge techniques? Or maybe tried and true classical methods?

The happy sense of community that marks our collective activities is stronger than ever, and a tangible sense of commitment goes hand in hand with a sense of shooting for the stars. There is good humor and enjoyment. Our ongoing group pursuits are lively and our one-on-ones intense. Two large exhibitions instead of the usual one, and three open studios instead of the usual two. More than two thirds of what we’ve shown during these events were made by students 3-17 years-old during the time we were engaged together. A total of 276 artworks were on display in our final exhibition and 188 pieces were by children whose works were presented with equal dignity.

Success stories include ArtSeed apprentice Paola creating a winning portfolio which gained her admission to the high school of her choice – San Francisco’s Ruth Asawa School of the Arts. We are also first responders to students’ immediate needs, particularly for those whose gifts are not recognized in school. Some reach out to us now because they want to reclaim the benefits of their experience with an ArtSeed classroom project long ago. Seventeen-year-old. Bayview alumnus James was desperate to share his duffle bag full of drawings. When he called, we were on his doorstep that same morning! Bryant, a long-time alumnus currently studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, returned to teach a hands-on workshop during our 2018 Summer Fine Arts Intensive.

Soon, ArtSeed will begin its twentieth season. We continue to grow ever-deeper roots and to prosper! As a small organization, nimble and able to interact intimately and over the long haul, our steadily growing number of precious families get their chance to form our core. The doors of our Labyrinth Studio are open on Sundays, 1 – 3 p. m. All are welcome to join us to make art, to share experiences, or just to be together at 4301 Geary Boulevard at 7th Avenue, San Francisco. We also look forward to seeing you in the Presidio at our next exhibition or upcoming art-making events there or in our schools and during Open Studios at our Hunters Point Shipyard Studio.

All of this is made possible by contributions, both great and small, by our large community of patrons. We invite you to join us as we begin to celebrate our upcoming big anniversary. Also, please check out our website for further news as well as regular updates: It’s easy to click on the “Donate Now” button or use the enclosed envelope to share your stories and/or your gifts. Receive a nifty hand-made surprise, special invites, and our heartiest thanks in return for your help as we approach our two-decade mark!

– Josefa Vaughan, Founder and Executive Director