Bailey Drenik, Teaching Artist

Bio: Bailey Drenik is a graduate from Clayton Valley Charter High school. Bailey grew up in a middle-class environment, and although theirs were not the richest family, she was able to do art throughout her childhood with her parents’ loving support. She’s become a ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to art. Bailey knows how to paint with acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and oil. She also uses pastels, colored pencils, markers, sculpture, and even music. She has played percussion in the CMEA in 2016 and was given an award. She has placed 3rd in the sculpture category at the CVCHS art expo in 2018. She has been doing volunteer work at her local karate school for the last 5 years as part of a special team of role models, also known as the S.T.O.R.M. team. In this role she helps behind the front desk and teaches the younger students. She has also done volunteer work for ArtSeed. This year she was on the ArtSeed Youth Council and was able to help plan the virtual Art-a-thon.

ArtSeed Statement: “In the past, I was a participant in ArtSeed’s Summer Intensive program, and fell in love with the program. Since then I’ve helped set up exhibits with Josefa and other volunteers and had the honor of being on ArtSeed’s Youth Council. ArtSeed has really helped me understand and see what it’s like to organize and run a business, especially in these uncertain times.”

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