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ArtSeed In-Person Policy 2020 (for Covid-19)

See more art, lesson plans, and artist bios in these Summer Intensive Presenter Packets here.
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Michelle Vignes

Michelle Vignes, “Oakland Gospel”, 11″x15″
Michelle Vignes, “For Charles and Josefa”, 1987, 11”x14”
Michelle Vignes, “De Lux Cafe – Oakland Blues”, 1983, 11”x14”
Michelle Vignes’ “Mask from the Collection of Michelle Vignes”
Michelle Vignes, “Avenue de Segur Paris 7e”, 1975, 6”x9”
Michelle Vignes, “4913)18A” 
Michelle Vignes, “Oakland Blues”, 1983, 11”x14”
Michelle Vignes, “Paiute Reservation”, 1985, 8”x10”
Michelle Vignes, “Paris Flea Market”, 1978, 11”x14” 

Royce Vaughn

Royce Vaughn, Frederick Douglass, African American abolitionist  (1817-1895) whose powerful “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” vividly described the dehumanization of slavery.
Royce Vaughn, George Washington Carver, African American agriculturist (1864-1943) dedicated to soil improvement and crop diversification — including soybeans, sweet potatoes and, of course, peanuts!
Summer Intensive Field Trip to Royce Harris Vaughn’s Home and Studio
Judy Vaughn, widow of African American artist Royce Vaughn with DaNae Landrum CA Lawyers for the Arts Intern 2014 Summer Intensive
Royce Vaughn, Booker Taliaferro Washington, African American educator (1856-1915), founder of Tuskegee Institute emphasizing industrial training and means of self respect and economic independence
Royce Vaughn, Ralph Johnson Bunche, First African American (1907-1971) to be a division head in the U. S. Department of State.  Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as principal Secretary of the United Nations Palestine Commission in 1950. 

Patricia Aveni

Patricia Aveni, Monument Valley
Patricia Aveni, Tornadoes
Patricia Aveni,
The Rocks
Patricia Aveni,
The Coast

SAm Kuang (16)

Sam Kuang (16), Coy
Sam Kuang (16), Pitching Pear

Sam Kuang (16), Native
Sam Kuang (16), Sunflower, Sheep, and Skull
Sam Kuang (16), Helianthus

Betzy Moreno Gonzalez

Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Empathy for Mother Nature
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Subject Matter w/ Portrait of Josefa Vaughan
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Catrina Hydrocalida
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Toys from my Childhood
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Women on Reds Headscarf
Betzy Moreno Gonzalez, Most Admired Person

Mara Moreno Gonzalez

Mara Moreno Gonzalez, Tranquility by the Ocean
Mara Moreno Gonzalez, Chaotic World
Mara Moreno Gonzalez, My Imaginary World

William Scott

William Scott, Beautiful Peace of Earth
William Scott, Musical Cops Partners
William Scott, Wynn Newhouse Award Exhibition, Syracuse University, New York City, 2015

Aberswyth Van Bueren

Aberswyth Van Bueren, Does our justice just go to the void?
Aberswyth Van Bueren, Only two more wishes
Aberswyth van Bueren, Useless
Aberswyth Van Bueren, World Building: With Music!

Dina Kharag

Dina Kharag, Scenic 17-mile Drive
Dina Kharag, “The Lone Tree”
Dina Kharag, The Climb
Dina Kharag, Late Night Walks in the Holy City
Dina Kharag, Scenic View
Dina Kharag, Castle View

Anita Smith-Christopher and Sadie D. (6)

Anita Smith-Christopher, It’s Time
Sadie D. (6), Watercolor paintings
Sadie D. (6), Collection of Water Color Paintings

Sydney J. (9)

Sydney J. (9), Skycool
Sydney J. (9), Rainbow Sweater

Paola P. (16)

Paola P. (16), Untitled
Paola P. (16), Paola’s family

Susanna Kohn

Susanna Kohn, Dancing Pink Sand Pipers and Reeds with Mosaic Background and Sun
Susanna Kohn, Owl Sitting on a Nest with Eggs in an Oak Tree with Leaves against Cloudy Sky and Sun
Susanna Kohn, Stuffed Grilled Avocado with Utensils, Napkin, and Sky

Judy Zhu

Judy Zhu, Three Generation
Judy Zhu, The Yonder
Judy Zhu, A Hug

Noah Gavrich

Noah Gavrich, Roundabout (2018)

Veteran Art

Hardy Prentice (Veteran), Blind Contour Drawing of Flower
Bill McQueen (Veteran), Freeform Flower
Bill McQueen (Veteran), 4th Street Bridge San Francisco
Rommie Whittaker (Veteran), Painted Tank Top


Roan V. (13) and Josefa Vaughan, Staying Safe
Anna K. (14), Pocahontas
Saloni Sharma (17), Indigenous woman
Skylar W. (12), Portrait
Skylar W. (12), Self-Portrait
Saloni Sharma (17), Mysterious

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