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Logistics is a word that was initially used to refer to the process of sending supplies and equipment to military troops. However, today, the word has immense value in businesses development.

It has, therefore, gone through a long way to be part of supply chain management. Through trucking logistics, one can plan, execute, transport distribution, and control the storage of resources sold or used by a business.

Here are five reasons why business logistics is essential for your company.

1. Business Logistics: Maintain a Competitive Edge

Being sure that your customers receive your merchandise on time and in good condition is a satisfying experience. You should be able to track the progress of your merchandise when shipping it to the recipient.

However, the assurance that you are a step ahead of your competitors in the market is even more fulfilling. This is what trucking logistics does. It puts you a step ahead and helps you to maintain a competitive edge, get the best deals at these semi truck auctions.

2. Preventing Loss

If your business struggles with spoilage delay, losses, and theft of products, it is highly likely that you don’t have logistics management in place.

Logistics guarantees that your shipment is delivered in good condition and on time. For instance, if merchandise was to get to the customer after two days but it takes three days, then you have a right to confront the shipping company.

Logistics management helps you build confidence with the shipping company and enhance the recipient’s trust. When there is a problem in logistics, you have to change a segment or the vendor for smooth business operations.
As usual, getting assistance from an accounting firm is essential for adequate bookkeeping, learn how to improve your cash management in any business with profit first.

3. Reliable Customer Experience

When you satisfy your customers, they are likely to come again or even refer your services to friends and family. Customers want to have an experience that will trigger them to come back for more.

You don’t have to share with them what you go through in developing or shipping products. Instead, ensure they can get what they need within the stipulated time frame.

“East Meets West” Cottage Exhibition runs Oct. 25 – Nov. 22

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Cottage Exhibition Closing Reception, 3-5pm, Sunday, November 22, 2015
For more information, please contact ArtSeed’s Studio Practice Cottage Artist-in-Residence Kathryn Kain:(408) 280-8629,
ArtSeed Adult Apprentices Timothy Abeyta and Margaret Ma present “East Meets West” their first art exhibition in San Francisco at the ArtSeed Studio Practice Cottage,

654 28th St. San Francisco, CA 94113.
Opening reception 4-6pm Sunday, October 25th.
 Tim Abeyta

ArtSeed Apprentice Timothy Abeyta is proud of his Native American and European cultural heritage.  In his adult life what started off as just doodling has turned into the creation of art using a variety of media and symbolism, often with stencils and symmetrical compositions. Tim states “most of my art has to deal with balance like The Yin and the Yang or my Native American culture”.
Margaret Ma

Margaret Ruofan Ma, illustrator, born in South China in 1991, achieved her BFA from Communication University of China, Beijing, and now lives in San Francisco to complete her MFA at Academy of Art University. By integrating comprehensive techniques she learned from the masters in her field as well as her peers, Margaret demonstrates her ability in adapting classic Chinese stories for comics in various styles. Her artworks depicting human figures and still lifes apply western painting materials, yet still reflect a perceptible sheen from the East.

Open Studios Saturday & Sunday Oct. 17 & 18, 11am-6pm

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