Clark Tate, Teaching Artist

Bio: Hi. I’m Clark Tate. I’ve been an illustrator and artist living in San Francisco for the last 20 years. I draw storyboards, design characters, and paint portraits. My favorite love is drawing and painting animals and characters for all ages. Before this, I was an advertising art director making over 100 filmed commercials for companies like General Mills Cereal, Dominos Pizza, Burger King, and Hostess Twinkies! I’m glad to be back to the drawing board. You’ll find my artwork on my website or on Instagram: @clarkyt8

ArtSeed Statement: “I’ve been a contributor to ArtSeed for 2 years now and have seen the amazing attention and energy they have put towards the kids and their artwork. I believe this kind of focus engaging kids in art and creation is priceless. I was lucky enough to meet Josefa and become involved with showing students how to draw and create with their imagination.”

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