Jasmine Liang, Teaching Artist

Bio: Jasmine Liang is an undergraduate at San Francisco State University. On campus, she’s working towards more student activism in the arts as an undergraduate representative on the Art Student Coalition. Born and raised in San Francisco, Jasmine’s art currently focuses on the changing neighborhoods, borders, and population of the city.

ArtSeed Statement: “I met Josefa at an art resource fair in 2017, while I was in high school. She welcomed me with open arms to volunteer and exhibit at that year’s ArtSeed Art-a-thon. ArtSeed is one of the few organizations still standing in the Bay Area that offer valuable resources and connections to young artists. ArtSeed’s mission to never undervalue or overlook the work of young artists was incredibly empowering as a high school student. After reconnecting with ArtSeed as a college student, I want to become more present in my community and to continue the empowerment and support of young artists in the Bay Area.”

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