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ArtSeed is selling and sharing art supplies and other surplus equipment to support local artists and families sheltering at home and to expand the impact of our distance learning program.

Support ArtSeed through purchases of selected books, furniture, electronics, artworks, and specialty craft materials. Get involved and receive valuable gifts for yourself or loved ones during the holiday season! Looking for something specific? Want to help with this project? Please contact jax@artseed.org, and copy josefa@artseed.org.

While they last, get your FREE individually boxed picture frames from the Gallery of Building 101 at the Hunters Point Shipyard by contacting sam@artseed.org or you can arrange for pick-up at Golden State Art located in South San Francisco.

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Royce Harris Vaughn
ArtSeed’s Legacy Campaign spotlights founding members of ArtSeed’s Legacy Society, which began with Michelle Vignes’ gift of her house. This cottage became San Francisco’s only live-in artist residency program that also hosted students in the 2014 Summer Intensive period. On our field trip, we walked nearby to visit Royce Vaughn, an extraordinary African American artist and community activist still making art in what was to be the last year of his life. His widow and publicist, Judy Vaughn, gave us his art supplies, studio furniture, and more recently four large portraits of historic Black Statesmen to be used in an upcoming silent auction to benefit ArtSeed programs.

Watch Royce’s film “The Afro American Thing” (1968) Part 1 & Part 2
Click to read about Royce Harris Vaughn in the News
Click to read Judy Vaughn’s Obituary for Royce

Big Thanks to the California Arts Council and the Sam Mazza Foundation for sponsoring the exhibition and the Summer Intensive Camp!  We are also grateful to Tina Cervin, David Gavrich & Chris Hiller, and Tony & Caroline Grant.

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