Jesus Zamarron, Teaching Artist

Bio: Jesus Zamarron is an artist and an art educator who has been teaching art in San Francisco, since 2005. He works for SF ARTS ED with students from the SF Unified School system: Glen Park School, Hillcrest Elementary, and other schools. He also teaches two after school programs, at Holy Name School and Mission Dolores Academy. He volunteers at ArtSeed and Kids and Art. He has a MA in Art Education from The Academy of Art University and holds a BFA from Complutense University in Madrid and a Pedagogical Adaptation Certificate (CAP) from University of Almeria, Spain.

ArtSeed Statement: “Art creation inspires students to develop emotionally and intellectually, and I teach by scaffolding my students, guiding and encouraging them to experience their own artistic results, so they can grow and learn by creating meaning, by taking risks and creating their own experiences. I have participated in a collaborative portrait painting project with ArtSeed and I really enjoyed it, especially the collaborative project making and interaction with the students and other teachers at ArtSeed. The social interaction with my students is key to learning, as we can all make it better together, and we all learn from each other. I usually do a demonstration of the project I am teaching; I like to hear from the students right away, what they think, how easy or hard it is, how we can make it happen. These days, we teach our classes through ZOOM, and it is great as it still is pretty interactive, and there are a lot of resources online. I enjoy seeing how they problem-solve, and the process from beginning to completion, and I like seeing these “creative spark” moments when they are learning about aesthetics or any other thing that we discuss in class, and they are making their own decisions when creating their art projects. Thank you, ArtSeed, for letting me be a part of your community of artists and a great program that creates meaningful arts experiences for the youth, creating a substantial impact on their lives. Thanks for letting me be part of the change to a better world.”

Lesson Plan