2020 Exhibition Gallery Room 3: Featured Works and Weekly Lessons

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Featured Artworks

ArtSeed Collaborations

Trey’s Art-a-thon Collaboration, Jeff Castleman’s Eggs
Saint Brigid Elementary School students and others, ages
7-75, Keystone Continuation Collaboration Labyrinth Canvas of Congress Women and their Less Fortunate Counterparts, Oil on canvas, 2019-2020

Details of Congress Women and their less fortunate counterparts

Bailey Drenik’s (18) Collaboration Flower

Bailey Drenik (18), Large Collaborative Flower

Petals of the Collaborative Flower

Patricia Aveni

Patricia Aveni, Monument Valley
Patricia Aveni, Tornadoes
Patricia Aveni,
The Rocks
Patricia Aveni,
The Coast

SAm Kuang (16)

Sam Kuang (16), Coy
Sam Kuang (16), Pitching Pear

Sam Kuang (16), Native
Sam Kuang (16), Melting Earth
Sam Kuang (16), Sunflower, Sheep, and Skull
Sam Kuang (16), Helianthus

Betzy Moreno Gonzalez

Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Bee w/ honeycomb
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Horse Painting on Jeans
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Polar Bear
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Catrina Hydrocalida
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Subject Matter w/ Portrait of Josefa Vaughan
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez

William Scott

William Scott
William Scott, Musical Cops Partners
William Scott, Wynn Newhouse Award Exhibition, Syracuse University, New York City, 2015

Mara Moreno Gonzalez

Mara Moreno Gonzalez
Mara Moreno Gonzalez, Chaotic World
Mara Moreno Gonzalez, My Imaginary World

Aberswyth Van Bueren

Aberswyth van Bueren, “Does our justice just go to the void?”
Aberswyth van Bueren, “Only two more wishes”
Aberswyth van Bueren, World Building: With Music!

Anita Smith-Christopher and Sadie D. (6)

Anita Smith-Christopher, “It’s Time”
Sadie D. (6), Watercolor paintings
Sadie D. (6), Collection of Water Color Paintings

Sydney J. (9)

Sydney J. (9), Skycool
Sydney J. (9), Rainbow Sweater

Dina Kharag

Dina Kharag, Scenic 17-mile Drive
Dina Kharag, The Lone Tree
Dina Kharag, The Climb
Dina Kharag, Late Night Walks in the Holy City
Dina Kharag, Scenic View
Dina Kharag, Castle View

Paola Perez (16)

Paola Perez (16), Untitled
Paola Perez (16), Paola’s family

Saloni Sharma (17)

Saloni Sharma (17), Charcoal
Saloni Sharma (17), Mysterious


Roan V. (13) and Josefa Vaughan
Anna K. (14), Pocahontas
Saloni Sharma (17), Indigenous woman
Skylar W. (12), Portrait
Skylar W. (12), Self-Portrait

Natural Disasters + Mythological Creatures

Anna K. (14), Dragon
Josefa Vaughan,
8 Natural Disaster Symbols
Bailey Drenik (18), Shipwreck
Bailey Drenik (18),
8 Natural Disaster Symbols
Peter Li (17), 8 Natural Disaster Symbols
Josefa Vaughan, Denying Climate Change=Eventual Abortion of the Whole Human Race

Blind Contour

Hardy Prentice (Veteran), Blind Contour Drawing of Flower

Josefa Vaughan Demonstrations

Josefa Vaughan, Blind Contour of Flower, Charcoal
Josefa Vaughan, Perspective experiment demo
Josefa Vaughan, “Drawing Faces without Lines” demo, graphite (left) and oil pastel (right).
Josefa Vaughan, Blind Computer Contour demo, Charcoal
Josefa Vaughan and NY Times,  “ How to Draw a Face” article in sheet protector with marker, demo.
Josefa Vaughan
Roan V. (13) and Josefa Vaughan, Boy in sheet protector with marker, demo
Josefa Vaughan and Marcel D. (10), Soap Puppet

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