Gallery Room 3: “Only Zombies Race to Mass Extinction!”

Remote Volunteer Work Sessions and Art Lessons!
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The In Real Life (IRL) exhibition component of the show is open by appointment at
China Brotsky & Seed Gallery, Tides Converge, 1007 General Kennedy Ave.,
Presidio, San Francisco

ArtSeed In-Person Policy 2020 (for Covid-19)

See more art, lesson plans, and artist bios in these Summer Intensive Presenter Packets here.
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Spoon Story

Charles Trey Houston and Annika H. (Narrator),
Collaboration with ArtSeed
Mara Moreno Gonzalez, Aside Differences
Bailey Drenik (18), Spoon in Outer Space
Josefa Vaughan, Utensil
Aberswyth van Bueren, Spoon Interrogation


Anna K. (14), Bamboo
Sam Kuang (16), Bamboo Forest
Amity G. (9), Bamboo

Still Life

Sam Kuang (16), Japanese object and potted plant
Aberswyth van Bueren, Standing pencil case and Advil
Josefa Vaughan, Paperweight with items
Josefa Vaughan, Negative Space Still Life Demonstration

Arts and Crafts

Amity G. (9), Mandala
Zachary I. (10) and Abigail I. (12), A Pocket Full of Dreams
Josefa Vaughan, Sock Puppet
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Mandala
Zachary I. (10) and Abigail I. (12), Collaborative Flower Sculpture
Mara Moreno Gonzalez, Sock Puppet
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Mandala-2
Anna K. (14), Sock Man
Josefa Vaughan, The Three Little Ones, Artist’s book layout
Josefa Vaughan, The Three Little Ones Artist’s book layout
Josefa Vaughan, The Three Little Ones, Artist’s book layout

Art about Nature

Peter Li (17), Day of Silence
Amity G. (9), Color abstract
Sam Kuang (16), Beach
Dina Kharag, Ikebana
Amity G. (9), Color abstract
Zachary I. (10), Beach
Mara Moreno Gonzalez, Petal of a Paper Flower
Josefa Vaughan, Petal of a Paper Flower
Josefa Vaughan, Leaf

behind the veil: Hand

Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, My World Unveiled
Madalina Kelner, Behind the veil: Autism
Mara Moreno Gonzalez, Unveiled Self
Madalina Kelner, Behind the veil: Transfer Africa
Sam Kuang (16), Hand
Peter Li (17), Distorted Reality
Madalina Kelner, Behind the veil: Chronic Pain

Stop Motion AnimationS

Dina Kharag
Peter Li (17), ‘Seal’ed Shut
Sam Kuang (16), Clay
Evrim Kavcar, Clay
Anna K. (14), Clay
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez



Mara Moreno Gonzalez, Small Parakeet Aims High
Zachary I. (10), Parakeet
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Born to Fly
Dina Kharag, Parakeet: Born to Fly Free
Abigail I. (12), Parakeet
Anna K. (14), Parakeet on a Stick
Anna K. (14), Parakeet
Peter Li (17), Orange Parakeet

Character Imagination

Peter Li (17), Kickball Crusader
Bailey Drenik (18), Untitled


Rommie Whittaker, Zombie Poodle
Zachary I. (10), Zombie Poodle
Josefa Vaughan, Zombie Poodle
Abigail I. (12), Zombie Poodle
Aberswyth van Bueren, Oops, I’m falling apart again
Josefa Vaughan, Drawing of a Cadaver in Real Life

Castle Drawings

Abigail I. (12), Castle
Mara Moreno Gonzalez, Castle
Sam Kuang (16), Castle

Artworks of the Presidio

Zachary I. (10), Presidio
Bailey Drenik (18), The Presidio
Sam Kuang (16) , View of the Presidio

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