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From left to right, 2021 Art-a-thon winner, Sabine Gysens with Annika, Tides Converge;
2nd place winner Luned Palmer & daughter in Brooklyn, NY; Itzel with her ArtSeed Painting kit in Vallejo, CA!

Read a message from ArtSeed’s founder below or click here for a PDF Version:

P.O. Box 29277, San Francisco, CA 94129

Hello All!

Happy spring! When my friend Luned lived in San Francisco she was an inspiring influence and an integral part of ArtSeed. Luned recently described her experience with us this way: “It’s where I learned to share art-making with children and learned about spreading joy and magic through art to all people! I moved away from San Francisco 12 years ago, but ArtSeed still holds a place dear to my heart. You may be familiar with the annual Art-a-thon, a fundraising drive to help ArtSeed with their amazing summer camp, teen partnerships, and prolific art-making experiences for veterans, seniors, children, and more!”

The Art-a-thon has transformed over the years, and this year a direct donation, either via post or online, will help us the most. Will you please join me in supporting ArtSeed again this spring? If you send a check, (payable to ArtSeed, to P.O. Box 29277, San Francisco, CA 94129) you have the option to dedicate your gift to someone by placing their name and contact info in the memo section. Is there a free spot on your or your loved one’s fridge? Our supporters, and those they honor with a donation, often get surprise art in the mail!

Is online giving more your style? Then click the “Donate” button at the top of our homepage (or place this link, in your browser) to make your donation online. Look for the “Special Purpose” prompt at the end of this Network for Good form where you have the option to dedicate your online gift to someone. This also helps ArtSeed participants track their sources of support. You can follow their progress in the Art-a-thon by visiting the Leader List sidebar of our homepage (or scroll down on your phone) at This is also where you can click on their names to see what participants have been doing. Let us know if you want us to add a name to that Art-a-thon Race Leader List!

By doing any of this, you will have helped ArtSeed transition from “creativity endurance” mode to “creativity assurance” mode. We have endured enough these past two years! Now seems to be the time to pace ourselves for the long haul, gathering in person by appointment 2-4 p.m., Saturdays and online 4-5 p.m., Tuesdays to assure communing safely and creative continuity into the wild and wooly future.

Thank you very much for considering a donation. Please enjoy our drawings: Luned’s loving octopus and dancing dragon plus my rendering of our growing ArtSeed family. 😉

Josefa Vaughan, Founding Artist, Director, 415-656-9849 (text or voice), WorkSpaces: 1007 General Kennedy Ave, Suites # 206 & 210 at Tides Converge in the Presidio, SF.

“ArtSeed connects gifted and vulnerable communities through classical and cutting-edge fine arts projects.”

ArtSeed participants and featured artists are also showcased in the 
Michelle Vignes Virtual Gallery

ArtSeed’s Dream Earth Interactive Exhibition
China Brotsky and Seed Galleries at Tides Converge in the Presidio
Free Public Reception, 5 – 7 p.m., Wednesday, June 1, 2022

1007 General Kennedy Avenue is a 7-minute walk from MUNI lines 45 and 28 near the Lombard Street gate.
Enter from the rear parking lot at Edie Road near the Lincoln Blvd and Girard Road roundabout.
In accordance with San Francisco’s Health Order.
(Those eating or drinking indoors may be asked to show proof of vaccination. Please also bring your mask.)

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Weekly Focus Groups:

  • Saturday, 2 – 4 p.m. In-person Peer Mentorships.
  • Tuesday, 4 – 5 p.m. Online Projects and Art Lessons for mature kids and adults.
  • Friday, 1 – 2 p.m. Veterans’ Art Lab with ArtSeed hosted by the Veteran’s Administration. To register, contact Dan at 415-221-4810 X22839.

Other dates and times are possible. Contact, or call or text 415-656-9849 to make an appointment for Virtual Gatherings, Remote Learning, and Art-making Together! 

Sara Kumar, Teaching Artist

Bio: Sara Kumar has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rice University and an M.A. in Faith and Culture from the University of St. Thomas. She has a passion for the performing arts and served as the managing director and later the artistic director of Shunya Theatre in Houston, TX. She has written, directed, acted in and composed music for many different shows over the years, but she especially loves Shakespeare and contemporary works that explore the intersections of culture, faith, science, and reason.
ArtSeed Statement: “Although residing in Texas, I have long been a supporter of ArtSeed. I attended ArtSeed events when visiting my aunt Josefa Vaughan in San Francisco, and I was always moved by the professionalism, creativity, and thoughtfulness of the participants. As a theatre artist, I depend extensively on collaboration between disciplines and branches of knowledge. I believe the multidisciplinary approach of ArtSeed provides a platform not only for the pursuit of the artistic vocation, but also as a training ground for future problem solvers to work in business, politics, education, law, science, and technology.”
Check out Sara’s Packet here.

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