Jon E. Greene, Manga Illustrator

Bio: Jon E. Greene lives in San Francisco by way of Washington DC and Virginia where he was born. The pursuit of his dream is to draw and produce his own original comic books/manga has led him to California, where he has honed seven titles with heroes and heroines of diverse archetypes and backgrounds. He finds that teaching sequential art (comic book/manga illustration) helps him to be confident in his dreams as well as helping the next generation of storytellers to give form to their dreams.

ArtSeed Statement: “I learned of ArtSeed from my friend Thomas Graves who is a volunteer and teacher there. Thomas told me of ArtSeed’s outreach to young artists and the opportunity to teach aspects of arts that are of interest to me. When I was young, I wished that I had access to someone who knew something about sequential arts. I relish the chance to inspire kids with lessons that I wish that I had had when I was growing up. ArtSeed is tailor-made to introduce emerging artists to practicing artists who inspire them.”

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